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Erica, name something people bury in the backyard for the win.
I'm gonna say people bury... uh... placenta.
You know, so that they get the rose bushes stuff.
I've seen it on movie!
-They get the [inaudible] on rose bushes. -Good answer.
-I'm telling you. -Where are you from?
Who should taking the baby to outside in the backyard and bury placenta?
How he hell do you come from the hospital with your placenta in a bag
and take it out in the backyard cause you want some roses.
I've seen it on movie.
You ain't seen that in on no movie.
I've never heard it that so country in my life.
Can't believe y'all said this on TV!
Come on, please.
And that it was a good answer.
What doctor, after delivering the baby,
"Ma'am, Ma'am, where are you from? Georgia?
Do you want this that take it in the backyard?"
They delivered the baby at the house.
-They delivered the baby at the house? -Yes.
How far in the country did y'all live?
You don't do that no more. They got hospital.
Back in the day.
Back in the day?
They asked these questions a hundred people last week.
Maybe it was a hundred people from Georgia.
Why are you arguing with the host?
I need it to be on the board.
I need, I want, I hope. If this is on the board, right?
If this "placenta" is on this board right here, I will give you my placenta.
I can't believe it.
We are looking for the placenta.


請說出一個你會埋在後院的東西,這答案太扯... (She buried WHAT out back?! | Family Feud)

2256 分類 收藏
林恩立 發佈於 2018 年 1 月 22 日    林恩立 翻譯    Lilian Chang 審核
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