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Okay people, we're in trouble here! If we don't get partnered soon, we simply won't have enough funding to keep making videos!
Is it because we suck!? I mean I know YOU guys suck, but me!?
I thought about that, but we did a survey and we found that 98.5% of everyone say we don't suck
What about the other 1.5%?
Well one guy thinks the annoying orange is awesome
Who is this monstrosity!?
Uh... I think it was that guy
But what can we do!?
Well, we could try collaborating with some other YouTubers
Nah, that wouldn't work, I mean, how many YouTubers do you know?
If we found someone to appear in one of the episodes, it might just work!
but who would collaborate with element animation?
(sigh) that's a good point... Well, I guess we're going to have to consult...
The elder one!
But we were told never to go in there!
I heard that one guy went in there and never...came...back!
That's a myth! Of course he came back, he's sat over there
Dan! Jason! Go and ask the elder one what to do!
Yay! Maybe he'll have some waffles!
If you seek an audience with the elder one, you must first bow down to the mighty Google
You can read!?
I can read!?
How do we bow down?
Like this!
Oh mighty Google! I'm here for waffles!
Who seeks my counsel? Ahh the eggs from element animation... let me guess, you want help with your little show...
No... I just want waffles!
Yeah! What should we do!?
Before I give you what you seek, I must ask for something in return
How about some cheese?
Well that seems fair
Google's dead. It's over. We're finished
He never gave me my waffles...
Well that does it then. We have to stop making videos
I really wish we had someone to collaborate with...
I know some people!
Why didn't you mention this earlier?!
That's it! We should make a video about trying to get partnered, and get Jason's people to collaborate with us on it!
Didn't we just do that?!
Copyright © Element Animation 2011
WAIT, wait, wait... If Google's dead, then how are we on YouTu


相会 (The Crack! - The Meeting (feat. Roomie, PointlessBlog & FinalCutKing))

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