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Why is it that some people like spicy food and some people hate it?
[Coughing] "Oh, man."
How does that work?
"I regret it."
Most spiciness is caused by one of two chemicals: Allylisothiocyanite,
which is what you find in wasabi or mustard,
and capsaicin, which is what you find in peppers.
Plants usually use these to fend off predators like ants or fungi
who would otherwise destroy their seeds before they had the chance to spread.
"It's like a snake bit my tongue."
So why do you feel that burning sensation when you're eating spice?
"When I swallow I feel it on the back of my throat"
Almost like there's actual temperature change going on?
"Yeah, if I don't talk it's actually better. You can definitely feel heat build inside your face."
Well, the way your body reacts to capsaicin
is the same way it reacts to high temperatures.
"A chunk just went down my throat."
OFF-SCREEN: "So, what is the feeling you have right now?"
"Starting to regulate my heartbeat."
Your palate is essentially being tricked into thinking that it's actually burning.
Receptors in the throat and the mouth and the tongue detect the presence of the capsaicin
and they send pain signals to the other parts of the body.
"Breathing in and out hurts."
"I'm starting to cry."
When you consume capsaicin, your body releases endorphins which are natural stress-fighters.
People learn to like spice
by associating the pain of capsaicin with the positive rush of endorphins.
"I feel like, I'm like gassed from a marathon."
We rate spice with the Scoville scale
which was invented by an american pharmacist named Wilbur Scoville back in 1912.
Bell peppers are at the bottom with zero.
Jalapeno peppers range anywhere from 2500 to 10,000
which is actually pretty low on the scale.
Jump to two million and you've got standard US-grade pepper spray.
And pure capsaicin clocks in at 15 million. That's $*%#ing hot.
We've been eating spicy food for about six thousand years.
if you think about the genres of food that are usually spicy like Mexican, Indian, and Thai,
they're all very hot regions and there are a couple reasons for that.
Cooking with spice traditionally helped get rid of bacteria that could make people sick.
Especially in places with high humidity and heat.
"I'm sweating right now."
"Oh, s*&#, it's getting worse actually."
And the next time you're sweating from a particularly spicy bite,
don't go for water. It's almost totally useless.
What you need is milk, yogurt, rice, liquor or even peanut butter.
Oils, fats, and alcohol all help dissolve the capsaicin.
Water just doesn't.
"It helps."
Your receptors don't dull or get any less sensitive the more spicy we eat.
"In 30 minutes, we're all going to be laughing about this. I read on the Internet that this helps."
Your body just has to learn to associate the pain with pleasure.
"It hurts but it tastes really good."
"Yeah, it was worth the pain. All the burps just taste like delicious spicy food."



為什麼人們愛吃辣? (Why we learn to love spicy food)

26611 分類 收藏
Samuel 發佈於 2018 年 4 月 16 日    stevenhsu0608 翻譯    Evangeline 審核


身為一個超級怕辣的人,每次看到朋友吃麻辣鍋,或是往麵裡狂倒辣油,根本不敢想像那個味道... 小 V 好好奇吃大辣的境界到底是如何呢?今天的影片要揭密人們喜歡吃辣的原因!

1regret 0:09
regret 的中文是「後悔」、「遺憾」,regret 作及物動詞時,後面要接動名詞 Ving,表示後悔之前做的事。
Tom regrets changing his job. His new one bores him.
Tom 後悔換了工作,新的工作對他來說很無聊。

【TED】Ric Elias:墜機讓我學到的三件事 (3 things I learned while my plane crashed | Ric Elias)

2palate 0:58
palate 中文是「顎」,是口腔的上半部。在這部影片則表示「味覺」,也有「對酒或食物的鑑賞力」的意思。
This new flavour of red wine pleased her palate.

台灣之光-珍珠奶茶!你可能不知道的小秘密! (Things You Didn't Know About Bubble Tea)

3detect 1:02
detect 的中文是「偵察」、「發現」,通常用於不容易注意到,或較為隱密的事。detect 也可用在需借助特殊儀器或方式的「偵測」,如在機場常見的金屬探測器英文就是 metal detector
He uses this free software to detect viruses and remove them from his computer.

4genre 1:49
genre 這個字來自法語,意思是「種類」、「類型」, 常用在文學、電影或藝術風格的分類,例如 movie genre 可分為 action 動作、adventure 冒險或 comedy 等。
My favorite genre of literature is horror.

【TEDx】3D 列印甜點 (3D printing dessert: Liz and Kyle von Hasseln at TEDxManhattanBeach)

5worth 2:38
worth 可作形容詞「值得的」或名詞「價值」。說明一件事物的「價值」是 be worth + 名詞。其價值可以是金錢,也可以如影片用 worth the pain,這類較為抽象的概念。若要表達「值得做某事」則後接動名詞 Ving,一起看看例句:
This ring is worth thiry thousand dollars.

The new Steven Spielberg movie is really worth checking out!

看完影片才知道,原來吃辣會引起這麼多人體反應。雖然麻麻辣辣的感覺很痛快,小 V 還是好怕那種舌頭燒起來的感覺,對辣椒只能敬而遠之啊!

文/ Rong Chiang




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