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Hey guys
So this time I'm going to make two kinds of birthday presents for my wife
One is chapstick (lipstick) and the other one is a massage oil bottle with preserved flowers.
I just reached two million subscribers, and I wanted to appreciate all you guys and my wife,
who's been helping me grow this channel
This is the first time I made something non-food, but I hope you can still enjoy it
First prepare any flowers and plants you want
In Japan we have a special product that dyes flowers, and preserves them at the same time
But you may not be able to find this in other countries. I will list other methods in the description box
But it might be better to just buy already colored preserved flowers anyway.
Prepare sheet of aluminum or aluminium, however you call it,
and place it onto the flowers to soak them completely for a few days
Next I'm going to make chapstick (lipstick) with Sakura I collected
Blend the pressed sakura into powder
There are many ingredients you can use to make chapstick (lipstick).
This time I am using beeswax, shea butter, jojoba oil and Vaseline
You can use any food coloring to create your favorite color
You can adjust the hardness by changing the ratio of beeswax however you want
The more beeswax, the harder it becomes
Melt them in hot water like this
Prepare any chapstick (lipstick) cases you like and make sure the tube is fully retracted
Pour the wax in the case
Wait for it to cool down for about 10 minutes and done
Now let's finish the other present
Take the flowers out and place them on a drying rack
Use any flowers you like and form them into one piece.
Then push it onto a sponge and glue the stems together
I will get rid of the sponge so I didn't glue it to the sponge
I'm using thin bottles, but you can use any shapes you like
Put any decoration you like in the bottle
Then put the flowers in
Finally pour in the mineral oil. This time I'm using the one you can use for skincare and massaging
And done
Welcome back
I made something for you
I made this for you
Are you ready?
Happy birthday
What is this?
What is this? It's your present Rachel
It's so cute
These are mineral oil (massage oil), so I wanted to give you...okay for the first place
It's so pretty
I wanted to thank you
because without your help, I wasn't able to come this far and thanks to your help
I was able to hit two million subscribers, which is crazy
So I wanted to appreciate everyone who are watching this video and subscribe to my channel and also
you and since your birthday was coming up,
I thought I would make this for you too. This is the sakura pink
I made from sakura. You made these? Yeah, I made all of these
And this is
You made chapstick (lipstick)?
Since your lip is always dried and you're obsessed with chapstick,
I thought I should make something like that
Omg, what is this made out of?
You'll see once you watch my video
I wanted to give you flower, but flowers die quickly, so I thought I should make something that last for a while
Thank you
J: You're welcome. R: I really like it.
Thank you guys so much and
thank you again so much for subscribing to my channel
I just hit two million, which is crazy. I'll keep doing my best and making more videos
Bye. Thank you.


Cooking birthday presents for my wife!

525 分類 收藏
Evangeline 發佈於 2018 年 6 月 1 日
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