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Good evening, everyone.
Welcome to the interview dialogue of The Trumpet of Truth.
I'm your host Jane.
Since Almighty God started His end-time work in China,
the words of Almighty God have been testified and spread wider and wider.
Now, God's work in the last days has already been extended overseas.
Almighty God's Word has also been translated into many languages and published online.
More and more people who truly believe in God, thirst for and seek the truth
are investigating Almighty God's work.
Many people want to know more about The Church of Almighty God
and God's new work in the last days.
So today we invite two American Christians from The Church of Almighty God
to share with us their stories,
and what they have experienced in The Church of Almighty God.
They are our special guests—Tina and her husband Charlie.
Hi Tina, Charlie.
Hi Jane.
Nice to meet you.
Nice to be here.
Welcome to our studio.
Thank you for having us.
Which part of the U.S. are you from?
Golden Valley, Arizona.
Yes, between Laughlin and Kingman. And it's a small town.
Kingman's the bigger city.
But, we're like in a small town.
There's probably 35,000 people.
And Arizona is known for its sunsets and sunrises.
We have some beautiful sunsets and sunrises there.
Are there many Christians there?
There's quite a few Christians there.
There's a lot of different small Churches.
Baptists, Methodists, Lutheran.
Were you a Christian before you accepted God's end-time work?
I've always been a Christian.
I've always believed in God since I was a young child. So, yes.
So, you read the Bible often and pray to God everyday?
Um ... Yes,
I read the Bible starting probably in my early twenties on my own.
And it progressed on through the years.
So yeah, I read a lot of the Bible.
And, how about your family?
How many children do you have?
We have four children. Two older girls. One 24 and one 19.
The 24-year-old, her name is Brittney.
She works in the medical field.
My 19-year-old, her name is Gabrielle.
She works in the dentistry field.
And then we have two boys, 12, Doniphan and John.
They're still in middle school, very active in sports.
And they also believe in God.
We're raising them with God also.
Wonderful. Blessed family.
Thank you.
Thank God.
We actually fellowship as a family on Sundays.
And the two younger boys, they fellowship with the youth group on Fridays.
How did you come into contact with The Church of Almighty God?
Um … I actually came in contact with the Church, it was um …
it's God's blessing actually, He directed me to the Church.
Um … Back in 2016,
I started thinking about what life was really about,
the purpose of life, and what the meaning of life was.
Because of going through the motions of tradition—
working, striving to make money, gaining possessions,
then the end result is always being death.
I thought there's gotta be more to life than this.
Life is very precious.
So, I started praying to God every day.
And I asked God to show me what His will was,
and what my purpose in life was to have meaning.
'Cause I wanted to have meaning within my life,
I dedicated myself to praying every day.
And I saw a lot throughout the year about words,
how important words are,
that God's words are very very powerful.
He said beginning "Let there be light." And there was light. (see Gen 1:3)
So, God's words are very powerful.
And then I recognized I've read many times in the Bible, in John 1:1,
it says, "In the beginning was the Word,
and the Word was with God, and the Word was God."
So, Words are very important.
And I looked on Facebook a lot 'cause I wanted to find truth.
So, I'd punched in "truth" on Facebook.
And I've never seen anything different.
So, I joined some different Christian sites
just to see if I could find God, find the truth.
And I've never seen much difference.
It was all about
"give all your problems to God and God will solve everything."
It's kinda like:
Rely on God, just believe in Him, and rely on Him,
and He'll make the way for you.
So it was nothing different than what's been preached throughout time, history.
And then I recognized a different site on Facebook.
It was called "The Lord Jesus Has Already Returned."
And I started reading some of the stuff they were posting from there.
And it amazed me. It was a lot different.
It talked about God's judgment in the end times,
that it is here, how one really believes in God,
how you should believe in God,
and that God's words have been expressed,
and they've been brought down to the earth.
And it made me think, you know,
I was very interested in finding out more.
And one day there was a live video on from that site.
And I actually clicked on the live video.
And I wasn't on there very long and I got a message in my messenger box
from a sister from The Church of Almighty God.
And we started talking about my beliefs.
And she started telling me a little bit about God's end-time plan.
And it was very interesting.
I wanted to learn more, so I agreed to start fellowshiping.
And I can tell you it was the best decision of my entire life.
Yeah, your prayer's answered.
Oh yes.
Yeah, I have met some people,
who are eagerly waiting for the Lord's return,
and have kept on praying for it.
And one day they saw a film or a video, or an article of Almighty God's word
that touched their heart.
