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Feifei: Hello, this is The English We Speak
and I'm Feifei. Joining me is Neil.
Neil: Hello.
Feifei: Hey Neil, how was your night out at the new restaurant?
Neil: Oh, it was... OK.
Feifei: Just 'OK'?
Neil: The food was average. The service
was standard.
Feifei: Neil, there is no pleasing you!
Neil: Keep your voice down Feifei. It was
nothing to shout about.
Feifei: It was nothing to shout about?
Would you normally shout about a good restaurant?
Neil: Of course not. But when something
is 'nothing to shout about', it means it's
nothing special. It's average or
unremarkable. So you wouldn't make an
effort to tell anyone about it.
Feifei: So basically, you mean your
experience was disappointing?
Neil: Not exactly. I mean it was neither
good nor bad - just average. These
examples might
make the phrase easier to understand...
This year's bonus is nothing to shout
about but I guess it's better than last year's.
My job is nothing to shout about but at
least it pays the bills.
Her clothes are nothing to shout about -
brown, cotton, cheap-looking, not very fashionable!
Feifei: This is The English We Speak from
the BBC and we're discussing the phrase
'nothing to shout about'. It's used to
describe something or someone that isn't
special - something unremarkable or just ordinary.
So Neil, the restaurant was
nothing special but was there
anything you could shout about?
Neil: Oh yeah. The prices! It was so cheap
- that's probably why the food wasn't great.
And on Mondays they do a special 'two
for the price of one' meal. That's
something to shout about.
Feifei: You're easy to please!
Neil: Actually Feifei, I was wondering if
you'd like to have dinner with me next Monday?
Feifei: At the restaurant that's nothing to shout about?
Neil: Yeah.
Feifei: OK then and if the food isn't good,
I'll have someone to shout at.
Neil: Who's that?
Feifei: You!
Both: Bye.


【BBC 英語】沒什麼好大驚小怪的 (Nothing to shout about: The English We Speak)

3984 分類 收藏
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