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  • When it debuted, the 4G wireless we have today allowed people for the first time to hit the road

    我們今天使用的 4G 網路剛推出時,人們第一次能夠

  • and explore unknown places with only a smartphone for directions.


  • When 5G arrives, it could enable driverless cars to take us there as well.

    等到 5G 推出時,網路也能驅動無人駕駛車輛帶我們到那些地方

  • 5G stands for fifth-generation mobile networks or wireless systems.

    5G 指的是第五代行動通訊技術

  • It's insanely fast and can accommodate a lot more connected devices.


  • But the reason it's being called revolutionary is because 5G will allow connected devices


  • to speak to each other, as well as people.


  • Right now, we're living in a world where, really, it's a one-way experience.


  • That's Bloomberg Tech Reporter Ian King

    剛那位是彭博科技記者 Ian King

  • The network talks to your phone, you look at your phone and access data, then


  • you send something back to the network.


  • What we're being told about 5G is that, really, for the first time, we're going to see machines

    目前我們對 5G 的了解是,我們第一次能夠見證

  • communicating with each other over mobile networks in a meaningful way.


  • 5G could end up being 100 times faster than what we have now with speeds that could reach

    5G 的速度可能高達現在的 100 倍,每秒傳送的數據

  • 10 gigabits per second.

    高達 10 千兆位元

  • In plain English, that means downloading a full-length HD movie in seconds.


  • 5G will also increase total bandwidth, which we will need in order to accommodate the growing

    5G 也能提高總頻寬,以因應範疇不斷擴大的

  • internet of things”.


  • We're talking about internet-connected refrigerators, thermostats, dog collars, but...5G will enable

    意思是由網路相互連接的冰箱、空調、狗項圈等等,但 5G能夠

  • so many more.


  • Things like your utility network factories, where machines just sat there,


  • not connected at all.


  • Suddenly, they're all going to be connected


  • Other things like cars, like utility poles, like the light poles on the street, like traffic lights.


  • But perhaps the biggest advance will be a huge reduction in communication lag time,


  • known as latency.


  • A network of driverless cars will need the speed of 5G to ping each other multiple times

    一個由無人駕駛汽車構成的網路會需要 5G 的速度來每秒相互偵測數次

  • per second to avoid collisions.


  • Near-instantaneous data transfers could allow doctors to perform surgery remotely with a


  • robotic scalpel.


  • So how will it work?


  • First, you need to improve "network density"


  • and that's just a fancy word for saying you put more towers out there.


  • What we're being told is that's not actually the case with 5G.

    但是 5G 的情形並非如此

  • The idea is 5G will not only use the existing mobile spectrum but also tap into higher frequencies,

    5G 技術不但會利用現行使用的行動網路頻率,同時也會開始使用更高評律的波,

  • called millimeter waves.


  • Millimeter waves can carry more data, but only travel short distances.


  • This may mean you'll see a lot more of these so called base stations around town.


  • And the new towers may have as many as 100 antennae ports, compared to about a dozen

    這些新的塔台可能有多達 100 支天線,相較於 4G 塔台

  • on 4G cell towers.


  • When will we get 5G?

    我們什麼時候能開始使用 5G 呢?

  • Providers in the U.S. are expected to spend $275 billion over seven years to upgrade.

    美國電信業者預計將在七年內斥資大約 2750 億美元來升級網路

  • Expect to see the first 5G service pop up in big cities sometime in 2019.

    在 2019 年可以期待主要大城市開始推出 5G 方案

When it debuted, the 4G wireless we have today allowed people for the first time to hit the road

我們今天使用的 4G 網路剛推出時,人們第一次能夠


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