And they realized their prayer's answered.
And from then on
they started to truly believe, and accept God's end-time work.
Yes. It's something that we've never seen before.
Everybody believes that
just believing in Jesus, and asking for forgiveness for your sins,
we're saved.
But this seems to go a little bit beyond that,
of knowing how God's been among us managing us, trying to save us.
So, it goes a lot deeper than what I've learned searching on my own.
And then finding this, it was a blessing to find it.
So, how did you, in the end, become certain that it is God's work?
Um … Because it's a continuation of the Lord Jesus' work in the Age of Redemption.
Like I was saying,
forgiveness of sins, we sin during the day
and we ask for forgiveness of sins at night.
Well, the Age of Kingdom is here
and it's a purification process.
God is the beginning and the ending.
God is the only One that can end an age and open up a new age.
And we can see that from the Old Testament into the New Testament,
where God gave mankind laws in the Old Testament.
And in the New Testament
He was actually the sin offering for mankind, to redeem mankind of their sins.
So He ended the age, which is called the Age of Law of the Old Testament,
and the Age of Grace which is the New Testament.
He ended that age and opened up a new age.
And now, we've gone into the Age of Kingdom,
and the Age of Kingdom has opened up to where
God is holding us up to a higher standard of purifying us.
So we can be cleansed of our corruption
and actually know where the root of our corruption comes from.
So, it's amazing.
And God is the only One that can actually express the truth.
Mankind doesn't have truth.
They have opinions, they have notions,
they have imaginations.
But, who's to say who's right and who's wrong?
Now God, He expresses the truth,
He reveals everything about God:
God's disposition, God's substance.
He knows what's in man's heart and what's in man's mind.
No man could ever know that.
So, God has revealed all truths.
And, by revealing the truth and giving us one way to follow,
we can recognize how corrupt we are.
'Cause when we see the truth, it's God's truth,
we see that we've fallen so far away from God over the years,
that God's trying to give us the way to get back to Him to be purified,
to be able to enter into the Kingdom.
So, it's amazing.
I'm so happy for you.
Oh, I feel very blessed, believe me,
that I can hear God's voice.
Amen. How about you Charlie then?
Um … I was very skeptical.
I'm very arrogant. And I'm a stubborn man.
So, I didn't wanna believe initially.
There was nobody that was going to make me believe:
my wife, my dad, my mom.
So, until I picked up the book (Utterances of Christ of the Last Days)
and started reading for myself,
I've seen the authority and the power in the words in the book.
And I said to myself: Well, no man can talk to me this way.
It must be God, because that's how the Bible used to talk to me.
So I found a lot of authority and power in the words.
And that touched my heart deeply.
So then I also started reading and fellowshiping after that.
That means Tina first contacted the words of Almighty God,
and then you were not really convinced before.
And then …
Gradually I came around to it and started searching it,
because it seemed, you know, it seemed like it was right
by what she was studying and what she was saying.
It sounded true, but I didn't …
Me being skeptical and arrogant I just was like: No way.
You know, it's (the Lord's return) supposed to be in the clouds.
I didn't expect words to be what was gonna judge me and chastise me.
I never expected that.
So, it was very deep that it happened that way.
And from there, from reading those words,
then I started to get more interested in it.
And started researching the truth more.
And research … and it was very good.
Yeah. So from which aspect did you make certain that it's God's work?
Um … Actually it was a passage in His book.
May I read it to you?
Yeah. Sure, go ahead.
"My words are the forever unchanging truth.
I am the supply of life for man and the only guide for mankind.
The worth and meaning of My words are not determined
by whether they are recognized or accepted by mankind,
but by the substance of the words themselves.
Even if not a single person on this earth can receive My words,
the value of My words and their help to mankind are inestimable by any man.
Therefore, when faced with the many men who rebel against, refute,
or are utterly contemptuous of My words,
My stance is only this:
Let time and facts be My witness
and show that My words are the truth, the way, and the life.
Let them show that all I have said is right,
and is that which man should be furnished with,
and, moreover, that which man should accept" (The Word Appears in the Flesh).
It's very touching.
It's deep words that,
you know, only God could speak to you through.
It's very powerful to know that of this time,
He is speaking to my heart through His words.
And nobody's able to do that.
Anybody that truly knows me knows
that I'm very arrogant, very stubborn.
I'm not an easy person to persuade.
So only God can persuade me.
And I've had many men say they were gonna judge me.
And I tell them, "No. Only God will judge me."
That's how (I was), you know.
