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What your hair length reveals about your personality
A lot of the times we decide to cut the hair and change our look completely to feel a breath of fresh air and start a
new chapter in our lives.
Little do we know the hair length may say a lot about a person's personality and character. The truth
is that hair is one of the features that define us most, as we choose exactly how it's going to look,
and according to one study, it is also a true reflection of our personality.
So let's find out what your hair style says about you. It's not pure science, so don't take this too seriously.
Just have fun with it and get to know whether these descriptions will suit you, your friends, family, your boyfriend or girlfriend.
Let's start with common women's hair styles. Number one: pixie cut or very short hair
Cutting hair short is a very bold choice for women
Unfortunately, this beautiful haircut doesn't suit everyone so you never know whether it is exactly for you or not.
However, women with pixie cuts ooze independence,
strong will, and femininity in the most powerful way. If you choose this hairstyle as your perfect look, you are quite confident,
sociable, flirty and, overall pleasant person. You find it very easy to meet new people and make new friends.
You love jobs that allow you to emphasize your intelligence, and you know exactly how to face problems with integrity and self-control.
Although sometimes you can act without thinking.
People around you are inspired by your resilient character and your willingness to find new and fun adventures. Well done!
You really are the epitome of a strong and powerful female.
Number two: bob cut or above the shoulder hair style
This haircut is common for females of all ages, and it's no surprise.
It's very easy to manage and it gives you pretty much no trouble, decreasing the number of those annoying bad hair days.
So, if bob is your go-to haircut at all times, you are a straight forward person who speaks the truth even when it hurts.
Sometimes people appreciate it, sometimes they don't, but a bitter truth is still better than a sweet lie, right?
For you finding a balance between your personal and professional life is just a piece of cake. Plus, you are the queen of multitasking.
You are fearless and very well organized.
You can't stand routine, you do not have complexes that endlessly make you insecure, and you'd like to experience new things.
Sometimes you act before you think, which can make you stumble from time to time,
but usually you're not the one to hesitate and go around in circles for too long. You know exactly what you want.
Number three: lob or shoulder length cut
The shoulder length haircut is a certain in the middle compromise between having either short or long hair.
That's why this is the most popular type of hair length for women.
If lob cuts are the essential part of your look you are most probably happy with your feminine, elegant, and sophisticated appearance.
You don't try too much in social situations and just enjoy staying true to yourself. You love to talk and your natural beauty
easily attracts everyone who crosses your path.
You have an undeniable charisma. That's why after a first encounter people usually want to know you better and meet you again.
You are an expert in starting new friendships and maintaining them,
and you have a broad spectrum of acquaintances. You like challenges and new projects, and you always come out victor from any situation.
Number four: long or super long hair
Pretty much in every shampoo commercial, you see a woman with unbelievably beautiful and thick hair, and for many women
having healthy and long hair became a truly dearest wish.
Yes, it's hard to manage and it takes a lot of time to style, but beauty comes first isn't it? Well, if you have long
hair you are usually very careful, patient, and dreamy. In love you seek a long-term relationship and give your all,
but you are also very selective and demanding with your partner.
You are prepared to fight for your relationship,
but only if your partner is ready to do the same. The same thing applies to your dreams;
you are ready to do the impossible to achieve your goals.
You know your worth and respect yourself, without being arrogant, and your perseverance will help you achieve anything you want.
And that's it for women's hairstyles. Share your opinions in the comments on whether you found some
similarities in these descriptions with yourself or anyone else you know.
What about us, guys? What surprising things can our hair length reveal about us? Time to find out all the answers.
Number one: nearly shaved hair or bald head
Nearly shaved hair or even bald head often gives other people the signals of dominance total masculinity and toughness
Usually, we kind of go for this hairstyle to appear exactly like that for everyone around, right?
But does this really work? Well, simply speaking, if you chose this hairstyle as an ultimate one for yourself,
it's not that far from the truth.
You like to be in control and feel nervous when you know that you can't do anything to change the situation.
You have a neat sense of humor, which at times catch people by surprise, as they think that guys like you take themselves way
too seriously. At the same time, you are very focused and serious, most of the time. You are the person that believes
there is a time and place for everything, and one should act appropriately in any situation. You are quite careful,
and you know exactly how to stand up for yourself and be a great helping hand for everyone around.
Number two: short hair
Short hair lengths still proves to be the most popular one among men.
It's very easy, both to do and to manage, so most men simply ask the barber just to cut it short.
So, what can this hairstyle say about you? First and foremost,
you are a very chill person. You are not the biggest party animal; if given the choice
you would most likely just enjoy staying with your friends indoors,
drink some beer, play video games, or watch some football or any other game. You can be lazy from time to time,
but if you are truly excited about something, it can be very hard to stop you.
You are a very friendly, calm, and easy-to-be-around person.
You're not afraid of challenges or any type of obstacles. Instead of panicking,
you just start to analyze the situation and try to find the way out. This helps you to succeed and easily get out of trouble.
Number three: medium hair
Medium length hair gradually becomes more and more popular. There are all sorts of hairstyles you can do with it, plus
it usually looks quite fashionable. So, you choose medium length, and probably, unlike the previous
type, are really into parties, clubs, and stuff like that.
You enjoy being the center of attention, making funny jokes, and flirting. Most of the time, you don't really look for serious relationships.
It's not like you are a womanizer,
you just live in the moment and may find it difficult to commit to someone, as you sometimes feel like it may curtail your freedom.
Sounds familiar, doesn't it? But everything changes when you find your perfect woman.
You are definitely a wonderful boyfriend or husband.
You really like travelling in new adventures. You are an amazing narrator and have numerous
hilarious stories to tell. The great guy to be around.
Number four: long hair
Finally, guys with long hair. Now it's your turn to listen carefully.
You are probably already aware that your look makes multiple women's hearts beat faster,
and it's totally understandable, because you probably appear very artistic and mysterious.
You are an introvert. You feel comfortable being on your own and open up only to people you truly care about. Your friends list is short,
but there are only true friends there- those who stayed with You through thick and thin. you place great value on friendship and family.
It can be hard for people to earn your trust, but once they do it, you will show them all sides of your personality.
You are also a deep thinker,
which helps you easily find a creative solution for any problem. You may lean toward artistic types of jobs,
if not, still enjoy doing something creative as a hobby- playing guitar, writing poetry, or even woodworking.
You are very open minded and free-spirited in its purest form. So, did these descriptions match your personality?
Tell us in the comments section below. While you're down there,
don't forget to hit the like button and share the video with your friends. Subscribe to our channel if you want to see more videos
like this, and stay on the bright side.


從頭髮長度看出你的個性 (What Your Hair Length Says About Your True Personality)

304 分類 收藏
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