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  • Macadamia nuts are the most expensive nuts in the world.


  • Considered a high-quality dessert nut because of its rich, buttery flavor, macadamia nuts are a popular treat and a trendy import in countries like China and the United States.


  • A one pound bag can cost around $25, which is almost twice as much as other nuts, like almonds, and they've been breaking price records year after year.

    一磅袋裝的夏威夷果要價 25 美元,這幾乎是其他堅果類的兩倍,例如杏仁,而且夏威夷果的價格每年都破紀錄。

  • But why are macadamia nuts so expensive?


  • The main reason is the slow harvesting process.


  • While there are 10 species of macadamia trees, only two produce the pricey nuts.


  • And it takes 7 to 10 years for the trees to even begin growing the nuts.

    而且這些樹需要 7 到 10 年,才能開始長果實。

  • The flowering trees originated in Northeastern Australia, and the nuts were eaten by the Australian aboriginal people.


  • They called the trees "Kindal Kindal," but British colonists eventually renamed them macadamia after Dr. John Macadam.

    他們稱這些樹為「Kindal Kindal」,但英國殖民者最終以 John Macadam 博士之名,重新命名為夏威夷果 (Macadamia)。

  • Despite originating in Australia, macadamia trees were first commercially grown in Hawaii.


  • Hawaii has the perfect climate for the trees.


  • They need lots of rain, rich soil, and warm weather to thrive, which means regions that don't meet those requirements have to import macadamia nuts all the way from places like Hawaii, South Africa, Latin America, or Australia.


  • And because it takes the trees anywhere from four to six months to flower, the nuts all mature at different times of the year.

    因為各地的夏威夷果樹需要 4 到 6 個月才能開花,而果實的成熟期為一年當中不同時間。

  • They're only harvested five to six times a year, typically by hand.

    它們一年只收成 5 到 6 次,一般是手工採收。

  • Their thick shell, often removed before sale, makes it difficult to tell the ripe nuts from the unripe ones, making the harvesting process more work-intensive and costly.


  • Macadamias have become increasingly popular because of their high fat content.


  • With 20.9 grams of fat per pound, they contain more fat than any other nut, which is why people used to think macadamia nuts were unhealthy.

    每磅夏威夷果含有 20.9 克的油脂,比其他任何堅果還要多,這也是為什麼過去人們認為夏威夷果不健康。

  • In reality, the majority of that fat is 100% cholesterol free, and contains palmitoleic acid which can improve your metabolism and help your body maintain healthy levels of insulin.

    事實上,這些油脂大部分為 100% 無膽固醇並含有棕櫚油酸,可以改善代謝狀況,並讓你的身體中胰島素維持在健康的程度。

  • Each nut is made up of 80% oil and 4% sugar.

    每顆果實都含有 80% 的油脂以及 4% 的糖。

  • The high fat and low sugar content makes macadamia nuts ideal for many healthy eating and weight loss programs, including the keto diet, which cuts carbs while emphasizing good fats.


  • Last year, the price of macadamias broke records again.


  • In Hawaii, nut-in-shell macadamias started the season with their highest net farm value ever, at 100 cents per pound and ended the season with a new record high of 110 cents per pound.

    在夏威夷,帶殼的夏威夷果產季開始時,農產淨值是有史以來最高,每磅 100 分,而產季結束時又有更高的紀錄,每磅 110 分。

  • The farm value on Hawaii's macadamia crops is estimated to be worth $53.9 million.


  • Meanwhile, countries like China, who import them on a massive scale, are now working on growing their own harvest because of how valuable the nuts are.


  • However, for the time being, the demand for macadamia nuts outpaces the supply, which drives up prices.


  • But the global macadamia supply is expected to increase, thanks to countries like China planting macadamia trees.


  • Now, China is set to produce half of the global macadamia crop by 2022.

    現在,中國的夏威夷果產量預計,可以在 2022 年達到全球一半。

  • Exporters worry that a bubble in the global macadamia industry is about to burst.


  • If that happens, macadamia nuts may no longer be the most expensive nuts in the world.


Macadamia nuts are the most expensive nuts in the world.


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