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Why do you hate Fridays so much?
Because I hate people that live their lives for the weekend.
I'm blown away by people celebrating the end of the week.
Like, the weekend is your escape from your reality.
It breaks my heart.
My friends, like, live for Friday night.
Like, they know they get the week, like Monday morning is the worst.
To live your life where you love Friday night, Saturday and Sunday and despise Monday through Thursday or Friday morning is devastating to me because you're wasting too much of your life.
Like, 50% of your entire life is predicated on what you do.
It were like, it's just a huge percentage of one's life.
And I'm trying to put pressure on the conversation to say, "if you love Friday that much, then you need to really look at Monday through Thursday and see if you can do something about it."
Sunday night, I'm like chomping.
I'm like a fighter before a fight, like in the dressing room.
Like, I try to go to sleep early on Sunday because I can't wait for Monday.
Because I got to put my jersey on.
This is not your grand pappy's life.
We have the Internet.
You can make shit happen.
You can build businesses or side hustles.
Take less money and like live a little more humbly to set up your next 50 years.
So many of you are so hungry for short-term gains.
Like, maximizing the job that paid you $3,000 more, but it's not as fun.
But you want that $3,000, for what?
For a new iPhone?
For what?
You get to live life one time.
I'm talking about if you genuinely dislike what you do so much that you beg for Friday.
Listen, I lived 12 years of this and definitely at least nine.
I just don't understand why people relegate into losing mentality, just thinking they can't.
You can't because you want to be on the bowling team or softball and play video games.
That's why you can't.
There's plenty of time, gets shit done.
The thought that that is so many people's work lives, which will be the disproportionate percentage of how they live their lives, breaks my heart.
If I can get one person to be like fuck, he's right.
Like, what the hell am I doing here.
Please do not waste the next 5, 10, 15, 20, 30 years of your life.
And allocate 30, 40, 50, 60 percent of your time to something that you cheer to end each and every week.
If you genuinely celebrate Friday, you need to rethink your entire fucking game.



為什麼你恨透了自己 64.28% 的人生? (Why Do You Hate 64.28% of Your Life? | A Gary Vaynerchuk Original)

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