And I thank my wife.
She stayed dedicated to bringing me to the Word
even though I was fighting against it.
I had to look at it myself.
I had to acknowledge it for myself.
That was the only way.
And thank God.
That's true.
I'm gonna give it the best shot that I can possibly give to make that change.
'cause eternal life means more than anything else.
It's eternal. It's better than anything material.
So I'm happy to be on a different path
and to be learning more new things about God.
The mysteries, and everything's being revealed.
And it's very exciting.
Well, I can vouch for the arrogance, 'cause he is very very arrogant.
But, when he picked up God's words,
God's words speak for themselves.
He's recognized it.
He's a very arrogant person,
and he's like self-right. You know,
he even wonders:
"Can I change my disposition, 'cause I'm so arrogant?"
"And God's words, they pierce me in my heart,"
he's said that to me.
So, God's words are very very powerful.
That's true.
And God's words reveal our corruption.
And, only because we're so corrupt,
that's why those words affect us in such a deep way.
Because, if we weren't corrupt,
just by God expressing the truth we would be able to accept it a little bit easier.
But by being so corrupt, it pierces your heart
'cause we can see how far away we've gotten from God,
and how we actually have become the embodiment of Satan,
where Satan has misled us down the wrong path.
I can see that it's Almighty God's word that touched your heart,
and brought you into The Church of Almighty God.
And God's word is the truth.
Yes. Thank God. Amen.
Yes. The truth is very very powerful.
And, when I've first seen it
I thought: God is brilliant.
By just revealing the truth He can accomplish so much.
And it is the only thing that can change mankind, and the direction of mankind.
It's the only thing that can purify us,
because only God can speak the truth, and only God knows the truth,
and only God knows our hearts and our minds
to be able to put it into the right perspective.
Basically, so …
That's really true.
And, I'm very happy for you to finally find the truth.
I also met some people
who listened to the CCP's propaganda against The Church of Almighty God.
The CCP is atheistic
and is liar against The Church of Almighty God.
And it has spread a lot of rumors.
Yeah. (Yes, they have.)
Have you ever heard of any of them?
You know, I've seen the one rumor on YouTube,
'cause I started researching a lot of the videos about the Church on YouTube.
And, when you look up the Church,
you'll see a video that talks about the murder in China
where they say 5 members of The Church of Almighty God beat a woman to death
for not giving them her phone number.
And, I just thought that was ridiculous.
I study with a lot of these Church members,
the brothers and sisters from the Church.
And they're very nice, compassionate, loving people.
And actually, when I joined the Church,
I learned that there're actually principles to join the Church.
You gotta have good humanity, you gotta love God,
and you gotta love the truth.
And, it says on there that she wouldn't give a phone number,
so that's why they beat her to death.
So for people like that beat that woman to death,
they wouldn't even be allowed to be members of the Church.
And I know that
Christians are heavily persecuted in China just for believing in God.
And there're a lot of House Churches,
to where if they're caught preaching the gospel or preaching about God,
they're arrested, and they're tortured.
So I know that
they would never ask for a phone number for somebody to spread the gospel,
because that's automatic condemnation.
If they're caught,
the CCP confiscates their phones, their computers,
and any numbers on there,
they start to go research those other people.
So, they would never use a phone to spread the gospel.
So, I didn't believe that.
And knowing how the Church members are,
what they're trying to seek,
it just did not make sense to me.
So, that's really a false statement.
It was put out there.
And I think it was 'cause the CCP is hard after the Church members.
Right, facts speak louder than words.
Anyone who has some knowledge of The Church of Almighty God
can see clearly that the McDonald's case is merely the CCP's slander
to attack and defame The Church of Almighty God.
Unfortunately, some people believed the rumor
before they actually investigated Almighty God's work,
so they were caught by fear
and refused to investigate Almighty God's work in the last days
and lost their salvation.
It's really a pity!
So about this rumor of the CCP, Charlie, what do you think?
When I researched it, it really angered me
because … why didn't anybody help?
I mean, if I would've been there that wouldn't have happened.
There's just no way!
I wouldn't have let that happen.
If I see that in my country, here in the U.S.,
five people beating up one lady,
I am not going to let it happen.
I would gonna jump in there and stop it.
So, to me, it was ridiculous,
it almost seemed like they staged it,
because who wouldn't help a woman?
Who would just allow that to happen?
So, to me I felt like it was an act.
Rumors are always rumors.
Even though they have been repeated millions of times,
they can never become the truth!
