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hello everyone its Katey here today I would like to welcome you to amping port
which is the place I believe that you all know here so Tainan it's a beautiful
place for history and I hope you enjoyed that today I'm going to welcome you with
me in the early 17th century the Dutch formed military and business force and
occupied burned a and pains they built fort zeelandia as the defense fort the
fort was completed in 1634 in 1662 after the casino successfully overtook the
fort it was renamed and in town for trial india was all so long as washing
city of the king the fort was gradually abandoned during the Qin Dynasty the
fourth was reconstructed during a Japanese colonial period after world war
ii it was renamed and import the only remaining part from the dutch colonial
period is the south brick wall at the front of the fort it became an important
historical site in Tainan each brick and tile tells the tale of yesteryear and a
story of today this wall behind me is the engine wall
which remains from the period of Dutch colonial until the date and what is so
special is because in the early days there's no cement so they use three
different kind of ingredients including the shale ashes syrup and the glutinous
rice they used these three ingredients to made up this wall and made a stronger
and there is also another special thing on this boat do you want to find it out
and as you can see behind me this Caesar iron Caesar pattern is the secret that I
just told you before or you can code it wall watts and what does the Warlocks do
it attached the beams and the walls together to make this construction
stronger to let the walls not being that easy to fold down and which is really
important to build a fort and right now we finish all these historical things we
can go to that Plaza and to find out what else we can find
during the Japanese colonial period the Japanese wanted to commemorate their
fight against the Dutch they erected a monument with an inscription that reads
the site of the heroic action of Hamada high when the national government came
to Taiwan the authorities removed the inscription and carved emping fours to
memorialize the fact that fort zeelandia was renamed ending town during the
shinga rule since the Dutch built this fort the engine weld here is part of a
few remains that remains here and people saying that beneath it there's a secret
tunnel that can goes between amping forth and chicken tower to build eternal
golden castle and repair residence housing during the Ching dynasty towards
the land it was almost leveled the only structures led from the Dutch colonial
period are an old wall and two well follow me to go to our next spot to see
the memorial oh wow so this is fort zeelandia museum
let's go inside and check it out the legend of the secret tunnel underneath
the well is disproven here the museum parolee explains the landscape terrain
and geographical location of Portlandia when you fear the damping force don't
forget to come here well because the court was damaged so badly the Japanese
they repair and rebuilt this building easily mayor's colonial period so then
it comes this building to preserve the antique things and history the museum
also showcases artifact from the Dutch colonial period and the Kasinga rule
they are weapons from this time period telling a story left behind in history
depending Dutch invoice surrendering is also on display given us a visual
representation of that events blue and white porcelain from the Qin Dynasty are
preserved here as well alongside artifacts from the Dutch colonial period
and the Sangha rule
after seeing so many monuments here now let's go top of this tower to see what
else and we can fly to you let's go
entire city here look out from the tower and you can see surrounding Tainan panel
eternal golden castle amping treehouse timecode merchant house amping
presbyterian church - hall old julius manic merchant house
time assault japanese-style geometry the buildings and things that remain from
the ocean time is always the center of historical monument and I really hope
you guys can come here and take a look by yourself


《哈 臺南》第十集:安平古堡 (Hot Tainan EP10. Anping Fort)

530 分類 收藏
Hot Tainan 哈臺南 發佈於 2018 年 3 月 27 日
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