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  • [sleds drop on ground]

  • [zipper zips]

  • [peter gasps for breath]

  • There you are.

  • Where have you been?

  • I just ran home to get the big sled out of our dining room.

  • What are you talking about?

  • We don't have a sled in our dining room.

  • Everybody on!

  • Peter, that dining room table is an antique!

  • It's been in my family for six generations.

  • It's fine.

  • OK, now since we're white guys doing something stupid,

  • everybody grab a GoPro.

  • [table swooshes in snow]

  • [all yelling and cheering]

  • PETER: Yeah!

  • This is awesome.

  • Oh. We're drifting.

  • We're, we're turning.

  • We're turning!

  • MEG: Dad, I'm scared.

  • CHRIS: We're backwards!

  • PETER: Am I the only one who thinks that now

  • we're at an alarming speed?

  • [hard impact]

  • [all grunt in pain]

  • [glass breaks]

  • [car alarms sound]

  • [all moan in pain]

  • Peter, are you insane?

  • You could have killed the entire family!

  • Sorry Lois.

  • I honestly thought this was going to be fun, like when

  • I won that sex contest.

  • First again.

  • Wasn't even was it?

  • LOIS: No, Peter.

  • It wasn't even close.

  • PETER: Yeah, you are terrible at this.

  • Now why don't you clean up and go

  • get the champ a Gatorade, huh?

[sleds drop on ground]


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A2 初級 美國腔

Peter Uses the dining room table as a Sledled | 第15季 第9集 - FAMILY GUY (Peter Uses The Dining Room Table As A Sled | Season 15 Ep. 9 | FAMILY GUY)

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