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  • He's a darling of the UK acting scene, but on screen he can be anything but.

    他是英國演藝界的寵兒,但。 在螢幕上,他可以是什麼,但。

  • Welcome to WatchMojo UK, and today we'll be counting down the Top 10 James McAvoy Performances.

    歡迎來到英國WatchMojo,今天我們將 正在倒計時的10大詹姆斯-麥卡沃伊表演。

  • For this list, we'll be taking a look at the finest performances in the career of Scottish

    在這份名單中,我們將看看以下內容。 蘇格蘭人職業生涯中最出色的表演

  • actor James McAvoy - including his roles on film, TV and stage.

    演員詹姆斯-麥卡沃伊--包括他在 "我是歌手 "中的角色。 電影、電視和舞臺。

  • First off, McAvoy plays a station chief gone rogue in this action thriller, starring Charlize

    首先,McAvoy扮演的是一個走了的站長 在這部動作驚悚片中,由查理茲主演的 "流氓"。

  • Theron.


  • Duplicitous and unhinged, Percival makes for both a vital ally and a bothersome obstacle

    虛偽而不正常的珀西瓦爾讓人覺得 敵愾之心,患難之情

  • for Theron's icy MI6 agent, and McAvoy does a fine job of providing some much-needed comic

    飾演塞隆的冰冷的軍情六處特工,而麥卡沃伊則飾演 妙語連珠

  • relief whilst still posing a believable threat.


  • Theron may steal the show with her impressive action scenes, but McAvoy is top notch supporting

    塞隆可能會用她那令人印象深刻的 動作場面,但麥卡沃伊是頂級的支持。

  • talent.


  • Rom-coms seem a must-have on most British acting CVs, and McAvoy has a few under his

    愛情片似乎是大多數英國人的必修課。 麥卡沃伊的演藝履歷中也有一些

  • belt.


  • This 2006 film, where McAvoy plays a student caught between two women whilst taking part

    這部2006年的電影,麥卡沃伊在片中飾演一名學生。 在參加活動時被兩個女人夾住

  • in the game showUniversity Challenge”, is probably the best of the lot.

    在遊戲節目《大學挑戰》中。 可能是其中最好的一個。

  • McAvoy proves a good fit for the intelligent and bright-eyed Brian, and his chemistry with

    麥卡沃伊證明了他很適合智能 和明亮的眼睛布萊恩,和他的化學反應與

  • both Alice Eve and Rebecca Hall makes this tale of adolescent love sweet

    愛麗絲-伊芙和麗貝卡-霍爾都讓這個 青梅竹馬

  • and relatable.


  • Before his blockbuster career really took off, McAvoy's first major role was onShameless

    在他的大片生涯真正開始之前 關,麥卡沃伊的第一個主要角色是在 "無恥 "中。

  • - playing Fiona Gallagher's boyfriend, McBride.

    - 扮演Fiona Gallagher的男友McBride。

  • Despite being a car thief, he has more morals than most on the show.

    雖然是個偷車賊,但他的道德觀念更強 比節目中的大多數。

  • His relationship with Fiona is shown to be completely honest, and he's quick to protect

    他和Fiona的關係被證明是。 完全誠實,他很快就會保護

  • her whenever necessary.


  • McAvoy's rising stardom may have contributed to his short-lived time on the show, but he

    麥卡沃伊的名氣越來越大,可能也是原因之一。 到他在節目中的短暫時間,但他。

  • made a massive impact as an original cast member.

    嶄露頭角 委員,

  • McAvoy starred in two animated films in 2011, firstGnomeo & Juliet”, and then this

    2011年,麥卡沃伊出演了兩部動畫電影。 先是 "糯米歐與朱麗葉",然後是這個。

  • fun, festive adventure.


  • As the naive and ever-optimistic youngest son of Santa Claus, McAvoy plays Arthur with

    作為天真爛漫、永遠樂觀的小弟 聖誕老人的兒子,麥卡沃伊飾演的亞瑟,以

  • childlike enthusiasm, ensuring that his quest to deliver a forgotten present hits exactly

    孩童般的熱情,確保了他的追求。 送上一份被遺忘的禮物,正好擊中

  • the right note.


  • Backed-up by a blinding supporting cast including Hugh Laurie, Jim Broadbent and imelda Staunton,

    盲目的配角陣容包括 休-勞裡,吉姆-布羅德本特和伊梅爾達-斯湯頓。

  • McAvoy's the driving force behind a modern Christmas classic.

    麥卡沃伊是一個現代的驅動力。 聖誕經典。

  • Before starring in a another well-known comic book franchise, McAvoy smashed though this

    在出演另一部知名漫畫之前 書的專營權,麥卡沃伊粉碎了雖然這個

  • over-the-top action film, which is based on Mark Millar's comic book series of the same

    誇張的動作片,該片根據 馬克・米勒的同名漫畫系列作品

  • name.


  • As an unassuming office worker turned assassin, McAvoy convinces as both a down-on-his-luck

    作為一個不起眼的上班族,變成了刺客。 麥卡沃伊作為一個倒黴蛋的角色,讓人信服。

  • loser and a badass, ruthless killer.


  • He stands toe-to-toe with Hollywood heavyweights like Angelina Jolie and Morgan Freeman, for

    他和好萊塢的重量級人物站在一起。 像安吉麗娜-朱莉和摩根-弗里曼,對於

  • a high-octane adventure and full-on, bullet-curiving entertainment.

