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Cora: Hi I'm Cora
Cal: Hello I'm Calum
Cora: And today we're talking about porn
Porn is all over the internet these days, and even though you're supposed to be 18 to
watch it, most people have seen it even if it's not on purpose. You stumble across it.
So what is porn?
Cal: So porn is basically any kind of content whether that's photographs or video that features
sexually explicit content. And it's used for sexual pleasure. And it's 100% normal and
100% fine to look at porn and be intrigued by it or to be excited by it but it is also
important to remember that it's kind of an exaggerated version of real life, so if you
are looking at porn that's not necessarily the kind of sexual experience you might experience
in real life.
Cora: SO is it legal to look at porn?
Cal: It is it's absolutely legal to look at porn, but porn is intended for adults so a
lot of websites and things out there will ask you to verify your age and ask you if
you are over 18
Cora: Do you think young people are watching porn because sex education isn't teaching
them enough?
Cal: Yeah, I think sex education is being taught more and more in schools, which is
great but it often kind of focuses more on the biological side of things : this is a
penis, this is a vagina, you put them together you make a baby but sex is a lot more complicated
than that, sex is you know, very much routed in emotions and two people connecting and
I think it can be very difficult to teach that in sex education. I think it's often
overlooked as well. So I think young people are turning to porn to actually okI understand
this in theory, but now I want to see it. And I want to you know, I wanna understand
by watching two people having sex
Cora: SO there are lots of myths surrounding porn, so let's think about some like myths
of fantasy vs reality
What's the reality of that?
Cal: I think the reality of that is, I mean in porn you, it's all sexually charged and
you have the most kind of mundane situations and suddenly they become all excited and everything
turns to sex. But obviously, thats not true to life and there are many many couples out
there who don't choose to have sex all the time, it completely depends on you and and
what your partner wants.
Cal: Yeah that's absolutely not true, I think porn is often an exaggerated version of sex
in every single way. And one of the ways they like to exaggerate things is they cast models
who have particularly big penises, particularly large breasts, but it's not true to life,
so if you ever were watching porn and you were thinking why don'tI measure up, perhaps?
That's the reason why - it's not accurate at all.
Cora: Definitely. And it doesn't even mean that everybody thinks that that is the most
attractive way to look.
Cal: No, no absolutely not. You know there are plenty of people out there who aren't
attracted to ridiculously big penises and breasts, and yeah, it's important to remember
that bodies come in all kinds of different shapes and sizes and often the people in porn
are even being surgically enhanced. So what you see on screen isn't necessarily true to
Cora: Definitely more fantasy than reality
Cal: Definitely more fantasy than reality.
Yeah again that is absolutely not true there are plenty of people out there who have protected
sex. I'd say the majority of people are using protection. It's really important to do that
to prevent unwanted childbirth and also to protect yourself against STIs and things like
that. And often things are staged to make it look like they're not using protection
in porn but they ectually are
Cora: especially in the UK, it's actually illegal for porn stars not to use protection
Cal: Really? DIdn't know that. Learning something new every day!
Cora:Yeah so probably if it's made in the UK, they are you just cant tell
Cal: Again I feel like it's uh... Porn is an exaggerated heightened version id everything
so yu can often see things like that happening in porn, but that doesn't mean that everybody
likes that and I would say that probably the majority of people don't like that. It is
ok to kind of do role play and things like that but it is very very important that both
partners are consenting and both partners have made it very clear that they want to
partake in this activity before doing so
Cora: Yeah definitey that is the key thing
Cal: Yeah consent is so so important and if you're not sure if someone is 100% consenting
you should probably stop what you're doing and find out and make sure that they're happy
to continue.
Cora: Yeah there's nothing wrong with just asking.
Cal: No ask away
It's that, yesh, it again is absolutely not true. Sex is complicated and sex is about
two people coming together and it's not always that easy.Sex can be awkward sometimes. Especially
if you're new to sex, it can sometimes be painful. So it;s not always the best and not
everybody always orgasms every time.
Cora: Yeah, and like anything in life, nobody's perfect at anything, there's always gonna
be times when you're like, oh that wasn't as great as it could've been and,
Cal: Yeah. And even you could be having great sex with somebody one day and then the next
day it's not right. It can shift and that's absolutely fine. I think sex is all about,
it's an experience you share with another person. And Ithink sometimes the best way
to do that is kind of learn about what the other person likes, and they learn about what
you like, and it's definitely kind of a learning process that you go on together
Cal: Un yeah it seems to be really common in porn that both men and women don't really
tend to have public hair. And I don't think that even is necessarily what the majority
of people like even, I think that's just kind of the way it seems to be in porn. But again
it's not true to life, you have people with all kinds of different degrees of pubic hair.You
have some people without any, some people with tons, some people with it trimmed and
tidied, and yeah.
Cora: It's just all up to you and what makes you feel good and confident.
Cal: exactly yeah, each individual person, it's up to them how they want to present themselves
and present their body
Cora:;Yep definitely, and your partner should be happy with that because it's your body
and your choice.
cal:Exactly yeah
It depends on the person. Somebody can last for a minute or some people can last for hours,
it absolutely depends on the person.I think in Porn a lot of the time it can be edited
together and it's all staged so it can seem like people are having sex for hours and hours
on end, but that doesn't necessarily mean that they really are
Cora: SO it's not really very realistic representation
Cal: It's not a realistic representation, at all, I don't think many people out there
go for hours.
cora: Thank you so much for coming!
Cal: thank you
Cora: and we'll see you next time! Bye!
Some porn might be violent or illegal, or you might just be upset about something that
you've seen. But if you want to talk you can contact Childline any time online or on the


色情的幻想與現實 (Porn: Fantasy vs Reality ft Calum McSwiggan | Voice Box | Childline)

434 分類 收藏
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