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Humans have been playing sports for thousands of years, with injury
and sometimes even death being expected.
But when we look at the physical consequences modern athletes endure,
what is the most dangerous sport in the world?
If we simply look at who gets injured the most often,
US hospital data - collected by the CPSC in 2016 found that for males,
football and soccer cause a significant proportion of injuries,
while for women, soccer and baseball almost top the list.
But the number one sport for both sexes was basketball,
with 190,000 injuries for men and 34,000 for women.
A study of injuries among NBA athletes over a 17 year period found that
lateral ankle sprains were the most common,
while a separate study found that those who wore shoes with air cells in the heel
were 4.3 times more likely to injure their ankle
so you might want to ditch your Nike airs.
But minor injuries can happen for any sport and hardly deserve the title of most dangerous;
take curling for example, which has a higher injury rate then speed skating and luge.
Or snowboarding, where 8% of injuries take place when loading or unloading off the ski lift
as the lifts are actually designed for skiers.
Luge, which involves riding a sled laying on your back at speeds up to 150 km/h
will put you at a 40% risk of injury,
however only 4% of those injuries result in missing more than one day of practice.
So what about...death?
In terms of fatalities, a report from the National Center for Catastrophic Sport Injury Research
found that between 1982 and 2016, the most fatalities in high school sports
came from football, with 133 deaths.
However, that rate is 0.39 per every 100,000 individuals,
given that football is the most popular American sport.
Regardless, sports like football and hockey often rank as some of the most dangerous sports
because of the constant collisions and hits at top speeds, leading to a variety of injuries
including concussions.
In fact, autopsies of many former athletes have revealed that they had chronic traumatic encephalopathy or CTE;
a disease that people with multiple head injuries can get.
It can lead to weakness in the lower limbs, hesitancy of speech, unsteadiness,
mood problems and difficulty thinking.
These are the result of brain atrophy and deposits of protein in the brain.
And brain injuries are actually the leading cause of death from sports.
This leads us to the actual most dangerous sport, which when considering all factors,
turns out to be a combat sport.
And while you might be thinking of Mixed Martial Arts or MMA,
it turns out that boxing is actually the most dangerous.
The University of Alberta, using medical data after matches,
found that although 60% of MMA fighters sustained injuries
versus 50% of boxers, MMA injuries were less severe.
7% of boxers had either loss of consciousness or suffered serious eye injury during fights,
compared to only 4% of MMA fighters.
The study attributes this to MMA style fighting
which involves hitting various areas of the body
whereas boxing focuses on the head.
And boxers seem to present worse symptoms of CTE than even athletes in football.
This is likely because of the rotational force of hook punches,
compared to the linear force in football, which may make the brain trauma worse.
At the end of the day, a punch to the head during a boxing match
can range anywhere from 650-1100 pounds of force
making boxing arguably the most dangerous sport in the world.



世界上最危險的運動是什麼? (What Is The Most Dangerous Sport In The World?)

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lateral 當作形容詞是「側面的、橫向的」。字首加上 uni (單、一個) 是 unilateral 「單邊的」,加上 bi (雙、兩個) 是 bilateral 「雙邊的、雙方的」。 因此可知 multilateral cooperation agreement 意思是「多邊合作協議」。
Amanda is used to sleeping in a lateral position.
Amanda 習慣側睡。

臉書故事 (Facebook Stories:Speeding Up Science)

ditch 當名詞為「溝渠」的意思,當作動詞則是「在...之上掘溝;在水上迫降;拋棄、丟棄」的意思。當被朋友放鴿子可以說 「My friends ditched me.」。拋棄也可以說 abandon,這個用法較正式。
Sabrina ditched her boyfriend because he cheated on her and met up with other girls.
Sabrina 甩了她男友,因為她男友背著她與其他女人見面。

Tom ditched his shoes on his way to school because he broke his shoe sole.

冥王星是行星嗎? (Is Pluto a planet?)

3turn out to be2:29
這個片語的意思是「證明是...、結果是...、原來是...」,通常後面接名詞或形容詞。也可以寫成 It turns out that + S + V。而 turn out 有「現身、出席」的意思,用法為在後面加上 for ,比如 turn out for the party 出席派對。
Green vegetables that people dislike turned out to be the healthiest foods for humans.

【TED-Ed】你如何知道誰值得信賴? (How do you know whom to trust? - Ram Neta)

這個單字當作及物動詞有相當多的用法,有「支撐、承受;維持、供養;證實;扮演」等義。忍受也可以說 tolerate/abide/bear/endure。sustainability 為「持續性、永續性」,現今提倡的環境永續性稱作 environmental sustainability。
The family is in a bad financial state, and the father's salary cannot sustain his family’s living costs.

Friends who are reluctant to help you when you are in need will not likely to sustain a long- term relationship with you.

感人真愛:Ian 和 Larissa 的故事 (The Story of Ian and Larissa)

argue 作不及物動詞是「爭論、爭吵」,to argue over/about sth. 指的是「為某事爭辯」,作為及物動詞是「辯論、主張」,後面加上 that 。而 arguably 為 arguable (可爭辯的) 的副詞用法,意思是「可爭辯地、可以認為」。
Email is arguably the most common communication tools in the world.

美國監獄擠爆了!(Mass Incarceration in the US)


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