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  • Anyone who has attempted to foray into the great wide world of dating knows that, when it comes to flirting, cheesy pickup lines just don't cut it.


  • Attracting a partner can be tricky, and there are many pitfalls one can fall into.


  • But when it comes down to it, flirting is just an evolutionary tactic to acquire a mate for reproduction.


  • With this in mind, here's a list of 10 psychologically proven flirting strategies that actually work!

    有這樣的概念後,接下來有 10 個心理學證實很有幫助的搭訕策略。

  • Number 10: Eye Contact.

    第 10 項:眼神交流

  • Eye contact is key when it comes to demonstrating your attraction to another person.


  • When we make eye contact with a prospective partner, we are actually searching for evidence of their attraction to us through the psychological response of pupil dilation.


  • This is also why staring into one another's eyes can often feel so intimate.


  • Therefore, one of the best ways to let someone know you're interested in them is to gaze into their big brown, blue or green eyes.


  • Number 9: Wear red.

    第 9 項:穿著紅色的衣物

  • Not only is red an eye catching color that flatters many different skin tones, red is also a symbol of lust and sexuality.


  • With studies showing that, when both men and women wear red, they appear more attractive to the opposite sex.


  • This may be due to social expectations.


  • However, psychologist Adam Pasteur suggests that our attraction to red may be a hangover from humans evolutionary past.

    然而,心理學家 Adam Pasteur 表示紅色對我們的吸引力也許是從過去人類進化就流傳到現在的。

  • As animals, such as female baboons, display patches of bright red skin to indicate that they are ready to mate.


  • Number Eight: Be funny!

    第 8 項:當有趣的人!

  • Humor is actually a huge factor in the search of a potential mate.


  • University of New Mexico psychologist professor, Jeffrey Miller, suggests that being funny is one of key ways we decide how attractive a partner is.

    新墨西哥大學的心理學教授 Jeffrey Miller 表示幽默是取決於伴侶多有吸引力的其中一項關鍵。

  • This is because, to be truly funny, someone must be able to think quickly and be creative, skills that are extremely necessary for survival.


  • To be humorous is to be smart, so telling a joke could just result in you getting that date you wanted.


  • Number Seven: play hard to get.

    第 7 項:欲擒故縱

  • Studies show that when we're unsure of how much someone likes us, we actually like them more than when we're told they like us a lot.


  • This could be due to the fact that playing hard to get make someone seem more desirable and sometimes even out of our league.


  • When someone seems too needy, we're likely to believe we can do better, so it may be better to act aloof.


  • Number Six: are you a woman? Smile!

    第 6 點:妳是女生嗎?微笑吧!

  • Not only it does a smile exhibit a sense of humor and a caring nature, but it also displays good health.


  • Research from the University of British Columbia suggests men find smiling women more attractive than prideful.


  • Possibly because of its association with submission and maternal urges.


  • Number Five: are you a man? Brood.

    第 5 項:你是男性嗎?沉思。

  • The stereotype is true!


  • In the same study from the University of British Columbia, researchers found that women rated smiling men as the least attractive, compared with prideful and shameful looking men.


  • Therefore, acting like a "bad boy" may win you a mate, regardless of whether you're actually bad or not.


  • Number Four: mirror body language.


  • 55% of attraction communication is made through body language, and one of the most subtle, yet most effective methods of flirting with someone is to mirror their actions.

    55% 釋放吸引力的交流方式是透過肢體語言,其中最細微但最有效的撩人方法就是去模仿對方的動作。

  • This is because we unconsciously copy those we're attracted to as a sign that we're interested in what they're saying.


  • Mirroring someone demonstrates that we have good communication skills, but also that we're invested in their thoughts and feelings.


  • This is also a way of knowing whether someone is interested in you.


  • If they copy your mirroring, they may just reciprocate your feelings.


  • Number Three: Be a smooth talker.


  • Pitch and tone actually have a lot more to do with flirting than one may think.


  • Research from MIT suggests that men are more attracted to women that vary their tone at which they speak.


  • Women whose voices went up and down in frequency received more romantic interest from men than those who speak with a flatter tone.


  • The same study also found that women were more attracted to men who interjected when they were speaking with phrases such as "I see", "Okay", and "Yup".


  • This not only suggests dominance but also understanding.


  • Number Two: Confidence is key.


  • A study by Doctor Monica Moore of Webster University found that, when observing real-life person in bars and shoppings malls, it was not the most physically appealing people that were most often approached for flirtation.

    偉伯斯特大學的教授 Monica Moore 研究發現,觀察在酒吧和購物中心的出現的人,並不是顏值最高的人最容易搭訕成功。

  • Instead, those who signal their confidence through basic flirting techniques, such as smiling, were more likely to attract others.


  • And, Number One: Touch them.


  • Most research has demonstrated that touching a person can increase their compliance to complete a wide variety of requests.


  • And this may extend to the world of flirtation!


  • Dr. Moore found that when a young male confederate in a nightclub asked young women to dance with him, his request was most likely to be followed if he touched a woman's forearm for one to two seconds.

    Moore 博士發現一個年輕男性在夜店向年輕女性提出要求可能伴隨著這樣的動作─碰觸女性的前臂一到兩秒。

  • This could be because tactile contact is associated with dominance.


  • Later, when the women were asked to complete a survey about their experience, a high score of dominance was associated with the tactile contact!


  • And that's our list.


  • Hopefully this can help you in the dating world.


  • If you have your own tips for flirting, let us know in the comments below!


  • Thank you so much for watching our video!


  • I'm Ashley!

    我是 Ashley!

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  • And don't forget to subscribe!


  • Have a nice day!


Anyone who has attempted to foray into the great wide world of dating knows that, when it comes to flirting, cheesy pickup lines just don't cut it.


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【搭訕守則】十個經心理學證實有用的搭訕策略 (10 Psychologically-proven Flirting Strategies)

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