So, you mentioned about the brothers and sisters in The Church of Almighty God,
and you don't think they can do such kind of thing.
So in your opinion,
what kind of people are they, the brothers and sisters? (The brothers and sisters?)
Yeah, you contact.
I can start sharing my understanding of what we're reading
and when I leave something out,
or I don't touch on all of the topics, or all the expressions …
I have a brother out there that I've only met one time,
and his name's Jimmy.
And Jimmy, he picked up from where I left off,
and he was able to fill in where I missed
to where me and him together are tag team brothers.
And we're not even of the same culture.
I'm American and he's Chinese, but we speak to each other's hearts,
and we're able to know how each other feels.
So, the brothers and sisters, we all get along like a family.
It's great!
It's different from any Church.
How about you, Tina? What do you think?
They're God-fearing people. They love God.
They're very knowledgeable about God's end-time work,
about God's management plan,
you know, how God's been among us for such a long time for salvation basically.
So their goal is to accept the purification,
the judgment and chastisement from God.
So they're very loving people.
They're very kind. They're very trustworthy.
They're very reliable.
To where if you need them, you know, and they're in a fellowship or something,
they'll let you know they're doing something.
But, as soon as they're done,
they're glad to get with you and help us solve our problems.
They know how to seek out God's words, (it's) very good.
To where, if I'm going through something,
they can send me a passage of God's words
or a movie that relates to problems I'm having
or trials I'm going through at that time.
So they … they love God.
Thank you, Tina.
They're pretty much like family to me.
They have all the answers that I've had questions about.
So I tend to treat them like family.
Thank you.
You seem to have found a very good team to fellowship with.
Yes. They, they like … they work as a team.
You know, it's like God's family is trying to achieve the same goal.
So everybody's helping each other,
going through the judgment and the chastisement,
but everybody has to accept their own judgment and chastisement.
But it's a matter of, when we encounter trials,
of everybody helping each other to, you know, to overcome, to become purified.
So it's a blessing to be able to be a part of the family.
That means that they have the same goal to pursue.
I don't have very many friends, and I never have.
And it's been very hard for me to open up to people.
And, you know, I can open up and tell my deepest, darkest secrets to them,
or things that are deep-felt, heart-felt emotions to them.
And they can do the same with me.
To where, you know, it's very very close interactions.
To where the outside world I could never do that with
because I could not trust people.
You know, you tell them something, and they'll use it against you.
And, you know,
with the brothers and sisters from the Church
it's nothing like that.
You know, it's all of us helping each other
to build each other up to become purified.
I think (that the) fellowship you start with the brothers and sisters
really helps a lot.
And what is the fellowship you have gone through?
And what kind of the church life is like in The Church of Almighty God?
Um … We do fellowships, we watch gospel movies,
we'll sing together during the fellowships, or we'll dance.
It's a whole different way of life, to where people are real.
They're expressing their heartfelt emotions, their heartfelt inside self,
instead of trying to look good in front of others.
Most people will try to tell you the positive things,
to where they try to make a good impression.
Well, the good impression doesn't exist with the Church members.
It's all about laying your heart out in the light,
and trying to overcome your corruptions.
Help each other.
And everybody helps each other with (exposing) their corruptions.
Like, if I go through problems, I can tell one of the sisters.
And they'll send me some of God's words that I can read,
pertaining to what I'm going through,
so I know how to seek the truth that's within it, and overcome it.
So, it's a whole different way of life.
And it's more real way of life, more compassionate, more loving.
They're very trustworthy people. They're very reliable.
You can contact them at any time.
And, if they're doing a fellowship, they'll tell you,
"Well, you know what, I'm in a fellowship.
When I get finished, we can talk."
So, it's very togetherness, I guess you could say.
From what you're sharing,
I can see you all feel released in the meeting,
and lay bare all the difficulties to each other,
and solve them by seeking the truth together.
Everyone pursues to be an honest person.
Such kind of church life is indeed beneficial to the growth of life.
What about you, Charlie?
Could you share what you have gained and your feelings in the church life?
I gained a family. A new family, that's what I gained.
There's no other way to explain it.
I mean,
everything else I've gotta change for myself through God's words.
But, through that I've gained a family.
And brothers and sisters, they were so excited to take pictures with us,
and just talk with us,
and it was an amazing feeling to actually go to the Church.
Because it's not like any church I've ever gone to.
I mean, every church I've ever been to was …
You had a pastor,
and the pastor spoke words out of the Bible, which, you know, we've all read.
He'd just mock up a sermon and tell us words we already knew.
