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  • Whatever you do, don't be rude to the people handling your food because you might find a pubic hair in your burger.

    不管你做什麼事情,都不要對處理你的食物的人不禮貌,因為你可能會發現 你的漢堡中有一根私密部位的頭髮

  • (upbeat music)


  • How do you get something for free?


  • B.Y.O.B. bring your own bug.

    帶上你的熱情 (暗笑)

  • Complain, first off, but you don't even have to complain that much, you don't even have to make a scene.

    首先,抱怨,但你甚至不需要抱怨那麼多 你根本不需要大驚小怪

  • Open the package and take one bite of the food and then return it and they can't take it back over the counter most of the time, so you're just gonna get free food that way.

    打開包裝紙吃一口食物然後還給餐廳,大部分的時候 你是沒辦法把餐點拿回來的 所以這個方法就會讓你拿到免費的食物

  • Some of the managers at some of the spots,


  • sometimes they have coupons that they have in their back pocket and they give out whenever they feel like they're in good spirits.

    他們有時候會有一些優惠券在他們背後的口袋,他們就會在興致好的時候 把優惠券發送出去

  • So if you see a manager when you walk into a spot, be nice.


  • What time is best to order food?


  • The best time to order food is right when they open.


  • Breakfast, you wanna order it as early as possible.


  • If you get breakfast towards like the end of the breakfast time,


  • you're getting the worst, oldest, stalest, grossest eggs ever, you're getting them nasty.


  • If you're gonna be buying food for lunch or dinner, you wanna do that outside of the rush hour


  • because the rush hour is when we don't pay attention to the quality of the food.


  • Do ice cream machines really break?


  • All the time.


  • They are the worst machines ever made.


  • They get jammed, nobody likes them.


  • We hate that you buy ice cream.


  • Sometimes like we don't have people who either don't know how to use the machine.


  • Sometimes people are just lazy and don't feel like walking over to the machine and they'll lie and say it's broke.

    有時候員工們只是懶惰然後不想走到機器那邊,他們就會說謊 說機器壞了

  • Are you told to fill cups with ice on purpose or not fill up cartons with fries to the top?


  • We're gonna fill up a lot of ice in that cup because you're gonna get less soda.


  • If you're gonna go to a place, go to one where you can get your own soda out of the machine because that's the only way to cheat the system on that.

    如果你要去一個地方你要去一個可以自己用機器盛汽水的地方 因為那是唯一可以逃脫這個機制的方法

  • For fries, if we haven't made a new batch and it's like the scraps of the last batch, we'll just try to get what's last in there.

    薯條的部分,如果我們還沒做新的一批然後最後一批有些殘餘的薯條 我們就會盡可能把裡面剩下的薯條拿出來

  • We always, always, always didn't fill them to the top.


  • We did that on purpose.


  • If we ever did it, we got in trouble.


  • Our boss did not like that.


  • What are the consequences if you put soda in a free water cup?


  • Diabetes?

    糖尿病? (暗笑)

  • You get arrested immediately.


  • (siren wails) No, I'm kidding.

    (警報器大響) 沒有拉,開玩笑的

  • They don't do anything at all.


  • Don't do the brown sodas because that it doesn't look as conspicuous.


  • If there's a manager standing by you, maybe they might call you out and you might get a little shamed, a water cup shaming.

    如果有位經理站在你身旁他可能會把你叫出去然後你可能會 覺得有點羞愧,一種犯了小錯誤的羞愧感

  • Are the employees must wash hand sign more of a reminder for you or to make customers feel better?

    員工需洗手的牌子對你們來說比較像是提醒 還是只是讓顧客感覺比較良好?

  • It's for all of us.


  • We shouldn't have to remind you as adults to wash your hands, but we all should just wash our hands.


  • They think that sign is just gonna throw it out there and make the customers immediately think oh, of course they're washing their hands, they're so hygienic.

    他們覺得那個牌子應該要擺出來讓顧客看到就馬上想到 他們絕對有洗手,他們好衛生

  • Yeah, that's not always the case.


  • There are some people that might not wash their hands


  • because they wear gloves and might just put on gloves on top of their dirty hands like oh, what do I need to wash my hands for?

    因為他們戴著手套然後可能會將骯髒的手直接戴上手套 心想:「我需要為了什麼洗手?」

  • You idiot, you just put on gloves with your dirty hands.


  • So if you ever see anybody handle your food, make sure that they're wearing gloves every single time.


  • I'm not gonna tell you why, I'm just gonna say make sure they're wearing gloves.


  • Are names misleading?


  • Does fresh always mean fresh?


  • I plead the fifth on that question.


  • Names being misleading, yeah.


  • There's a lot of fake lines that are put on those burgers to think that they're going through a flame, they're not, there's no fire that touches those things.

    那些漢堡有很多假標籤這些標籤讓人覺得將會引爆熱潮 它們不會,因為沒有火接觸到那些東西

  • Have you ever created your own secret menu, what was it?


  • If you're lactose intolerant like me and you don't want cheese on your baked potato, barbecue sauce is the way to go.

    如果你像我一樣有乳糖不耐症也不想在烤馬鈴薯上加起司 那換成烤肉醬是一個解決方法

  • It's like a big, giant barbecue potato chip.


  • I would always get the ice cream concoctions.


  • I would throw salty stuff in it like fries


  • because I'm fat and customers saw that I made that and they wanted it but we couldn't make it for them because it wasn't actually on the menu.

    因為我很肥,然後顧客看到我做這個他們也會想要,但我們不能幫他們做 因為它沒有在菜單上

  • You just get creative, you mix some spicy with some sweet, some hot with some cold, just see what you can come up with.


  • The combinations are endless.


  • What's the most annoying thing you get asked daily?


  • How many patties are on a double cheeseburger?


  • (crickets chirp)


  • Ordering on the phone is annoying because either you're trying to talk to me or you're trying to talk to the other person.

    電話點餐很惱人因為你不是試著要跟我講話 就是在跟其他人說話

  • You know they're from Canada when they want mayo for their fries, that's disgusting.


  • Be nice to the people that are making your food.


  • Got it, one more time for the people in the back, be nice to the people that are making your food


  • because they're making your food, dude, like seriously, and you're not sitting there watching what they're doing.

    因為他們在製作你的餐點,老兄說真的,而且你也沒坐在那邊 看著他們在做什麼

Whatever you do, don't be rude to the people handling your food because you might find a pubic hair in your burger.

不管你做什麼事情,都不要對處理你的食物的人不禮貌,因為你可能會發現 你的漢堡中有一根私密部位的頭髮

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