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Spiders are all around us.
There are over thirty-five thousand different species and one study of homes in South Carolina
found spiders present in one hundred percent of them!
Most spiders do not pose a threat to humans, and are actually quite helpful in keeping
populations of other bugs in check.
However, there are some species whose bites and venom can be extremely dangerous.
There is a common misconception that the Daddy Long Legs is the most venomous spider but
that their fangs can't pierce human skin.
In truth, Daddy Long Legs do occasionally bite people, however, their venom will produce
a mild irritation at worst.
According to scientists, the most venomous spider on the planet today is actually the
Brazilian Wandering Spider, which got its name because it roams the forest floor looking
for prey.
A single bite from one of these spiders and you will instantly feel pain.
Immediate symptoms include inflammation of the skin with severe burning and redness,
goose bumps, and sweating.
Their venom is strong enough to quickly kill bugs, birds, small rodents, and even young
But in adults, the venom generally takes longer to work.
As it courses through the bloodstream further symptoms like blurred vision, nausea, erratic
heartbeats, chills, and uncontrollable shaking can occur.
There have even been instances of a strange side-effect in men where it can make your
you-know-what painfully swell and cause permanent damage!
While the symptoms are very unpleasant, actual deaths from Brazilian Wandering Spider bites
are rare.
Out of the more than 7,000 bites that have been reported, there are only ten deaths that
have been attributed to the Brazilian Wandering Spider.
That said, medical treatment is still required so that an anti-venom can be administered.
And while Brazilian Wandering Spiders are only native to South America, there have been
news stories of them traveling along with banana shipments to other countries.
So the next time you're picking out fruit at the grocery store you may want to be extra
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如果你被最毒的蜘蛛咬傷了怎麼辦? (What If You Were Bitten By The Most Venomous Spider?)

1735 分類 收藏
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