And he'd kinda shout 'em with authority.
But when I came to The Church of Almighty God, I found out:
Wow! There were only two hosts.
And wow! We studied all of God's words together.
Oh, and wow! I can get up there,
and I can share my understanding of what we just studied.
I don't have to just keep it to myself.
So I was able to get up and share before the Church and everybody
what I was enlightened by these words.
When I was done my heart was touched,
and my brothers and sisters were happy.
They were happy that my heart was touched.
And now I touched their heart because I was touched.
So it was a very very good feeling
that people I didn't even know were touched by my understanding.
And then somebody else would share their understanding
and it would touch me again,
and also they were touched.
So, it's not like a regular church.
The Church of Almighty God, it was very exciting.
There's so much to learn.
What is your experience then?
Um … I gained a lot of meaning and purpose to my life,
to where I've learned a lot about God:
God's substance, God's disposition.
My corruption's actually deep within myself.
It's like I'm trying to gain reality of the truth, and making that your life,
to where you live that everyday.
And you live and have experiences, trials, tribulations within our corruptions
to eliminate them.
And everybody's doing the same thing.
So, when we do fellowships and we share,
you can actually feel the work of the Holy Spirit,
because you feel these people are enlightened by what they are reading.
And when we're sharing, we learn from each other.
People are going through different things.
And so, when we read a passage and we share,
something we might miss they might bring up.
And we're like: Oh, I can relate to that, I can see that.
And there's a lot of different fellowships,
where there's like life experience fellowships
where people have experienced their corruptions,
and they open themselves up.
They don't feel like they'll receive any condemnation.
No one gives them condemnation.
But, you can relate to that, seeing your arrogance in dealing with other people.
And it's kind of, you work with it through God's words.
And out in the outer world you think:
I'm gonna tell nobody that I'm arrogant.
But within the Church,
it's something that everybody's experiencing.
And it's like you can see how they've eliminated theirs.
So, maybe you look within yourself:
I have that same thing.
How can I eliminate my arrogance?
Or, how can I deal with it?
Or, how can I help them with theirs?
Yes. So, it's amazing.
So, it's give and take when it comes to our fellowships.
You can usually hear when somebody's down in a fellowship,
like they're going through something.
And to have the nerve enough to ask them,
"What's going on?"
"What is the problem?"
That takes a lot to do that to somebody.
That means that you care for them.
And when they explain to you their problems,
then you start thinking of ways to try to help them, and build them back up
so that they feel strength within them again.
And then God overtakes their spirit again.
And then they feel positive and they can get through their problems.
So that is real.
That's a plus that we can help each other that way.
It's amazing.
I can see that, The Church of Almighty God gives you a same goal
to pursue to get rid of the corruptions.
From what you share,
I think that's something very very important.
Well, it's amazing that God's words affect everybody.
We're all very corrupt.
But, you have this one truth that affects everybody in a different way.
And they're all seeking the same goal to eliminate their corruptions.
So, it's kinda like finally having reality.
You know, knowing what truth is,
and be able to put that into your life, life experiences through the truth.
So, it's a whole different way of life.
Instead of relying on ourselves, our own imaginations, our own notions,
we now have the truth that we can follow to gain life.
God says,
"I am the way, I am the truth, I am the life" (see John 14:6).
And there's only one way. There's only one truth.
And, if you know those two ways, you can actually gain life.
So, God is very amazing.
And that's what God is, God has. (Very practical.)
He reveals everything. He's a very very practical God.
It is really very practical
that Almighty God expressed the truth to save the corrupt mankind in the last days.
As long as we accepted the judgment and chastisement of God's word,
we can gradually know the truth, and know our corruption,
and have a true knowledge of God's righteous disposition.
In the end, we will have a true heart of fearing God
and receive the purification and completely get rid of sin.
So that's amazing!
You grow rather fast—(Yes. Rather fast.)
because God is speaking directly to you. (Yes.)
If you are a true God-fearing person,
God is speaking to your heart and your spirit,
so, how could it not be God?
Because nobody speaks that way.
I've read the Bible for a long time.
And I've learned more in the last six months about God, about me, about Satan,
than I have read the Bible since I was 20.
So, that's 30 years ago.
I've learned more in six months than I have in 30 years,
and that's by having the truth, by finally having the truth.
Yeah. That's all because
Almighty God started the work of word disclosing all the truths.
So that we can understand so much, understand His work, and understand …
Thank God for the power of Almighty God's word!
I never knew God was so practical.
