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  • Only in Japan

  • Welcome to Tokyo Japan with the 2018 Winter Olympics finished in neighboring Korea

  • It's time to turn our attention here to Tokyo where the 2020 Summer Games will be taking place now

  • That's over two and a half years away

  • And the city of Tokyo will be undergoing a lot of rapid changes

  • The games are promised to be the most technologically advanced of all time

  • And you can see that in the way the city is evolving

  • Behind me is the Olympic Stadium, which is being built at a rapid pace

  • Well it's not quite done yet the new national stadium

  • Which will host the opening ceremony on July 24th 2020 is still a work in progress and you can start to see it taking shape?

  • The site is a busy place full of activity

  • When completed it will look like this. These are the designs by architect Kengo Kuma. That's made and chosen

  • By the committee and they encompass a very natural look

  • The Tokyo 2020 Olympic logo has been all over the city since Tokyo won the Olympics in 2013.

  • The logo expresses a refined elegance and sophistication

  • That exemplifies Japan according to its designer

  • Japan also has new taxis more spacious and luxurious than the sedans of the past

  • Almost looks like London, but it's Tokyo

  • The new national stadium sits on the exact site of the stadium used for the 1964 Summer Games just a short way from Shinjuku

  • So I thought I would introduce to you

  • We know about the venue's the sports today, and what the city of Tokyo is like today as we move towards the future of 2020

  • Let's look at the zones and venues first for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics

  • Here's the city one of the most populated urban areas in the world. It's really a sight to see from the sky

  • Tokyo will be divided into two sections for the Olympics

  • Heritage where the venue will include many from the 1964 Tokyo Summer Games

  • and Tokyo Bay an area of newly reclaimed land that is now being developed

  • The Heritage Zone has a lot of history that blank area down there is where

  • The new National Stadium is being built next door is the Tokyo Metropolitan Gymnasium, which will be used for table tennis

  • Nearby is a place famous for concert and performances but was built in 1964

  • The "Nippon Budohkan" or simply the Budohkan. Judo and Karate will be held here

  • Over in the Tokyo Bay zone, the Olympic Aquatic Centre BMX and skateboard course

  • Tennis and sport climbing will take place among other sports

  • 12 venues are outside of these zones including wrestling, baseball and basketball

  • As I said, this is all reclaimed land and down there is where the Olympic Village will be located

  • It's a beautiful location with views of Tokyo's Rainbow Bridge in the city skyline

  • As you can see there are a lot of cranes prepping for construction

  • The whole city is undergoing renovations including Shibuya station

  • Despite the work people keep on moving. The Olympics has always pushed Japan to another level where fantasy meets reality

  • 1964 saw rapid development, and we're seeing it again now today

  • There are 34 venues that will be used to host the

  • 324 events in 33 sports. The Olympics added five new sports with skateboarding being the most notable

  • Oh, and wrestling is back. The average price of an Olympic ticket is seven thousand seven hundred yen

  • And the opening ceremony will cost twenty five thousand to one hundred fifty thousand yen

  • The Tokyo Olympics mascot will be chosen by six point five million schoolchildren On February 28th. Here are the choices

  • Who's your favorite duo?

  • Mascots called "Yurukyara" in Japanese are fantastically ridiculous, but an important part of the culture

  • I featured the Japanese mascot Grand Prix in a previous episode of 'Only in Japan'

  • We can be sure that whoever gets the nod to represent Japan it'll be unique

  • I'm really proud to be a resident of Tokyo and to be living here at this time an exciting time as the city moves towards the future

  • Japan has always been a really good host of the games whether it was in 1964 for the Summer Games in Tokyo

  • 72 for the Sapporo Winter Olympics

  • 98 for Nagano Olympics and again in 2020 here in Tokyo I know it's gonna be a really wonderful event I tried to bring you Japan

  • through this series

  • And I'm really happy for the support definitely subscribe and check out my second channel only in Japan, Go

  • I'm gonna bringing you lots of places around the city and you are gonna

  • See how the place evolves over the next two and a half years. I'm really excited about it. I hope you are too

  • Next time we're back to cover in Japan. Japanese have one of the longest

  • Lifespans in the world and I wanted to find out the secrets to their longevity

  • I visited my 106 year-old friend in "Tottori" prefecture to see if she'll let us in on that secret

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  • Matane

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