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  • Hey there!


  • Welcome to Life Noggin!

    歡迎收看 Life Noggin!

  • Oooh modern art!


  • That's neat!


  • Welcome to another episode of Dear Blocko!

    歡迎收看《Dear Blocko》系列影片!

  • This is where I answer your questions about the body or the world, and me.


  • You guys have a lot of questions for me!


  • Although, some of the questions were a little personal.


  • I'm not giving you my credit card info, guys.


  • Let's pull a PhillyD and jump right into it!

    套一句 PhillyD 的口頭禪,我們馬上開始吧!

  • Vince asks, "What happens if you get rabies?"

    Vince 問說:如果得到狂犬病會有什麼後果?

  • If a person gets rabies, it can be pretty serious.


  • That's because it's a viral infection that can affect your nervous system and cause your brain to swell up.


  • After a relatively short illness, it can lead to death, which is bad.


  • You can get rabies by coming into contact with the nervous tissue of affected mammals and having it enter your body through something like an open wound, but that's pretty rare.


  • You mainly get it if a rabid animal bites you after it's had rabies long enough for the infection to make its way into its saliva.


  • Symptoms of rabies can include anything from a fever or a sore throat, to a person fearing water after they had severe throat spasms when trying to take a drink.


  • Then paralysis can set in, starting at the legs and moving up to the head.


  • In the end, most people will die from cardiac arrest or respiratory failure.


  • If you're ever bitten by an animal, you should get help right away!


  • According to the CDC, you should wash the wound with soap and water for at least five minutes.

    根據美國疾病管制與預防中心的說法,你應該用肥皂和水清洗傷口至少 5 分鐘。

  • Then go see a doctor as soon as possible so that they can decide if you need any more medical attention.


  • Yeremy asks, "Dear Blocko, what happens to our brain when we get angry?"

    Yeremy 問說:親愛的 Blocko,我們生氣時,大腦會有什麼變化?

  • When you get angry and go all Hulk Smash, your brain can draw blood away from your gut and move it into your muscles, readying yourself for any physical activity that your inner green friend might have to deal with.


  • In this way, anger can trigger your body's "flight or fight" response.

    這樣一來,怒氣會引發你身體的 「戰鬥或逃跑」反應。

  • In most stressful situations, your amygdala sends out a distress signal to your hypothalamus, which is like the command center of your brain.


  • This communicates with the rest of the body through your nervous system so that you can react to whatever situation you're in, like catching up to that ice cream truck that's getting away.


  • Hey, get back here and take my money!


  • I want a banana fudge pop!


  • Do you guys want anything from the ice cream man?


  • Let me know in the comments below!


  • Okay, now for you guys' favorite part!


  • Questions for me.


  • Marshadow_Gaming_YT asks, "Life Noggin, what do you do during your free time?"

    Marshadow_Gaming_YT 問說:Life Noggin,你平常有什麼消遣?

  • I do a lot of stuff when I'm not hosting Life Noggin.

    不主持Life Noggin頻道時,我會做很多事情。

  • I like to ride my bike, make art, create giant platypus robots and make them fight to the death, go swimming.


  • You know, normal everyday stuff that you humans do!


  • Danon Candy101 asks, "Life Noggin, can you ever contact your animator?"

    Danon Candy101 問說:Life Noggin,你能聯絡你的動畫師嗎?

  • We actually talk all the time.


  • Well, I talk to them.


  • They're usually busy creating stuff for me to interact with.


  • Sometimes they mess with me, like my head just falls off for some reason, or my house is now a loaf of bread.


  • But I like to think that's just their strange way of saying - I love you!

    但我想這只是他們表達愛意的特殊方式 - 我愛你們!

  • And now I have shoes made of snakes, so, thank you animator for that.


  • Do you have any questions about the human body, the world around you, or anything for me?


  • Let me know in the comment section below, and make sure you use the hashtag #DearBlocko so I can find it.

    請在下方留言區留言告訴我,記得用 #DearBlocko 標籤,這樣我才會看到。

  • Do you have any art that you've made for Life Noggin?

    你有為 Life Noggin 創造藝術作品嗎?

  • You can share it with me on Twitter or Instagram @LifeNoggin or you can send it to our PO box!

    你可以在 Twitter 或 Instagram (@LifeNoggin) 上與我分享,或寄到我們的郵政信箱!

  • If you enjoyed this video, check out the last Dear Blocko I did where I answer more of your questions.

    如果你喜歡這支影片,請收看上一支 Dear Blocko 影片,我在影片中回答了更多問題。

  • Why do we have / get body hair?


  • You humans are thought to have body hair as sort of an evolutionary leftover from your hairier ancestors.


  • As always, my name is Blocko, this has been Life Noggin, don't forget to keep on thinking!

    我是 Blocko,這裡是 Life Noggin 頻道,記得思考不能停喔!

Hey there!


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