A2 初級 澳洲腔 244 分類 收藏
These are our whites
Why don't you try the Chardonnay first?
It's our best selling wine
Good fruit. Perhaps a little immature
Yes, it's made from some of our youngest vines
It's our most popular white at the moment
Try this Riesling
Very pale isn't it?
A lot of our customers are finding it very attractive
It's a bit too dry for our market
I think we'll leave that one.But I like the Chardonnay
I think we can sell that
Let's try the reds
Our reds are as good as any you'll find around here
What have we got here?
This is our cabernet sauvignon
It's very popular
A bit too much fruit at this stage
I understand it wasn't a good year for cabernet in this district
You know your wines, Miss Lee
I try to be prepared.
What's your best red?
This one
Our shiraz, and we think it's world class
It's a lovely colour, deepest red
What vintage is this?
It's three years old now
It'll drink well for years yet, but you can drink it right now too
And what's the price?
Well, it's our most expensive wine at fifty dollars retail
I'll think about it
It's certainly got potential, but there are a lot of wines around in this class these days
You've got a lot of competition Tim!
That's for sure
But we can work out a special price for you, if you're interested
I'm definitely interested
This is very good
Sarah knows our requirements and pricing position
I'm sure you can work out something with her
I'm sure we can


英语 (Living English - The most expensive wine)

244 分類 收藏
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