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And I'm very, very excited that you're here tonight. -I'm excited to be here, man.
You know, Jimmy, first and foremost, dude, I'm too pumped up.
You know I've been telling everybody about this, but there's one person -- there's one person I forgot to tell.
Do you mind if I -- if I make a FaceTime real quick?
- Just real quick, I promise. -You're gonna FaceTime somebody?
Yeah, I just forgot to tell one person.
Who you gonna FaceTime?
Oh, you know, just a close friend of mine.
Somebody I'm very close to. You may know him -- Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson.
[ Cheering ] -I'ma FaceTime him.
I know him. We love Dwayne Johnson.
Listen, he's not gonna be able to believe that I'm here.
Watch this. Watch.
He's gonna be so pumped up that I'm here tonight, man.
Wait -- Wait until he picks up.
I know he's gonna be pumped up about it.
Hold on. Wait a second.
Hold on. One second.
Let me try -- Let me just try him.
Maybe he's driving or something.
No, he's not driving. He's got a chauffeur.
That guy's -- He's got a lot of people to drive for him.
He's just -- He probably didn't see it.
Give him 2 minutes, he'll pick up.
Watch, he's gonna pick up.
Wait a second, I'm gonna try him again, watch this.
Watch this.
He's gonna -- He's gonna go crazy, watch this.
As soon as he picks up -- like 2 seconds -- he's gonna go --
He's gonna go crazy.
- The fact that I'm here... -We can edit.
-That you're here. -We can edit all this out.
-No, you don't have to --
-We can edit all this out. -You don't have to edit it out.
Just give me a second. That's crazy.
That's honestly crazy, 'cause normally he picks up...
-I have his number. -...in like 2 seconds. What?
-I have his number. -You know Dwayne like that?
You got his nu-- -Yeah, I can --
-Well, he's not gonna pick up. He's busy.
You can try, but I doubt that he picks up the phone.
He would've picked up for me.
I'll text him. I'ma text him --
[ Cheering ]
[ Laughing ]
- Hey, buddy! - Hey!
Dwayne! What's up? What's up, pal?
What's going on, Jimmy? How you doing, brother?
Everything's great, man. I just, uh...
Yeah, I just -- I just figured I'd --
I'm doing the show. I just figured I'd FaceTime you, see what you're doing. Are you busy?
-Aww... -Are you busy?
Well, I'm just getting ready to head to work.
I'm going to shoot the "Titan Games", which you know.
Oh, that's right, "Titan Games" on NBC.
That's great. -Yeah, on NBC. It's cool.
I wanted to make something that was big and fun.
By the way, like our nickname, 'cause we're best friends.
Big and Fun, you know what I mean?
-Absolutely. -[ Chuckles ]
-That's right. -Man, but hey, it's crazy --
It's crazy you were just FaceTiming me.
Kevin Hart was FaceTiming me. Just -- He continues to text.
He just FaceTimed me like two times.
I'm like, "Dude, end. End it."
[ Laughter ]
-You know that's crazy? -Yeah?
Look -- about Kevin -- and I know you shooting the show and the audience will love, too, 'cause they probably feel the same way.
Kevin, to me, is like a little gremlin that...
[ Laughter, applause ]
...I just want to take him and throw him into oncoming traffic.
[Stammering] Oh, yeah, Dwayne, it's good to talk to you, buddy, and we love you.
-Aww, I love you back. -I was just checking in on you.
Just wanted to make sure everything's cool, man.
Oh, hey, one more thing, dude.
Of course, the most important thing.
♪ Happy birthday to you ♪ -Ah!
The best!
You're the best, buddy!
-Thank you so much. -Yeah!
I'll talk to you later!
-Alright, man! Love you, man! -Bye, buddy. Bye-bye.
[ Whoo's ]
[ Laughter ]
He wasn't there. It went straight to voicemail.
[ Laughs ] It wasn't -- -I heard the whole conversation!
Oh, yeah, give it up for Dwayne Johnson, everybody!
We'll be right back with more of "The Tonight Show" with me and Kevin Hart!
[ Cheering ]



凱文.哈特共同主持今夜秀時與巨石強森視訊 (Kevin Hart FaceTimes Dwayne Johnson While Co-Hosting The Tonight Show)

9034 分類 收藏
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