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  • Every meme is in the same typeface. It's called Impact. But how did that happen?

    每張梗圖都有同樣的字體。稱作 Impact。那是如何誕生的呢?

  • Impact was designed by Geoffrey Lee in 1963.

    Impact 是由 Geoffrey Lee 於西元 1963 年所設計

  • It was bold, condensed & sans-serif, in line with the style of the 60s

    具有粗體、緊縮的間距、無襯線之特色,與 60 年代的風格一致

  • and ideal for short pieces of text and punchy headlines.


  • Impact was influenced by a movement called the International Typographic Style or Swiss Style,

    Impact 受到國際字體風格或稱瑞士風格的推廣運動影響

  • which emphasized readability and cleanliness, with typefaces like Helvetica and Univers.

    其風格強調易讀性與簡明扼要,代表字體如 Helvetica 與 Univers

  • It took those staid fonts and gave them a dash of mod flavor.


  • Those were the days of metal typesetting, so Lee had to carve each letter by hand.

    在當時仍使用金屬排版印刷的年代,Lee 必須手工刻畫每個字母

  • Lee sold it to the type manufacturer Stephenson Blake.

    Lee 將它賣給了造字廠 Stephenson Blake

  • This is their original ad for the font.


  • Impact was later sold to Monotype, another typeface company

    Impact 隨後被賣給另一家造字廠 Monotype

  • -- they're known for creating Times New Roman.

    他們以創造 Times New Roman 而出名

  • And Monotype in turn licensed fonts to Microsoft.

    Monotype 後來又把主要字體授權給微軟

  • So that's how Impact ended up being included

    這就是為什麼 Impact 最後被包含在

  • in the Windows Operating System which was starting to dominate the market in the 90s.

    主宰 90 年代市場的 Windows 作業系統的原因

  • And in 1996, Microsoft chose 11 “core fonts for the web

    1996 年,微軟挑選 11 款「網頁核心字體」

  • a free, standard font pack that would work across the internet.


  • Impact was one of them.

    Impact 就是其中一款

  • By the way, that's Webdings.

    順便一提,這個字體叫 Webdings

  • That distribution advantage helped Impact become the default in online forums.

    如此廣泛分布的優勢助長 Impact 成為線上論壇的預設字體

  • Those memes were called 'Image Macros' after 'Macro Instructions'

    那些梗圖被稱作 Image Macros,是由「巨集指令」命名而來

  • a term in computer science for a line of code that requests a pre-defined sequence of instructions.


  • And in 2003, one of these image macros — a picture of a cat with the words


  • “I can has cheezburger?” — launched the wave of modern memes.

    「我可以吃一個起司堡嗎?」 — 掀起了一波現代梗圖的浪潮

  • Several meme-generator sites subsequently adopted Impact as well,

    許多梗圖產生器也相繼地採用 Impact

  • adding a black outline on the white font.


  • There are more than 11 fonts on the internet now.

    雖然現在網路上有超過 11 種字體可以使用

  • But we expect memes to look a certain way, and that includes Impact.

    但大家早已認定梗圖就應該包含 Impact 字體

  • And that's probably not going to change anytime soon.


Every meme is in the same typeface. It's called Impact. But how did that happen?

每張梗圖都有同樣的字體。稱作 Impact。那是如何誕生的呢?

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什麼!梗圖的字體都是同一款? (The reason every meme uses that one font)

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