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This is just some of the noise that i’m exposed to.
And that doesn’t even include the progressive rock my neighbors listen to every single morning.
All this noise is really annoying, but it's also killing my ears
Hearing loss is the fourth highest cause of disability across the world
and it's expected to get much worse.
In the US alone, one in four adults show signs of noise-induced hearing loss.
One of the main reasons behind that is all the noise that’s around us
every single day.
According to the Environmental Protection Agency, the best way to protect your hearing
is to limit noise levels to 70 decibels.
And experts agree that continued exposure to noise above 85 dBA
will eventually harm your hearing.
If you're curious about the noise levels around you, decibel readers like this one tell you
exactly how much noise you're being exposed to.
This one’s actually fine.
I ride the subway for hours everyday and it’s really, really loud.
But putting in my headphones
doesn't really help.
Smartphones cranked (all the way) up are about 100 decibels.
This bar is 105 decibels and according to the World Health Organization
that could damage your hearing in less than an hour.
This chart shows that the louder the noise,
the less exposure it takes to potentially damage your hearing.
For example, a boiler room is about 95 decibels, so if you hung out in one for 4 hours
you would not only be a f***ing psycho,
but you would expose yourself to hearing damage as well.
One of the worst things about hearing loss is that ear damage is irreversible.
Most of us are born with something like 16,000 little hair cells in our ears, and these hair
cells act as sound detectors.
So when sound waves pass into our ears, they send a signal up to our brain, and then our
brain decodes the sound.
But the brain’s interpretation is only as good as the signal it receives from the ear.
And when the hair cells in the ear have been damaged, the brain can’t detect the sound
or the sound is distorted.
You can think about the hair cells like grass, when you’re walking through a field and
you walk over blades of grass. they bounce back after a few minutes.
But when you walk through that field enough times you eventually create a path
and the same thing happens with the hair cells in your ears.
When loud sounds pass into the ears and at high enough intensity they bend those hair cells,
and they can bounce back during a recovery period.
But with enough noise over enough time those hair cells get permanently damaged or destroyed.
When it comes to help from the government, I’ve got some good news and some bad news.
The good news is that in the early 1970s,
President Richard Nixon passed the Noise Control Act, which recognized
Americans’ right to a quiet environment.
The bad news is that in 1981 President Ronald Reagan came along and essentially shut down
the effort and left local governments to fend for themselves.
The problem with that is that local governments relied on federal funding to tackle noise problems.
So, yeah, you might be on your own on this one,
but there are ways you can prevent noise induced hearing loss.
You can wear noise canceling headphones
or foam earplugs in loud environments like the subway or on airplanes.
You can limit the amount of time you’re exposed to loud sounds and move further away
from the source of the noise.
You can go into the settings and set a maximum volume on your phone to prevent playing your music too loud.
So, yeah the problem is bad, but you don’t have to take it lying down.
One of my favorite discoveries had been this app called SoundPrint,
which allows users to submit their decibel readings in bars, restaurants, and cafes.
And I've been using it to avoid really loud places.



生活周遭的噪音正在傷害你的聽力 (How noise pollution is ruining your hearing)

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Evangeline 發佈於 2018 年 7 月 12 日    Arnold Hsu 翻譯    Rachel Kung 審核



expose 有兩種意思,分別是「使⋯⋯暴露」和「揭露」,這裡的用法屬於前者。
It is illegal to expose children to violent or pornographic materials.

The Panama Papers exposed a large number of offshore operations of the global elite.

2continued 0:48
continued 的意思是「持續的」。「未完成、及將持續的故事、事件」可用 to be continued 表達。continued 的同義詞有 prolonged 「長時間的」。
Continued exposure to the sun will fade the colors of the paint.

3cranked up1:17
crank up 原本指機械上「用曲柄調高」,延伸的意思有「提高音量、能量、活力等」,例如此處。
The students are cranking up for the final exams.

另外相似的單字是 cranky,是指「焦躁不安的」。
Not having enough coffee in the morning will make him feel cranky all day.

【MarieTV】當你覺得自己沒用或孤獨的時候,該怎麼做? (What to Do When You Feel Useless and Alone)

4fend for oneself3:01
fend for oneself 是「照顧自己」的意思,在這裡也有「自求多福」的影藏含義。
It is time for you to learn to fend for yourself.

fend 作爲及物動詞則是「抵擋」、「擊退」的意思。
Although it is natural to want to fend off criticisms, we should learn to accept them sometimes.

如果人類消失了,會發生什麼事? (What If Humans Disappeared?)

5tackle 3:06
tackle 是「著手對付、處理」的意思,同義詞有 handle
I'll tackle my assignment later.

相較於 tackle/handle a problem,也可以用 address 這個動詞,不過後者通常用於層面較廣,或者較抽象的問題。
Global warming is an urgent issue that needs to be addressed immediately.

可愛邦尼障礙賽 (Cute Bunny Jumping Competition!)

看完這部影片,仔細想想平常你身邊是否有太多噪音?小 V 看完這部影片的第一件事就是去下載裡面提到的所有 app 、之後也天天戴耳塞出門了⋯⋯雖然看起來很反社會,但是其實就像戴口罩一樣,只是為了保護自己而已。

文/ Rachel Kung




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