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For fourty minutes.
Crying like a baby.
Bikers, joggers, tourists, runners, they went by me,
police officers searching for suicidal people went by me twice
I'm standing at the ledge leaning over the rail with tears flowing down to the waters
and I thought to myself; absolutely nobody cares
and then the voice in my head said ''jump now'', and I did.
And the millisecond that my hands cleared the rail my legs flew over it
it was an instant regret
the depression was wiped from my mind
And all I wanted to do was live, and I thought it's too late.
Kevin Hines was 19 when he jumped off the Golden Gate Bridge.
He is one of the many incredible people that I've been grateful to meet over the past three weeks
as I aim to further understand the complexities surrounding suicide.
And I know I've made mistakes.
I know I've let people down.
But what happens when you're given an opportunity to help make a difference in the world?
The backlash against the social media star,
very popular guy called Logan Paul is in some hot water ...I think he is complete and utter insensitive idiot.
Taking a break from daily vlogging. Even he says his latest content was his biggest mistake.
I wanna apologize to the victim, and his family.
It's time to learn from the past as I get better and grow as a human being, I'm here to have a hard conversation
so that those who are suffering can have easier ones.
- So I've never been so humbled in my life by a single event. - Were you kind of shocked by it?
I was shocked to discover just how big this is.
You've never known anybody that killed themselves? - No one, no one. That was, that was, that was part of the problem
Just my ignorance on the subject.
But in Ohio where you come from it's the second leading cause of death
And I know while I'm not able to solve the problem by myself.
I want to be a part of the solution. And that solution began across the country in New York City
We sat down with Dr. John Draper, director of the National Suicide Prevention lifeline.
We have to change the conversation
publicly from just focusing on
suicide and how something bad is happening, and say 'What do we do about it?'
Help people understand that the first thing they need to do is
reach out and talk to somebody when they're feeling in despair, because you're not alone with anymore.
They've done studies with people who are experiencing any kind of pain including hanging off a cliff.
You could hold on a lot longer if somebody is right there with you.
I think as a society, as human beings, we just have to be more compassionate and that includes me too.
That's something I'm learning along this journey, and something else that
Dr. Draper told me were the 5 Steps that anyone can take to help prevent suicide.
Step 1 is simply just ask. Ask yourself, ask others
Are you thinking about suicide. And I know that sounds like a daunting question,
but literally that question can save lives.
Step 2: accordingly would be to listen. Be present, don't make any judgments.
And then Step 3 would be, be there for them even after you've already asked because
dependability is key. Step 4 is then help them connect,
ah whether it's with a friend, a family member or a local suicide hotline therapist.
But help them reach out to someone so they don't have to deal with this alone.
Lastly, Step 5 is just checking on them, show them that you care. Call them up say "hey
"I want to make sure you're okay"
"Can I check in with you over the next few days?".
So one of the things that is so important about reducing stigma is
getting stories out there about people positively coping with suicide.
Do you guys know anyone I could talk to with the lived experience of suicide?
Absolutely, we have quite a number of people that we could deliver over to you, yeah.
- That'd be great. - Yeah. - And that's how we got introduced to Kevin Hines
17 years ago Kevin jumped off of the Golden Gate Bridge and survived.
These are individuals whose stories when people hear them, they say "you know, maybe I can get through".
As opposed to hearing the stories when people have it.
an-an- and those...unfortunately, those are the stories that we've heard before.
Now we're hearing more and more stories of people being more open about it.
As I was saying before, Logan, for every one person that dies by suicide,
there's 287 other people that think seriously about it
But don't. Those are stories again that have not been told if we told those stories
of people who got through it as opposed to one who didn't
Imagine what kind of influence that would have on people's behavior
When I found out that one in six high school kids seriously think about suicide.
- That's that's stunning. - Yeah. - This is such a common problem.
Logan all I wanted
Was for one person to look me in my eyes
Say "hey kid are you okay"?
I am so grateful to be alive
And I'm grateful today.
For every millisecond I get to breathe
Cuz it was almost all ripped from me by me.
What's one thing you would have said to your younger self to the Kevin who was 19?
Sitting on the bus if you were next to you and instead of the guy who pointed and laughed
What would you say
I would just put my hand on the sh-
I'll just put my hand on my shoulder and
I would just say I'm here for you. I got you
We need to be a society that comes together for every person in the community that's going through hell.
In order to do that, every person that's going through hell, whatever hell,
has to be honest about their pain.
And if they're gonna be honest about their pain
We are going to collectively
Answer the call and be there for that individual.
Cause if you don't see beauty in the next person you meet,
you're not looking hard enough.
You're incredible dude. This is an honor for me.
It's an honor for me too brother
From this point on I want to make an effort to contribute and immerse myself in the conversation,
so I'm pledging to donate 1 million dollars to various suicide prevention organizations
with the first $250,000 going immediately to the National Suicide Prevention lifeline,
so they can increase their capacity to help those in need
For anyone watching I want you to know you are not alone and most of the time crisis passes
So if you or anyone you know feels alone or trapped I encourage anyone to call or even text a suicide or crisis hotline
Both of those numbers are below. And although this is a tough conversation,
it's important because things can and will get better.
It's time to start a new chapter in my life as I continue to educate both myself and others on suicide
I'm humbled and thankful to say
- You are not alone. - This is just the beginning.
call 1-800-273-8255



