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  • The World Cup isn't just a competition between countries, it's alsobattlefield between brands.


  • Adidas is the reigning champ when it comes to soccer

    說到足球,adidas 是佼佼者

  • but now Nike is going after the German outfitter on its own turf.

    不過 Nike 現在也來和這個德國的運動品牌爭地盤

  • And adidas may have a reason to worry.

    而 adidas 也該擔心一下

  • The American sports giant is representing more and more teams each World Cup.


  • This yearadidas represents 12 teams

    今年,adidas 代表了 12 隊

  • and the German outfitter backed the last two teams who won the World Cup, Germany and Spain.


  • While Nike is slowly catching up in the uniforms game,

    雖然 Nike 在球衣這方面很緩慢地在跟上 adidas 的腳步

  • it already beats adidas in World Cup Footwear.

    但在世足球賽中的球鞋這塊卻已經打敗了 adidas

  • About 66% of soccers most expensive players in the 2018 World Cup wear Nike cleats.

    在 2018 年的世足賽中,最有價值的球員中約有 66% 穿著 Nike 的球鞋

  • So why is Nike the basketball powerhouse going after soccer

    那麼到底為什麼 Nike 這個籃球的巨頭要來參與足球呢?

  • It's simple numbers.


  • Almost half of the world's population watch the World Cup in 2014

    2014 年的世足賽,全球有一半的人口收看

  • and the sport is booming in the US.


  • Adidas spends a lot on maintaining its stronghold in that world

    adidas 在足球界花了很多心血來維持它龍頭的地位

  • The company has been an official FIFA partner since 1970

    adidas 一直從 1970 年以來都是 FIFA 的官方合作夥伴

  • and will be an official World Cup sponsor until 2030. 

    而在 2030 年前都是官方的贊助商

  • Adidas has also spent between 96 and 176 million dollars this year for exclusive rights to put its logo on referee uniforms and soccer balls,

    adidas 花了約 9600 萬美元至 1.76 億美元,只為了獲得獨家權將 logo 放上裁判制服及比賽用球

  • but Nike has found a way to leavefootprint in FIFA by going after teams and players.

    不過 Nike 總是有辦法從球隊和球員中找到一線生機

  • Nike created a 1 billion dollar lifetime endorsement pact with superstar

    Nike 和幾位巨星簽了 10 億美元的終身合約

  • Cristiano Ronaldo, Neymar, Harry Kane and Raheem Sterling are also notable faces for Nikes footwear brand

    C 羅、內馬爾、哈利·凱恩和拉希姆·斯特林都是 Nike 的著名的代言人

  • So tensions between countries may be high on the pitch,


  • but the Battle of the brands is its own high stakes affair.


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The World Cup isn't just a competition between countries, it's alsobattlefield between brands.


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2018 世足賽對決:Nike vs. adidas (The 2018 FIFA World Cup: Nike And Adidas Face Off | CNBC)

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