A2 初級 美國腔 1955 分類 收藏
Director: Hey Julia. Come on in.
Julia: Wow. First time in a truck.
Director: Are you aware of any challenges a truck driver faces when on the road?
Sam: Umm...
Alison: Uh...no. Not really.
Julia: Well, the same as any driver, I guess.
Director: Okay, Sam. Can you see anyone in your mirrors?
Sam: No. No, I can't.
Julia: No. I can't see anyone.
Director: Can you see anyone in front of the truck?
Alison: No. I can't see anyone.
Director: So you're feeling confident you would be all clear for driving?
Alison: Um, I would hope so. Yes.
Julia: Yep. Good to go.
Director: Okay, let's take a walk.
Sam: Oh, no way!
Julia: Oh!
Director: Alison Please stand up and have a look in front of the truck, please?
Alison: Sure.
Alison: Oh, wow!
Director: So Sam, this is Alex. He was on the motorcycle next to you the whole time.
Sam: That is insane!
Alison: I was a hundred percent sure that there was no one there.
Alison: I would not have seen them had I not stood up.
Julia: I checked my mirrors and there was no one.
Director: They were there. They were in your blind spot, but they were definitely there.
Sam: There's no way I saw that.
Julia: Wow!
Director: What will you take away from this experience?
Alison: I'm going to be much more aware of trucks as I'm walking around.
Julia: I'm going to be more careful around trucks, that's for sure.
Sam: I mean, this whole experience has just been a real eye-opener.


盲點:貨車出沒注意 (Be Truck Aware: Blind spots)

1955 分類 收藏
Rigoletto Lin 發佈於 2018 年 1 月 24 日    李依庭 翻譯    黃艾瑄 審核
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