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Hello and welcome to The English We Speak,
I'm Feifei
and hello, I'm Rob. Now Feifei, I've got
a confession to make.
OK, so what is this confession?
Well, I haven't chosen a piece of authentic
real English to explain today.
OK. Do you have any choices?
Right, well here is the list of phrases
have a look, what do you think?
Hmmm, let me see. Shall we take 'pot luck'?
'Pot luck' - you mean pick one at random and
see what happens?
No, I mean let's pick 'pot luck' as a phrase.
Look, it's there on your list.
Feifei you are a genius. You have just explained
an authentic English phrase - job done.
Don't sound so surprised!
Well our phrase is pot luck which describes
a situation in which one must take a chance
that whatever is available will prove
to be good or acceptable.
Yes, pot luck describes a situation that isn't
planned or prepared, you just take a chance
and hope that the result will be good or acceptable.
Let's take pot luck Rob and hope these examples
will show this phrase in action.
We didn't know which restaurant to eat at,
so took pot luck and chose the one recommended
in the guide book.
If you can't decide which book to pick,
take pot luck,
I'm sure they'll all be good to read,
I'm going to take pot luck, and I'm sure the
course I choose will be the right one for me
So if you take pot luck at something, you
take a chance that whatever is available will
prove to be good or acceptable.
It's a bit like presenting this programme with you Rob!
Not exactly Feifei. I am the only presenter
available so you don't get any choice about
who you present with - there is no luck involved.
True, that's not pot luck, that's bad luck.
Is that on your list of phrases?
Let me look. No, but next time let's choose
our English phrase before we come to the studio
so we won't be taking pot luck anymore.
Yes let's. See ya.


【BBC学英文】 (Pot Luck - The English We Speak)

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