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Hello everyone and welcome back to
english with Lucy. How are you all today?
I hope you're very well. So I just want to make a quick video
responding to some of the comments
on my recent pronunciation video
because I have a lot of people ask me
how to pronounce other words
that they find difficult.
Disclaimer my channel is dedicated to teaching British English.
That's what I do
that's what this channels for.
I'm not saying that American pronunciation is
wrong. Please everyone just calm down.
I'm not saying that this is the only way to
pronounce things but in British English, this is how we do it.
Now the first one
that was commented quite a few times is
this one, is this one, which is jewellery.
We say jewellery. Now yes, you will hear
some native people saying jewellery jewellery but
in general British people say jewellery. jewellery
Okay the next one is this one.
and woo I kind of feel guilty pronouncing this one
because it's not our word,
it's the Italians. I live with Italians
and they get very upset when i say this word wrong
so now we pronounce it pizza pizza
What do you want for dinner?
Pizza Pizza
I know it's not really meant to be pronounced like that.
We here in Britain say pizza.
So the third one is this one. It's my own name.
Well, I do say it every video I feel like you should know it.
You pronounce my name Lucy. Lucy
But a lot of people call me Luce for short.
my mum actually calls me Lolly,
but no one's allowed to call me Lolly apart from my mum.
Yeah Lucy I often hear 'Luci' from the Spanish community
and lasee, russi as well from the Asian community
they struggle with their Ls and Rs
really I don't mind how you pronounce my name
I love you all the same if you want to pronounce it correctly
it's Lucy.
The next one broccoli.
Now broccoli it's not broccoli.
Broccoli, emphasis on the first syllable,
then we've got the schwa, broccoli
The fifth one is this one, generally.
Now of course you might hear people saying generally,
"generally speaking" but we normally say
generally generally.
Now I that's it for today I just wanted to answer some of your questions
that you left on the video.
I do read every single one of your comments
I absolutely cannot reply to every single one of them
just understand that if I were to reply
to every single one of your comments I would have to give up my job
I think.
because you're quite a needy bunch
but I love you.
all right make sure you connect with me on all my social media
which is here
and I will see you all for another English lesson very very soon mwah!


How to pronounce 'JEWELLERY' | British English Pronunciation

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Yukiko 發佈於 2018 年 9 月 7 日
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