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  • Five years ago, I stood on the TED stage, and I spoke about my work.

    五年前,我在 TED 的臺上分享了我的作品。

  • But one year later, I had a terrible accident as I left a pub one dark night with friends, in Scotland.

    但一年後我在蘇格蘭遇到了一次可怕的意外,那天夜色昏暗, 我和朋友離開了酒吧。

  • As we followed the path through a forest, I suddenly felt a massive thud, then a second thud, and I fell to the ground.

    我們順著小路穿過一片樹林, 我突然感覺猛轟的一聲,又轟的一聲, 然後我就跌在了地上。

  • I had no idea what had hit me.


  • I later found out that when the gate was opened on a garden, a wild stag stampeded along the path and ran straight into me.

    後來我才知道有個公園忘了關門,一頭牡鹿竄了出來, 結果就撞上了我。

  • Its antler penetrated my trachea and my esophagus and stopped at my spinal cord and fractured my neck.

    鹿角穿過我的氣管和食管, 直到我的脊椎。我的脖子也因此骨折。

  • My best friend found me lying on the floor, gurgling for help through a hole in my neck.


  • And we locked eyes, and although I couldn't speak, she could understand what I was thinking.


  • And she told me, "Just breathe."


  • And so, whilst focusing on my breath, I had a strong sense of calmness, but I was certain that I was going to die.


  • Somehow, I was content with this, because I've always tried to do my best in life whenever I can.


  • So I just continued to enjoy each breath as one more moment -- one breath in and one breath out.


  • An ambulance came, I was still fully conscious, and I analyzed everything on the journey, because I'm a scientist:

    救護車來的時候, 我依然神智清醒,因為我是科學家, 我一路上不停分析著:

  • the sound of the tires on the road, the frequency of the street lights and eventually, the city street lights.


  • And I thought, "Maybe I will survive." And then I passed out.


  • I was stabilized at a local hospital and then airlifted to Glasgow, where they reconstructed my throat and put me in a coma.

    我在當地醫院穩定下來後,就被空運去了格拉斯哥,他們需要重建我的喉嚨, 所以再次讓我昏睡過去。

  • And while I was in the coma, I had many alternate realities. It was like a crazy mix of "Westworld" and "Black Mirror."

    我在昏睡中經歷了許多另類現實。感覺有點像《西部世界》 和《黑鏡》的瘋狂結合,

  • But that's a whole other story.


  • My local TV station reported live from outside the hospital of a Cambridge scientist who was in a coma, and they didn't know if she would live or die or walk or talk.


  • And a week later, I woke up from that coma.


  • And that was the first gift.


  • And then I had the gift to think, the gift to move, the gift to breathe and the gift to eat and to drink.

    我收到了更多大禮——重獲了我思考、行動、 呼吸和吃喝的能力。

  • And that took three and a half months.


  • But there was one thing that I never got back, though, and that was my privacy.


  • The tabloid press made the story about gender.


  • Look -- I'm transgender, it's not that big a deal.

    瞧,我是個跨性別者, 那沒什麼大不了。

  • Like, my hair color or my shoe size is way more interesting.


  • When I last spoke here --


  • When I last spoke here --


  • at TED, I didn't talk about it, because it's boring.

    上次我在 TED 我沒提這事, 因為這很無聊。

  • And one Scottish newspaper ran with the headline: "Sex Swap Scientist Gored by Stag."

    一家蘇格蘭報紙 卻打出了以下標題:「變性科學家遭牡鹿抵傷」。

  • And five others did similar things.


  • And for a minute, I was angry, but then I found my calm place.

    看到這些標題時我很生氣, 但很快地我就冷靜下來。

  • And what ran through my head was, "They've crossed the wrong woman, and they're not going to know what's hit them."

    我想:「他們惹錯人了, 到時可能連怎麼死都不知道。」

  • I'm a kindness ninja.


  • I don't really know what a ninja does, but to me, they slip through the shadows, crawl through the sewers, skip across the rooftops, and before you know it, they're behind you.

    我並不真的知道忍者是幹什麼的, 但對我而言, 他們飛簷走壁,來去無蹤, 而且神出鬼沒,叫人防不勝防。

  • They don't turn up with an army or complain, and they're laser-focused on a plan.

    他們獨來獨往,從無怨言, 一心只專注於他們的計劃。

  • So when I lay in my hospital bed, I thought of my plan to help reduce the chances of them doing this to somebody else, by using the system as is, and paying the price of sacrificing my privacy.

