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Often, weapons become associated with the
forces that wield them: their role and alignment

help shape their identity.
Lawful good through and through - this is
a gun for the good guys:

The MP5.
So, how did it earn its heroic status?
What makes it a perfect fit for a counter-terror

And what's the deal with the slap?
The MP5 is a German weapon, manufactured by
Heckler & Koch.

H&K were founded in 1949, directly in the
wake of World War 2.

The company took its name from two of its
three co-founders: all of whom were former

Mauser engineers: Alex Seidel, Edmund Heckler
and Theodor Koch.

At first, they manufactured machine tools
and precision metal parts - but in 1956 the

West German government put out a tender for
a new rifle for the Bundeswehr.

H&K put forward the G3 design, based on a
rifle designed by former Mauser engineers

at CETME, a Spanish technical institute.
Their bid proved successful, and H&K developed
a number of G3-derived designs to fit different

roles - with the MP5 amongst them.
Originally known as the HK54, work began on
the new SMG in 1964.

It fires the 9×19mm Parabellum round, the
standard NATO pistol calibre.

Original magazines were straight, but a slight
revision in 1977 gave the weapon its distinctive

and slightly curved 30-round mag.
Like its parent G3 design, the MP5 has a roller-delayed
blowback mechanism - a simplistic but effective

enough action that has roots in German prototypes
made near the end of the war.

There are quite a few MP5 variants available:
from the original HK54, also known as the

MP5A1; the fixed stock MP5A2 and A4; retractable
stock MP5A3; and sliding stock MP5A5.

The MP5K - or Kurz - is a shortened variant,
pared down into the smallest package possible:

The MP5SD variants boast an integral suppressor,
for covert use; and there are larger-calibre

variants too: such as the MP5/10, which fires
powerful 10mm Auto rounds; and the MP5/40,

which fires .40 Smith & Wesson.
A flexible and configurable weapon, then - and
one that has found favour with a large number

of police and special forces units.
In 1980, one event in particular secured the
MP5's iconic status: a siege on the Iranian

Embassy in London.
6 terrorists, 26 hostages, a densely-populated
urban location and a live television feed:

it was a very tense situation with an awful
lot on the line.

On the sixth day of the siege, a hostage was
killed. This prompted immediate action by

the British Special Air Service - under the
codename Operation Nimrod.

17 minutes after their first breach, 5 terrorists
were killed, the final captured - and all

remaining hostages were rescued.
The mission's success reinforced the SAS's
reputation as a deady special operations force:

and these events served as the perfect advertisement
for the SMG they used.

Its proven track record, and suitability for
the close-range fighting typical of urban

terror operations, make it a fitting choice
for any counter-terror role - and a must-have

inclusion for any games that depict such forces.
The SAS' legendary live-fire exercises in
the Killing House are depicted in the tutorial

of Call of Duty 4: in which you drill the
following mission's plan with plywood simulacrum.

The MP5's presence here is true-to-life, and
the game shows a recreation of the real training

exercises that the SAS would have undertaken
in preparation for the embassy siege.

The MP5 sees prime placement in the armouries
of tactical shooters, then: and it's a flagship

weapon of the Rainbow Six series.
When it comes to tackling a terrorist threat,
there's nothing better for the task.

One quirk that crops up during the MP5's reload
is the infamous 'HK slap': an open-handed

tap on the cocking lever after inserting a
fresh magazine, sending the bolt forward and

chambering a round.
It might seem reckless to smack your weapon,
but it's actually recommended procedure: a

softer approach might not drive the bolt home

Besides, the MP5 is a working weapon - and
one that can withstand a little rough-housing.

The 'slap' isn't unique to the MP5 - but it's
a cool move that has helped to bolster its

iconic identity through fiction as well as

Its distinctive on-screen presence and association
with heroic action makes it a prominent choice

in cinema.
The weapon has turned up in hundreds of films
- normally seen in the hands of the good guys,

but sometimes revealing a more impetuous side.
With notable appearances in Die Hard 2 and
The Matrix, the weapon appears outside its

counter-terror role in games inspired by classic
action movies.

Games like Max Payne and Modern Warfare 2
indulge a more brash side of the SMG: far

from the tightly controlled discipline of
well-trained special forces, the MP5 can also

employ spray and pray tactics.
It might waste ammunition, but it looks good
on screen - and more empty mags mean more

stylish reloads, complete with the slap.
Today, there are a number of more modern SMGs
and personal defence weapons vying to replace

the fifty-year-old MP5 design.
H&K themselves even offer two alternatives:
the more modern and larger-calibre UMP-45,

and the armour-piercing power of the diminutive
MP7: but the classic 9mm SMG still reigns

supreme: well-loved by those who wield it,
and with ubiquitous use by police forces worldwide.

A legendary submachine gun that earned its
reputation through a baptism by fire.

Always cool under crisis, its the perfect
counter-terror weapon:

The MP5.
Force for order.
Terrorist's bane.
Thank you very much for watching - Iconic
Arms will return: and until next time, farewell.



施 施 (MP5.)

262 分類 收藏
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