It's like you feel God's presence everyday.
And, we know that God has been trying to save us since the beginning of time.
God is the only One that can reveal His six-thousand-year management plan.
And we're at the end of this management plan,
to where we need to be purified to continue on into the kingdom.
And, I never realized how God was among us that whole time.
And you can see God's love, God's patience for mankind,
and all the pain that He's endured of (us) being so far away from Him.
So, it's a blessing to try to even repay God's love by accepting His new work.
Amen. You know what,
many people admire the disciples of the Lord Jesus at that time,
because they could listen to the preaching of the Lord Jesus very often
and be face-to-face with the Lord.
Today, we can hear the personal voice of Almighty God
and know God's will directly from Almighty God's word.
That is being face-to-face with God! (Amen.)
Thank you, Tina, Charlie,
thank you for your wonderful sharing!
You're welcome.
Very nice.
And, in the end of our interview,
do you have anything to say to our audience?
For the end, I'd like to read some words that really touched my heart.
OK, of course. Sure.
"In the last days, Christ uses a variety of truths
to teach man, reveal the essence of man,
and dissect his words and deeds.
These words comprise various truths,
such as man's duty,
how man should obey God, how man should be loyal to God,
how man ought to live out the normal humanity,
as well as the wisdom and disposition of God, and so on.
These words are all focused on the essence of man and his corrupt disposition.
In particular, those words that reveal how man spurns God
are spoken in regard to how man is an embodiment of Satan
and an enemy force against God.
When God does the work of judgment,
He does not simply make clear the nature of man with just a few words,
but carries out revelation, dealing and pruning over the long term.
Such manner of revelation, dealing, and pruning
cannot be substituted with ordinary words
but with the truth that man does not possess at all.
Only such manner of work is deemed judgment;
only through such judgment can man be persuaded,
be thoroughly convinced into submission to God,
and gain true knowledge of God.
What the work of judgment brings about is man's understanding of the true face of God
and the truth about his rebelliousness.
The work of judgment allows man to gain much understanding of the will of God,
of the purpose of God's work
and of the mysteries that could not be understood by man.
It also allows man to recognize and know his corrupt substance
and the roots of his corruption,
as well as to discover the ugliness of man.
These effects are all brought about by the work of judgment,
for the substance of such work is actually the work of opening up the truth,
way, and life of God to all those who have faith in Him.
This work is the work of judgment done by God " (The Word Appears in the Flesh).
These words are very powerful,
and our judgment is done through God's words.
It's just amazing.
I would like to say that: Guess what, God is back!
And He's come with a purpose.
And if He's able to change somebody as corrupt and arrogant as me,
it should be easy for the rest of you. (Amen!)
So I can say to that. (Amen!)
People that know me know what kind of person I was,
and all the corrupt things I've done.
So, thank God that I was able to find the truth.
So, when I finally started researching Almighty God,
it was an incredible feeling because I just was like:
How? How? How could this talk to me this way?
And just, it's a very incredible feeling.
And that's what I'm gonna share about that.
Because I could go on and on … and I don't need to do that.
I'm very touched by God,
and it's a very amazing thing to be touched by God.
It's like nothing other that I've ever experienced.
Thank God! That's really true.
God has already returned,
and He is doing the work of judgment with His word,
so that those who truly come before Him can be completely purified!
Tina and Charlie, you can accept God's work in the last days,
you are blessed!
This is the only way to the kingdom of heaven
for without holiness, no one can see God.
So I really hope those who are eagerly waiting for the Lord's return
and those who are thirsty for the truth
can enjoy Almighty God's word like you do
and be purified, and finally receive God's promise.
I've gained a lot. And all the thanks go to Almighty God!
Praise God!
For the ending of it, I'd like to share a hymn I've learned
to show my gratefulness and praise to Almighty God.
Sounds like a good idea.
Why not?
What song is that?
It's called The Heart's Voice of a Created Being.
Oh, good!
It's a good hymn.
Great! Let's start!
"I wanted to cry but no place felt right.
I wanted to sing but no song was found.
I wanted to express the love of a created being.
Searching high and low, but no words could say,
could say just how I feel.
Practical and true God, the love inside my heart.
I lift my hands in praise,
I rejoice that You came into this world."
from Hymns of Life Experience in Follow the Lamb and Sing New Songs
And we gonna see you next time.
Thank you.
It's great to me.
Thank you, good to be here.
Yeah. Thank God, praise God.


生命中最好的选择 (The Best Decision of My Entire Life )

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