Logan Paul 在自殺事件後,決定攜手一同解決這項問題 (Suicide: Be Here Tomorrow.)

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Samuel 發佈於 2018 年 6 月 20 日    Stephanie 翻譯    Cyndi 審核


人難免脆弱,但是千萬不要因此而認輸。生命有很多選擇,自殺絕對不會是唯一的出路!人生中沒有白走的路,你走的每一步都是為了自己,小 V 希望大家不要被挫折擊垮,而是帶著這道屬於你的傷疤驕傲地走下去。

1in hot water 1:14
in hot water 原意其實是指很熱的水,會燙人的水。be in hot water 這個片語就有「陷入水深火熱之中、惹上麻煩」的意思,而影片中將其解釋為「踢到鐵板」。
He found himself in hot water over his comments at the inauguration.

此外,in hot water 也有「因某人或某事而惹上麻煩」的意思。其表示方法為: in hot water with someone,或者是 in hot water about something 。
He is in hot water about over his debt..

再補充一點:throw cold water on something ,意思為「對某人的想法或計劃潑冷水」。
Peter is always throwing cold water on my suggestions.

川普的生平背景 (Donald Trump's Life Story)

humble 這個字當形容詞的時候有「謙虛的、卑微的」的意思,但如果作為動詞就是「使....感到慚愧」的意思。
John is very humble about his success.

His failure in the competition humbled him.

此外,如果是指東西「粗糙、簡陋、樸實無華」,也可以用 humble 來表示。
The family lived in a humble cottage.

勵志影片 4 (Motivational Minute #4 - Humility)

3compassionate   2:51
compassionate 是形容詞,意思是「富有同情心的」,而名詞就是 compassion 。
The compassionate judge gave the offender a light sentence.

補充一點,喪假的英文就是 compassionate leave,因為這是因家人逝世而准許的假。

【TED】阿納德.吉利達拉達斯: 兩個美國的故事,和衝突發生的那個超商 (Anand Giridharadas: A tale of two Americas. And the mini-mart where they collided)

4immerse    6:13
immerse 的意思是「埋頭做、使埋首於....」的意思,而影片中的 immerse myself,意思就是要讓自己更深入其境,仔細地探討問題所在。
Lily got some books out of the library and immersed herself in Shakespeare's plays.

此外,immerse 也有「浸泡」的意思。
He immersed his feet in water.

【TED】A.J. Jacobs依照聖經指導原則生活的一年 (A.J. Jacobs: My year of living biblically)

"I'm here for you, I got you." 簡單的幾個字,對於一顆脆弱的心來說,就是千言萬語。壓力來臨時,大大地吸一口氣,深呼吸後告訴自己:「你的壓力並不大,因為我們都活在一大氣壓底下。」

文/ Charlotte Chou




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