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  • Cupid you're a real mean guy.

  • I'd like to clip your wings so you can't fly.

  • Stupid Cupid.

  • I'm in love and it's a crying shame.

  • Stupid Cupid--

  • Happy Valentine's Day, my little chalky hearts.

  • I made you all cards.

  • Ooh, mine says I get a thousand kisses.

  • Give me some sugar, Momma!

  • Mm, mm, mm, mm 1,000.

  • Don't short me, woman!

  • Louise, read your card now.

  • I don't really celebrate Valentine's Day.

  • It's an invented holiday, you know.

  • Read it!

  • Fine, fine-- it's the same as Gene's card.

  • Here come your kisses.

  • Eh, Gene can have them.

  • Hell, yes!

  • And here's your card, my little Valentina.

  • [grumbling] Oh no.

  • Oh wow.

  • [groans]

  • Tina, was that your stomach?

  • Yes.

  • We may have had a little friendly leftover

  • chili eating contest last night, which I won.

  • Tina dominated.

  • It was like watching barf in reverse.

  • Well, you look a little pale, Tina.

  • Are you sure you don't want to stay home?

  • No, anything can happen today, because today

  • is a day all about love.

  • And nothing can stop love.

  • [grumbling] Oh my god, oh my god!

  • That's right, Tina.

  • Nothing stopped me from buying your father a box of chocolates

  • from a kid in the parking lot.

  • Thanks, Lin.

  • I got you something really nice as well.

  • - Really? - Yeah.

  • Can I have it now?

  • You have to wait until a little later.

  • Is that OK?

  • Oh my god, I can't freaking wait.

  • Oops, oops, oops, this opened.

  • Mm-- [spits]

  • Dark chocolate, so dry, so bitter.

  • Why!

  • Nom, nom, nom-- [spits] Walnuts!

  • Just be normal, dammit!



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琳達向家人派發情人節賀卡|第七季第9集|BOB'S BURGERS(漢堡店) (Linda Hands Out Her Valentine's Day Cards To The Family | Season 7 Ep. 9 | BOB'S BURGERS)

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