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Oh, that is too high up.
So, first things first -- I've got a new camera.
Yeah, it's really awesome
'cause now I won't be making videos
looking like I have, like,
a 1980s.. I don't even know.
It was just terrible.
The quality was awful.
This video is actually gonna be
one of my really, really highly requested videos.
Everyone has been asking me to redo my room tour
because there's a lot of different things now.
Everything's kind of changed.
I don't have all the same animals I had
six months ago.
So much has changed in just six months.
It feels like that video was made, like,
years ago, but it's only been six months.
And it's crazy.
Let me go ahead and show y'all all my animals.
The first animals that I am going to show y'all--
Oh my God. Why am I zooming in? Stop.
I'm still learning, OK?
The first animals I'm going to show y'all
are my, um.. I was about to say my seahorses,
but these aren't seahorses.
These are hedgehogs.
The first animals I'm gonna show y'all
are my hedgehogs.
This is my female hedgehog, Solara.
She is an Algerian black hedgehog.
She is a complete sweetheart.
And this one is her roommate.
Let me get her out.
This is Piper. She's just waking up,
so she's a little on the grumpy side.
Here's both of them.
So, these are my female hedgehogs.
I still have one more hedgehog to show y'all.
I have a male hedgehog.
He is way over there.
So, here we had my female hedgehog cage.
This has two females in it.
Typically, you don't wanna house
two hedgehogs together,
just 'cause it normally causes issues,
but Solara was actually a surrogate mother
before I had her, at a breeding place,
where she would take care of rejected babies
because she's just really, really
good and motherly.
So she works really well with other hedgehogs.
Now, over here we have my male hedgehog.
If I can get him out.
He's really grumpy,
so you're probably not gonna see his face.
K, let's see if she'll come out--
or HE'LL come out.
I'm working on it.
And here we have Kovu.
He's definitely very shy.
He doesn't really come out much
unless I, like, put him on my lap
for, like, a really long time.
And then he'll eventually...
He's not feeling very friendly right now.
So, that's Kovu, Piper and Solara.
Those are all my hedgehogs.
Next we have an animal...
I don't know how to word this.
This is the only creepy crawly animal I own,
I promise, so...
don't.. don't.. don't exit out now.
I was actually using her cage as a prop for filming.
Let me open this.
Oh my God, it was already unlocked.
That's nice.
This is Cersei.
She is my tarantula. She's a rose hair.
That's her. She doesn't do much.
So there's not much to this one.
All right, so, yes, that was Cersei,
and yes, of course that's a Game of Thrones reference.
On this desk right here,
I have my tarantula,
and then I have my...
Now, this is the same axolotl
I had in my first video.
And if you remember,
it was about the size of what his head is now.
or actually HER head.
I found out that Mushu is a girl.
She is insanely large.
I don't know what happened.
And then this is her tank.
Normally, it doesn't have a light on.
It's just so I could show y'all.
I do have a video about axolotl care.
That will be in my description.
This is my new tank.
I am definitely working on it.
It's disgusting right now.
Look at all that algae. It's very gross.
It's just gonna be a nano tank
for invertebrates and a few corals.
I do have one little tiny mushroom
chilling out right here.
He's.. If it would focus.
I do have one little coral right there.
That's just a mushroom. He's my test coral.
Just making sure that this water's doing okay.
Obviously, I'm having a really bad hair algae problem.
So that's why I'm not adding anything else right now
until I fix that.
But that's that tank.
So, that's my four-gallon nano tank.
That's my axolotl, Mushu.
That's my tarantula.
Two female hedgehogs.
Male hedgehog.
Next up, we have my crested gecko, Echo.
Yes, that rhymes,
and no, I did not intend for it to.
In the last video I had, Echo was in it,
but he had a tail.
Now he does not have a tail, so...
...that's kind of sad.
Basically, when crested geckos get startled
or whatever, they will drop their tail.
And they can't grow it back.
So he has lost his tail.
He got kinda shaken up and threw it
and then stared at it in regret.
...that was his choice.
Echo, say hi.
Echo is very fat. He has got fat rolls.
That's Echo.
Okay, here we have my other crested gecko.
This one's Phoenix, also a boy.
Also dropped his tail.
He actually dropped his tail
in the middle of the night one night
when I was just sleeping.
I just hear this huge noise, wakes me up,
I check in his cage, and he is just, again,
staring at his tail in regret.
I don't really know what scared him,
but something did, obviously.
Here is my desk,
and right here is my crested gecko cages.
This one right here is Echo's.
This one right here is Phoenix's.
And in the middle is going to be a Pac-Man frog cage.
I'm still working on it. Not quite there yet.
I did have a Pac-Man frog,
but he was very sick from the first day,
and he did not make it, sadly.
It was really heart-breaking.
Like, I honestly.. I cried.
And I only had him for, like, two weeks.
And I cried.
Now, over here we have my saltwater tank.
This one is a BioCube.
I've had it running for, I don't know,
like, four or five months now.
After I got rid of my freshwater,
this all started.
I have two clown fish.
I have more fish in this tank,
but they are, like, all hiding right now.
I don't know what their deal is.
I have one back here.
Oh, she hides.
Then over here we have this tank
that looks disgusting,
but I promise you it's not.
I had a little tiny bunch of macro algae die over here,
and it made the water get all green on this side.
Really, the water levels are fine.
It's just I need to, you know,
do a little water change, clean out that water.
But it's not endangering my seahorses.
This is a seahorse tank.
But, like I said, the lighting ain't..
You're not gonna be able to see
anything magically right now.
I have...
Right here is a pregnant seahorse.
He ain't gonna show himself.
And right here is my other female seahorse.
Then over here we have my freshwater tank.
Basically, it's just some...
There's a snail right there.
We have some guppies and tetras.
I have a beta in here too,
but he likes to hide in the plants
and kinda just come out when he feels ready.
So, there's that.
Honestly, that's really everything.
People tend to think
I have a lot more than I really do.
But I have two female hedgehogs,
male hedgehog,
freshwater tank,
seahorse tank,
reef tank,
crested gecko,
crested gecko,
four-gallon tank.
So, yeah, that's really everything in my room.
There's really.. There's nothing else.
I do have a dog, but she doesn't stay in my room.
She stays out there
because all of my animals are, like,
food to her, and she wants to eat all of them.
...that's not gonna happen.
I'm not gonna let her eat my...
I'm still kinda getting used to this camera,
so I'm sorry if I'm not looking in the right place
or something like that.
I'm still really learning how it works.
That's everything in here.
I do have a video of receiving
my corals in the mail.
It was actually the first time
I've ever ordered things online.
I hope y'all enjoyed seeing my room.
Anyway, thank you for watching.
How do I stop filming?


各種在我房間的珍奇異獸 (How Many Animals Do I Own? (ROOM TOUR))

459 分類 收藏
Amy.Lin 發佈於 2018 年 4 月 1 日
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