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  • Whether it's to fuel your late night study session, or trying to stay alert on the job, energy drinks are very popular, with 76% of young adults consuming them.

    無論是為了熬夜唸書,還是在工作時保持清醒,能量飲料受到 76% 年輕人的歡迎和飲用。

  • But what would happen if you ONLY drank energy drinks?


  • One sip and the feel-good effect is almost immediate.


  • When the sugar molecules hit your taste buds, it triggers your brain to release dopamine, the hormone responsible for feelings of happiness and well-being.


  • This makes sense, considering the sugar content of ONE can ranges from two teaspoons to a whopping 14 teaspoons per serving depending on the brand.

    這可以理解,根據不同品牌,一罐能量飲料的含糖量從每份 2 茶匙到高達 14 茶匙不等。

  • Within 10 minutes, both your heart rate and blood pressure increase in response to adrenaline release, caused by the introduction of caffeine into your body.

    在 10 分鐘內,你的心跳與血壓都會隨著腎上腺素的釋放而上升,這是由咖啡因進入身體所引起的。

  • How much caffeine? As high as 242 mg per serving.

    咖啡因的含量有多少?高達 242 毫克不等。

  • To compare, a serving of brewed coffee contains 95 to 165 mg of caffeine, brewed black tea contains 25 to 38 mg, and a bottle of Coke contains 34 mg of caffeine.

    相較之下,一份咖啡含有 95-165 毫克的咖啡因,而紅茶含有 25-38 毫克,一瓶可樂則含有 34 毫克的咖啡因。

  • But unlike soda, coffee and tea, energy drinks add in guarana extract.


  • The guarana plant which is native to South America, produces seeds which are about the same size as a coffee bean, but yields twice the caffeine content.


  • Spread out over a day 400mg of caffeine appears to be safe, but having more than 200mg in a single sitting can lead to caffeine intoxication.

    一整天分散攝取 400 毫克的咖啡因似乎是安全的,但一口氣攝取超過 200 毫克可能會導致咖啡因中毒。

  • In 2011, it is estimated that nearly 20,000 visits to the emergency room in the United States were directly related to the effects of energy drink consumption.

    2011 年,統計顯示美國有將近 20,000 名急診室病患就診的原因與攝取能量飲料直接相關。

  • Most of these visits involved those between the ages of 18 to 25, and the second largest age group being 26 to 39 years old.

    最大宗的病患年齡層為 18-25 歲之間,其次則為年齡層 26-39 歲的族群。

  • So if you started subbing your 8 glasses of water for equivalent amounts of energy drinks, the constant increases in heart rate and blood pressure might lead to an increased risk of developing a bunch of cardiovascular conditions, including hypertension or high blood pressure.

    所以,如果你開始將每天攝取的 8 杯水換成等量的能量飲料,持續上升的心率與血壓可能會使罹患一系列心血管疾病的風險上升,包括高血壓。

  • An observational study reviewed 7 years of data from calls to the Australian poison information centre of the 297 calls analyzed the most common symptoms of caffeine toxicity included palpitations, agitation, tremor and gastrointestinal upset.

    一個觀察性的研究回顧澳洲毒物資訊中心 7 年來通報的資料,在 297 則通報資訊分析中,咖啡因中毒最常見的症狀包括心悸、焦躁不安、顫抖與腸胃不適。

  • Twenty one cases had signs of serious cardiac or neurological toxicity, including hallucinations, seizures, arrhythmias or cardiac ischemia, and at least 128 subjects required hospitalization.

    有 21 個案例有嚴重心臟或神經中毒的跡象,包括幻覺、癲癇、心律不整或心臟局部缺血,而有至少 128 名患者需要住院治療。

  • A cup of black coffee has fewer than 5 calories, but the high sugar content of energy drinks means a calorie count of about 850 calories in 8 cups of Red Bull.

    一杯黑咖啡的熱量低於 5 卡,但高含糖量的能量飲料意味著 8 罐紅牛的熱量為 850 卡。

  • This increases your risk for obesity and developing Type 2 diabetes.


  • But some of the risks are unpredictable, such as a 26 year old man who drank at least two cans of energy drinks daily for a decade.

    但有些風險是無法預料的,例如一位 26 歲的年輕人十年期間,每天至少喝 2 罐能量飲料。

  • With no prior significant health issues, he had a seizure and fell into a three day coma.

    他突然癲癇發作並陷入昏迷 3 天,而在這之前,他沒有任何顯著的健康問題。

  • Doctors ultimately attributed this to chronic sleep deprivation and over-consumption of caffeine.


  • Overall, energy drinks are relatively safe for infrequent consumption, but you may not want to drink them on a regular basis.


  • Hey, we wanna send a huge shout-out and thank you to Sara from The Domestic Geek for narrating this episode while we were away, we're gonna put a link over to her channel which is awesome, you should check it out over there.

    嘿,我們想要公開致意,感謝來自 The Domestic Geek 頻道的 Sara 在我們不在的期間為這集節目配音,我們會放她頻道的連結,你們該去看看她很棒的頻道。

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  • We tell stories, we debate and then we splice all the interesting information and science throughout, we've almost broken up many times, because we choose subjects that we disagree on.


  • We disagree a lot though.


  • That's true, to the core we are very different people.


  • But it's fun.


  • It is fun.


  • And if you wanna find out about when we almost broke up, listen to the podcast Sidenote.

    如果你想要找出我們大約是何時差點分道揚鑣的,去收聽我們的 podcast——Sidenote。

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  • -See ya.-Peace.


Whether it's to fuel your late night study session, or trying to stay alert on the job, energy drinks are very popular, with 76% of young adults consuming them.

無論是為了熬夜唸書,還是在工作時保持清醒,能量飲料受到 76% 年輕人的歡迎和飲用。

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