    所以我躺在醫院的床上時, 我就計劃著要如何利用既有的體制, 讓媒體不再有機會這樣地去傷害別人。 我決定賠上我自己的隱私。

  • What they told one million people, I will tell ten million people.

    他們告訴一百萬人的事, 我會跟一千萬人說。

  • Because when you're angry, people defend themselves.


  • So I didn't attack them, and they were defenseless.

    所以我不攻擊他們, 他們也就無從防衛。

  • And I wrote kind and calm letters to these newspapers.


  • And The Sun newspaper, the kind of "Fox News" of the UK, thanked me for my "reasoned approach."

    結果我們英國的《太陽報》, 相當於你們美國的《福斯新聞》吧, 對我的「理性處理」表示感謝。

  • And I asked for no apology, no retraction, no money, just an acknowledgment that they broke their own rules, and what they did was just wrong.

    我既不要求對方道歉或收回言論, 也不要求金錢賠償。我只要求他們承認自己壞了規矩,並認清他們自己犯錯的事實。

  • And on this journey, I started to learn who they are, and they began to learn who I am, and we actually became friends.

    在這過程中,我開始了解他們, 他們也開始了解我。然後我們居然還成了朋友。

  • I've even had a few glasses of wine with Philippa from The Sun since then.


  • And after three months, they all agreed, and the statements were published on a Friday, and that was the end of that.

    三個月過後,他們一致同意了,並在星期五發表了聲明, 整件事也就告一段落了。

  • Or so they thought.


  • On the Saturday, I went on the evening news, and with the headline "Six National Newspapers Admit They Were Wrong."

    隔天星期六,我上了晚間新聞,新聞的標題打著: 「六家全國性報社認錯了」。

  • And the anchor said to me, "But don't you think it's our job as journalists to sensationalize a story?"

    主持人問我: 「但你不覺得我們記者也有責任把故事說得生動一些嗎?」

  • And I said, "I was laying on a forest floor, gored by a stag. Is that not sensational enough?"

    我回答:「我被牡鹿抵傷, 躺在森林裡,這難道還不夠生動?」

  • And I was now writing the headlines.


  • My favorite one was, "The stag trampled on my throat, and the press trampled on my privacy."

    我最得意的是這個: 「牡鹿踐踏我喉嚨,報社踐踏我隱私」。

  • And it was the most read piece of BBC News online that day.

    這是當天最多人閱讀的 BBC 線上新聞。

  • And I was kind of having fun.


  • And by the end of my week of media, I started to use my newfound voice and platform to spread a message of love and kindness.


  • And when I had the minute of anger and hatred towards those press and journalists, I had to identify my inner bigotry towards them.

    每當我對報社或記者又有所憤恨時, 我就要找出自己內心對他們的偏見,

  • And I had to meet and speak with these people without judgment.


  • And I had to let myself understand them, and in return, they began to understand me.

    我需要讓自己更了解他們, 反過來他們也會開始了解我。

  • Well, six months later, they asked me to join the committee that regulates the press.


  • And a few times a year, I sip tea and dip biscuits with the likes of Daily Mail editor Paul Dacre, who says to me,

    然後,我一年至少會有好幾次 都會和那些媒體人喝茶聊天。比如,每日郵報的編輯保羅·戴克,他問過我:

  • "So, Kate, how have your last few months been?"


  • And I respect them.


  • And I'm now one of three members of the public who has a seat at the table -- not because I'm different, but because my voice counts, just like anybody else.

    我現在之所以是委員會裡的三個公眾代表之一,並不是因為我有什麼與眾不同, 而是因為我和每個人一樣, 都有一把值得重視的聲音。

  • And the irony is, every now and again, I'm asked to visit those printing presses of this declining industry,

    諷刺的是,現在不時地還會有人邀請我去參觀印刷廠, 這是個正在衰退的行業。

  • because some people think that the technology I spoke about here, last time at TED, my interactive print, might actually help save them.

    因爲我上次在 TED 提到了互動列印的技術,因此有些人認為那或許可以拯救這行業。

  • So beware of your inner bigot, and make friends from your enemies.

    所以呢,察覺你內心的偏執, 嘗試化敵為友吧。

  • Thank you.


Five years ago, I stood on the TED stage, and I spoke about my work.

五年前,我在 TED 的臺上分享了我的作品。


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