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I think I've been playing too much Pokémon GO.
Because right now it looks like there is a giant Pikachu sitting next to you...
wearing a Sherlock Holmes hat.
While I do think you are playing WAY too much Pokémon...
I'm happy to report...
You are not seeing things.
Say what now?
There is in fact a Pikachu...
sitting next to me in a Sherlock Holmes hat.
That thing is real?!
A real life Pikachu?!
Yes it is.
You're telling me I'm looking at a real Pikachu?
That's what I said.
He's really excited!
We call it fangirling.
Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh!
This is so cool!
Hello, Pikachu!
I am so exciting to m..
I mean...
It is so exciting to meet you!
(Pika Pika!)
I know right?
Where did he come from?
From Pokémon. Duh.
I know that!
I mean why do you have him?
Is he yours? Did you catch him?
No, he's not mine.
He's just a detective for some reason.
So I guess he came here because he wants advice from the greatest detective of all time.
No! Not from Columbo!
From Me!
You snarky fuzz ball.
Watch it!
Hold on. Wait a second!
You can understand him?
Of course I can!
Because I'm batman!
Apparently the only one who can are me and the kid from Jurassic World.
(Pika Pika)
What is he saying?
Ah just detective stuff.
He also sounds exactly like Deadpool...
which is really weird.
What's so weird about sounding like Deadpool?
Because Deadpool is nothing like Pikachu!
That's why.
Hey, Dork Knight!
Not all Pikachus are the same.
(Pika Pika)
Well I guess you guys sort of do have that in common.
So anyways...
I'm just teaching him everything he needs to know about being an amazing detective.
Right! Amazing detective!
Feed me, pointy eared man!
Okay. First thing you need...
Is a super awesome butler.
Do you have a super awesome butler?
I have a super awesome butt!
It shoots out all kinds of electricity.
Do you have endless amounts of money?
I'm worth about 15 billion.
Is that enough?
It's a start.
Do you have access to a utility belt?
Well... We've apparently got a long way to go.
A detective Pikachu...
I just can't believe this is how I'm meeting a real Pokémon for the first time.
What do you mean?
I don't know. I just thought it would have been with Ash and Misty...
Or Team Rocket.
Certainly not as a detective.
I think the Pokémon origin story has been pretty much established.
Plus, I think a real life version of that story would be met with extreme prejudice...
If it wasn't perfect.
What! You think people would reject seeing live action versions of the original Pokémon Cast?
I can't tell if you're being sarcastic.
I'm serious!
They're making everything into a movie now. Why not this?
I saw this live action trailer of the Lion King earlier and I thought it looked amazing!
He's right. That's not live action, dude.
And second...
I would argue it only looks amazing because you enjoyed the original so much.
So powerful music is always powerful.
I don't understand why that's bad.
It means the music is doing the heavy lifting.
You of all people should know what that's like.
What? Heavy lifting?
No. Powerful music in a trailer hyping up an otherwise average movie.
-(pika pika) -He He
Oh ha ha. Very funny.
You don't know!
I know making films on established characters is very delicate.
So I think leaving the original alone and focusing on the obscure video game title is actually pretty wise.
(pika pee!)
This way Pikachu gets to have a unique story while still having that precious nostalgia bait.
And it's also a way to capitalize on Ryan Reynolds.
That too.
That's kind of sad.
Why does nostalgia bait have to be a thing?
Because if you can make people remember something they loved when they were younger...
they will get excited...
and want to watch it!
Which means the studios will make a lot more money.
The Pokémon gets it.
You might be a great detective after all.
(Pika Pika)
That seems like such a gimmick.
Who falls for that?
Well, not me! I'm not gonna fall for that!
I only want to enjoy original stuff from now on!
Ha! Hey, I know what that is!
That's that guy from that movie I Iiked back in the day!
That's awesome!
I'm definitely gonna go see that.
You see what I mean?
Oh yeah!
gonna make monEEEEEEEEEEEEy off your childhooooooooood
Oh, that's riiiiiiight.
I'm Deadpool
I'm Pikachu
I'm Deadpool
I'm Pikachu
I'm Batman! That's enough! I'm Batman.
Make me think of that thing I liked.
make me think of that thing I liked
make me think of that thing I liked
make me think of that thing I liked



【超級英雄咖啡廳】懷舊系列之偵探皮卡丘登場 (Super Café - Nostalgia Detective)

2737 分類 收藏
Liang Chen 發佈於 2019 年 1 月 1 日    Liang Chen 翻譯    Evangeline 審核
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