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  • Claim your land and make it better with Builders in Sid Meier's Civilization VI.


  • Outside of developing cities you'll want to build improvements.


  • These are things like farms and mines that give you resources or bonuses towards different resources.


  • Improving tiles has always been an important part of Civilization.


  • In Civilization VI, building improvements may also unlock tech boosts, making them valuable for progress.

    在《文明帝國VI》裡,修建設施或許還能解鎖科技強化, 因而這些設施對進步大有助益。

  • In previous Civilization games, these improvements were built by Workers, and took multiple turns to construct.

    在先前的《文明帝國》遊戲裡,這些設施由工人負責修建, 得花上許多回合來建造。

  • In Civilization VI, Workers are replaced by Builders.


  • Builders are a civilian unit that you build in your cities, but they have a limited number of charges before they disband.

    建造者是可在您城市裡創造的平民單位,但他們在達到 一定使用次數後就會解散。

  • Most Builders have three chargesthree times that you can use them to build an improvement.

    大多數的建造者都可使用三次 – 您可以利用這三次使用機會來修建設施。

  • You're going to have to plan carefully for when you use your Builders, and which improvements you create.


  • But Builders create their improvements instantly.


  • No more waiting for multiple turns for construction to finish.


  • Civilization VI cities require careful planning, and you'll get to see the results of your plan immediately.

    《文明帝國VI》的城市需要仔細規劃,而您將可以立刻看到 您的規劃成果。

  • Remember, not only do tile improvements take up space outside your cities, but Districts and Wonders do as well.

    記住,不只有格子設施會在城市外頭佔用空間,轄區和奇觀 也會佔用空間。

  • And the limited number of charges on each Builder unit means that you'll have to plan your expansion carefully.


  • Builders are a great example of how the map is more important than ever in Civilization VI.

    從建造者這個絕佳的例子我們可以得知,在《文明帝國VI》裡 地圖的重要性更勝以往。

  • How will you use them to shape your world?


Claim your land and make it better with Builders in Sid Meier's Civilization VI.



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