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girls from which country are the openest towards sex?
the american or the chinese?
Hi, I am the foreigner Wang, Badan(he chose a insulting vocabulary as his chinese name)
You guys often ask me to compare the openness of american girls and the chinese girls
I can tell the answer
based on some research for 21 years,
I will introduce you the full theory
first of all, we need to define openness
based on the dictionary and my opinion
openness is what you can use it freely
such as, bus, public restroom/tiolet
so if you are watching this video now
you might never have sex
that is okay, we can assume
there is a girl that would like to have sex with you
I am just assuming
cause normally you can only use your hands
so whether the american girls are more open or the chinese ones?
we need to think about some stereotype of both of them
from the american's eyes, chinese girls are like the Customs,
they would let you in as soon as they see your passport
they would ask for the "tax" once you got in
if you do this frequently you can access their "back yard"
from chinese side, american girls are like rollercoaster
you are terrified before you get on
you were scared that it would be too loose when you were on the rollercoaster
that you might mget off the rollercoaster
you want to do this again when it's over
but your legs could not support your body
but you still are proud
hmm not all girls are like this
cause not every chinese girl would go for the green card like Wendi Deng Murdoch
not every american girl would get ride on you like Kim Cardashian
so i think we should get rid of stereotypes and be more sincere
so how open are chinese girls?
"sophisticated" man (male losers) agree that
for chinese girls, it depends on your appearance
when you are good looking enough, like Chen Guanxi (a chinese celebrity who left entertainment industry because of sex pictures with several female celebrities)
your chance is like 100%
but remember to clear your photos (Chen's story)
so what about american girls?
it depends on how drunk they are
at a party, you best weapon is
her doors would open for you after drinking it
I am so fucking good at describing(NO YOU ASSHOLE)
i am so fucking good at descriping
after what i just said, do you have the same opinion
we should not put female into diffrent kinds, according to their openess
this is sexism
it's not right
you know
they have a lot of valuable things, other than vagina
such as, dreams, virtue
slim legs
big boobs
am i a sexist
so what is the cure for that
turn that person into homosexual
this is the only way?
so i will be off for that cure


王霸胆-超级恶心的男权 (racism and sexism!!!! )

103 分類 收藏
eric2008 發佈於 2018 年 2 月 12 日
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