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  • Shop

  • Here are my wares

  • Enchantment of power

  • Really sorry adventurer you do not have enough gold

  • Sword of divine justice

  • Again not enough gold

  • Dammit

  • Umm

  • Cheese?

  • You must be quite new to the game

  • Ah so to collect gold you must complete quests

  • What am I gonna do oh my god!

  • Does anyone have any spare gold?

  • I'm just a girl

  • I've got gold for you if you want

  • I can give you gold

  • OMG that's so nice

  • Are you a girl?

  • Take all my gold!

  • How much gold do you need?

  • OMG thank you so much

  • I can give you my legendary braces

  • OMG that is so nice of you

  • I can give you all my armor if you want

  • OMG thank you so much guys

  • Amazing

  • I just can't believe how nice everyone is

  • It's just too much

  • I just can't believe it

  • Bye mwah bye

  • My Discord's DragonKiller75

  • Bye cya bye

  • That's so nice of you

  • Dragon Killer got it mwah

  • Bye........

  • Cheese

  • Yeah

  • There it is there it is



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B1 中級 美國腔

只是一個女孩 - 史詩般的NPC男人|邋遢大聯盟萬歲 (VLDL) (Just A Girl - Epic NPC Man | Viva La Dirt League (VLDL))

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