    一場高熱度的冒險和全力以赴的子彈衝撞。 娛樂。

  • Though this historical drama ultimately belongs to Forest Whitaker and his Oscar-winning performance

    雖然這部歷史劇最終屬於 獻給森林-惠特克和他在奧斯卡的獲獎表演

  • as Ugandan leader Idi Amin, McAvoy's role is crucial to the film's success.

    飾演烏干達領導人伊迪-阿明,麥卡沃伊的角色。 是影片成功的關鍵。

  • As a young doctor who finds himself serving as Amin's personal physician, we see through

    作為一個年輕的醫生,誰發現自己服務 作為阿明的私人醫生,我們看透了。

  • the eyes of McAvoy's Garrigan the horror and madness of the infamous dictator's rule.

    麥卡沃伊飾演的加里根眼中的恐懼 和瘋狂的臭名昭著的獨裁者統治。

  • Carrigan is in a difficult situation between Amin and the British government, and while

    卡里根是在一個困難的局面之間 阿明和英國政府,雖然

  • it's all eyes on Whitaker, our sympathies lie squarely with McAvoy.

    萬眾矚目,眾望所歸 躺在正中的麥卡沃伊。

  • In this adaptation of Irvine Welsh's novel, McAvoy fully lets loose as an unhinged Edinburgh

    在這部改編自歐文-威爾士的小說中。 麥卡沃伊完全放飛自我,飾演一個失去理智的愛丁堡人。

  • police officer drowning himself in sex and drugs.

    警察在性愛中溺水而亡 藥品;

  • After so many films playing the straight-laced hero, seeing McAvoy run amok as a foul-mouthed,

    扮演了那麼多電影中的耿直派 英雄,看到麥卡沃伊橫衝直撞,成為一個粗口。

  • drug-addicted, brain-addled copper is more than just a change of pace; it's a revelation.

    吸毒、腦殘的銅錢更多的是 不僅僅是節奏的改變,更是一種啟示。

  • Even if the film itself polarised opinion, there's no denying that the actor puts in

    即使電影本身讓輿論兩極分化。 毋庸置疑,這位演員在

  • everything he's got.


  • Considering the dicey reviews given to some M. Night Shyamalan movies, McAvoy may have

    考慮到一些人的評價不盡如人意。 M.夜沙馬蘭的電影,麥卡沃伊可能有。

  • been taking a risk with this next performance.


  • But his turn as a psychopath with Dissociative Identity Disorder is truly unnerving.

    但是,他作為一個精神病人的轉捩點,與解離性的。 身份障礙症確實讓人不寒而慄。

  • Flitting between multiple personalities ranging from innocent to monstrous, McAvoy excels

    在多種性格之間遊走,包括 從無辜到畸形,麥卡沃伊的表現都很出色。

  • in all of them and constantly keeps the audience on their toes.

    在所有這些作品中,並不斷讓觀眾 在他們的腳趾上。

  • He manages to balance between being scary and pitiful, retaining high suspense until

    他在嚇人和嚇人之間取得了平衡 和可憐,保留高懸念,直到。

  • a truly unexpected ending.


  • Patrick Stewart's Professor X was a tough act to follow, but McAvoy brought a new dimension

    帕特里克-斯圖爾特的X教授是一個艱難的 但麥卡沃伊帶來了一個新的維度。

  • to the telepathic teacher when he took on the role for the prequel, “X-Men: First

    到心靈感應老師的時候,他採取了。 角色為前傳《X戰警:第一》。

  • Class”.


  • His professor is debonair and charming, filled with a youthful buoyancy, but still with the

    他的教授風度翩翩,魅力四射,充滿了自信。 有著青春的浮力,但仍舊帶著。

  • same noble heart and hopeful outlook as Stewart's character.

    與斯圖爾特的高尚情操和充滿希望的前景相同。 性格。

  • McAvoy appeared alongside his older self inDays of Future Past”, and he has continued

    麥卡沃伊與老爺子一起出現在 "未來的日子",他一直在繼續。

  • to develop Xavier's back-story - especially his link with Wolverine.

    來發展澤維爾的背景故事--尤其是。 他與金剛狼的聯繫。

  • McAvoy is well known for taking the romantic lead, butAtonement

    麥卡沃伊是眾所周知的 但 "贖罪 "卻成為了浪漫的主角。

  • remains his pinnacle performance.


  • As the lowly housekeeper's son who falls in love with Keira Knightley's Cecilia,

    作為低賤的管家子弟,他落下了。 愛上了凱拉-奈特莉的塞西莉亞。

  • McAvoy excels in a role that requires him to be a poster boy for British period romance

    麥卡沃伊在這個角色中表現出色,這需要他 英倫風流人物

  • while also becoming a deconstruction of the archetypal character.

    的同時,也成為解構 典型人物。

  • His chemistry with Knightley makes the passion and tragedy of this wartime story that much

    他和奈特利的化學反應讓人激情四射 這段戰爭時期的故事的悲劇性更強

  • more potent.


  • It's McAvoy at his finest.


He's a darling of the UK acting scene, but on screen he can be anything but.

他是英國演藝界的寵兒,但。 在螢幕上,他可以是什麼,但。


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