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Did you ever find yourself at a bar having a few beverages but still you feel left out
like you are not a part of the conversations that are going on around you because you don't
know how to make small talk? My name is Micah and I'm going to talk to you about how to
make small talk at a bar. Now it is very important at a bar how you present yourself when you
first make a remark to somebody. Often people don't know you, don't know where you are from,
don't know who you are. They might take it adversely to some certain color that are off
color or that are offensive. So you want to stick to subjects that are neutral that people
get along with and to connect with people easily, obviously sports are a big one. In
most bars on the TV's you'll have sports playing and most times comments about what is going
on in the game and explaining or the highlight reel that you just seen can often get you
in those conversations and then you can move away from sports after a while if you want.
Also stay away from politics and religion. Those are divisive subjects and people never
want to hear about them when they are out drinking or they just might not want to hear
your opinion because often they don't share the same and you might come within danger
of offending somebody if you come with strong opinions of politics or religion and they
don't agree. So keep it light, keep it simple and come off nicely. You might even offer
to buy somebody a drink and that always starts the conversation. You don't have to sit there
by yourself feeling like you are not part of it, take the plunge, the important part
is to get in there and do it. My name is Micah and that is how to make small talk at a bar.


【夜店輕鬆講】 (Bartending Tips : How to Make Small Talk at a Bar)

253 分類 收藏
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