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We met four female business founders and asked them for their top tips.
1. What are your management do's and don'ts?
Don't hire people who may be great at their job,
but they're toxic in terms of the culture.
I call it "no brilliant jerks allowed"
and I think it's my number one management rule.
The biggest mistake is not firing fast enough.
It's knowing in your gut that this is not the right person for you,
and not being able to let them go,
and having the business really suffer because of it.
It's always about realising the truth, dealing with the truth,
practicing the truth, and fixing things.
And when things aren't good, OK, well,
how am I going to turn this into something positive?
2. What are the keys to success?
The most important thing is about grit,
and that's what I look for in anyone that I hire in my investors.
Are they with you for the journey?
Because that will frequently be hard, difficult,
you'll have weeks on end when nothing goes your way,
where often, it's boring.
These are things that people don't talk about.
I think you definitely need a sense of mission.
I think that you need ambition.
I think you need determination.
You also need a good idea.
I mean, you need an idea that makes sense,
and you need to believe in what you do, and sell what you do.
Network matters, skills matter, confidence matters.
3. What's your best advice?
I wish somebody would have told me how hard it is.
I wish someone would have told me
I wouldn't have the weekends.
I don't have weekends.
I haven't had a weekend since I could remember.
As a female, I think it's just a little bit harder.
I find myself that my personal life has taken a back seat,
and has never even been in the front seat ever.
I was brought up in Athens, Greece
by an amazing mother who had always made me feel that I could take risks.
She kept saying failure is not the opposite of success,
it's a stepping stone to success.
So I think being comfortable with the possibility of failure,
which was incredibly high when I launched HuffPost,
meant that I was willing to take the risk.
One of the things I think that women, and young women in particular, really struggle with
is caring a lot about what other people think.
So please, for women out there, develop your rhino hide
because I think we waste a lot of time caring about what other people think about us.
And one of the great joys of getting a little bit older is you care a lot less.
You just have to go with the wind, and not be afraid.



女性創業家告訴你經營秘訣 (Top business tips from female founders)

1191 分類 收藏
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