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Ten types of students
Hi class! Today we're going to be having your chapter five math exam
I'm going to give you about 15 minutes to study and review all your notes before we get started now in the meantime
I'm going to head out real quick just to make a few more copies of the exam and I'll be back real soon.
The Borrower
Hey, Jenny. Yeah, could I borrow a piece of paper, please?
There you are.Hey can I also borrow a pencil?
Make sure you don't chew on it because I want it back.
Can I also have a piece of that gum.Does she seriously not come to school with anything?!
Make sure you only take one piece because I'm running out. Hey Jenny,
Jenny's not here, and there's nothing else you can borrow. I was just gonna say I really like your glasses. That's all.
Thank you. I really like them, too
the clueless
Class I'm back. I hope you're all ready could you please take one and pass it down. Thank you
Okay class this exam covers all of chapter
Five it will be a multiple-choice test only and you cannot use any notes
No calculators no cell phones no rulers nothing. So please put everything away. Are there any questions before we get started?
Will there be questions on the exam for Chapters three or four?
No this exam only covers chapter five will we have to graph anything on the exam. Let's get started already geez.
No this exam only has multiple-choice questions if we can't use a graphing calculator can we use a regular calculator?
Are you serious right now? You got to be kidding me?
No, you may not use anything on the exam. So please put everything away.
the slow reader
Mimi could you start us off and read us the first sentence of the instruction?
please read the following questions carefully and
And answer them to the best of your knowledge. Thank you
the fast reader
David please continue this exam contains 50 multiple-choice questions and is worth the total 100 points print your name at the top upper right hand
corner and good luck
the cheater
the sleeper
the late
Were you aware that class started almost 45 minutes ago?
I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry
This is unacceptable. Take a seat, and we will talk later. I don't want you to disrupt the rest of the class
the Rebel
Stop throwing them at me
Whoever's disrupting class you need to stop this behavior is not acceptable
I have already warned you that this type of behavior is unacceptable and
Disruptive to class you need to leave the classroom, and you will be having detention for a whole week straight out now
Psst.Like I care
the know-it-all
Okay, class now that you have all finished your exam are there any questions. You wanted to go over
oh, I have one I have one
I can't believe I couldn't remember
But is the x-Axis the horizontal or the vertical line on the graph would anyone like to answer that [oh]
I know I know that's so easy you can go ahead. It's the horizontal line great job any other questions
I have one how do we add the fractions again? I know I know that's so easy - okay. Go ahead
to do it you have to find a common denominator
Perfect really good job anything else anyone how do we find the area of a triangle?
I know. I know I totally aced that exam seriously
the Teacher's pet
Okay, everyone before you leave
I want to make a small announcement
So I want to take this opportunity to thank Sara, Sara has been so great for all of us
She has volunteered to stay after school to clean up the classroom so that it's not dirty
Exceptionally pretends to be nice in front of a teacher. What a teacher's pet
Can we all just give her a round of applause? Thank you? Well. Thank you so much Miss Martynez
It's a pleasure to be a part of this classroom
And I love helping you all and making sure that the classroom is clean so thank you so much guys
Whatever, what a Teacher's pet hey guys well. Thank you so much for watching. I hope you enjoyed this video
Let me know in the comments below what other types of students. Do you see in the classroom?
Thank you so much for your support. I love you guys


十種學生 (LPS : 10 Types of Students in the Classroom)

137 分類 收藏
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