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And now, it's time for sixty seconds with Oscar nominated, Tony nominated,
-Anna Kendrick. -Oh! Rebel!
She's also the star upcoming film Pitch Perfect
-I... - I don't, I'm not familiar
Yeah, well you're in it, and you sing in it,
you dance in it. You have the main romantic love story.
It wasn't the movies you're in, with the vampires,
it was the other one, the singing one.
-Yeah, you're really good in it. - Rebel!
Are you interested joining in a music group?
We sing songs without any instruments,
it's all from our mouths.
-What's your name? -Fat Amy.
You call yourself Fat Amy?
Yes, so a chick bitches like you,
don't do it behind my back.
You girls are awesome...
-ly horrible, I hate you, kill yourself, girl power!
Do you want to be American idol judge,
or people's court judge?
People's court judge.
Yeah, I want like, the mob,
to give me like cars, and stuffs to like,
turn verdicts in their favor.
-Yeah, yeah -Yeah
-Yeah, you'll be like a dirty judge. -Yeah, yeah yeah
Are you a practical joker,
or can't keep a straight face type of girl?
I think I'm more of can't keep a straight face kind of girl.
Do you know?
Like in the movie, when the amazing Rebel Wilson
was doing some of her amazing improvs
and I have to bite the inside of my cheeks
which is from messing up a take.
And if I laugh when I heard like,
you've got a bad temper, and you get really mad at me, so...
You guys are gonna get peach slaps so hard,
your man boobs are gonna concave.
Do you still get carded buying alcohol?
Yes, at the grocery store when I like just
having like sweat pants on it, like a ponytail,
and no makeup.
They'll laugh at me.
And you'll they bind like ten bottles of gin.
And I'm there like every morning, like stocking up on more gin.
-Yeah - And they're like
"Is this the alcoholic mom?", and I'm like
"No, is for the alcoholic me."
Yeah, but on the set you didn't drink,
and we're totally professional.
Yeah, don't...wink, you'll give it away.
You're really drunk right now,
I don't think you remember anything.
I'm not drunk at all, you just blurred
You're okay?
Which list would you rather bang?
People sexiest people list, is that a list?
I think it is.
Or the most intriguing people
The sexiest, I mean I don't care about, like
being intriguing, or intelligent -Yeah
-That's for real -That's why I call into this business.
One day, I looked into the mirror and I was like
the world just really needs see my face and body,
-and... -That's what happen to me
-It's my.. it's my gift to the world. -Yeah
How are we paying for regionals?
A bikini car wash is definitely out of the question.
No, Aubrey, I'm like super good at the bikini car washes.
-Now, in the movie, you play a DJ. -Yeah
DJ doesn't stand for Deaf Jew,
but what does the DJ stand for?
-Disc Jockey -Shh
She's like we're gonna fade.
Would you wanna be, the DJ in the club,
or the dancing queen?
I wanna be a dancing queen because the DJ,
I think has to stay sober.
But this girl moves stripper moves on the dance floor.
Yeah, yeah, yeah,
like really slutty.
Yeah, remember you do it like three ways kiss
with some of that cast members? -Yeah
Yeah, there's photos of that.
Don't wink!
You have to join the Bellas
I can't concentrate as you cover your chunk.
I'm not leaving here until you sing.
Bullet prove,
fire away, fire away.
You have lovely voice
This is been sixty seconds with Anna Kendrick
Congratulations on the movie,
you're really good in it.
Thanks, I thought you're gonna kiss my hand really.
It's... Do it!
Do it!
Don't make that face, you'd love it


【歌喉讚】安娜坎卓克與胖艾咪 60 秒快問快答 (MAX 60 Seconds: Anna Kendrick (PITCH PERFECT))

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jenny 發佈於 2018 年 1 月 3 日    jenny 翻譯    黃艾瑄 審核


身為《歌喉讚》迷和阿卡貝拉迷, 第三集是《歌喉讚》(Pitch Perfect) 系列最終回了,讓小 V 覺得超級不捨!非常喜歡飾演胖艾美的蕾貝・威爾森 (Rebel Wilson),最搞笑的角色非她莫屬,影片中蕾貝和飾演貝卡的安娜・坎卓克 (Anna Kendrick) 進行快問快答,有些問題還真是有點令人害羞和崩壞啊!一起來看看吧!

1in one's favor0:53
in one's favor 是「對某人有利」的意思。《飢餓遊戲》中一句貫穿整部的台詞「願機會永遠對你有利」英文就是 May the odds be ever in your favor. 而 in favor of something 是「贊成某事」。favor 當名詞時有「好處;偏袒;恩惠」的意思,因此要「請別人幫你一個忙」就可以說 do me a favor.
Peter never does something that's not in his favor.
Peter 不會做對他自己沒利的事。
The candidates are busy publicizing their political platforms that are in people's favor for the upcoming election.

【TED】卡梅倫·羅素: 外表並非一切。相信我,我是模特兒 (Looks aren't everything. Believe me, I'm a model. | Cameron Russell)

2straight face 0:59
straight face 就是「繃著臉;故意板起臉孔」,還有影片中「忍住不笑」的意思,通常會說 keep/with a straight face.
I can never lie with a straight face, so I'm really not good at playing board games.
I couldn't keep a straight face anymore and burst into laughter when his voice finally cracked and failed to sing high notes.


3improvs 1:08
improvs 是 Improvisation 的縮寫,意思是「即興演出、創作」。
Don't Think Twice is a comedy film about the members in an improv troupe, their life, dreams and struggle.

【新加坡腔】Singlish 不只一種!為你示範各種口音!(中英字幕) (Types of Accents in Singapore (ft. Racial Harmony Day))

concave 當動詞是「凹陷」的意思,當形容詞則是「凹的、凹面的」,因此「凹透鏡」就是 a concave lens;相反的,「凸透鏡」就是 a convex lens.
I've been to the Science and Technology Museum when I was a kid and what impressed me most was the concave and convex mirrors in which I could see my contorted figure when standing in front of them.

【TED】丹妮爾.范伯格: 一個讓皮克斯電影充滿了生命力的神奇魔法 (The magic ingredient that brings Pixar movies to life | Danielle Feinberg)

5get carded1:22
get carded 就是「被要求出示身分證」,這裡的 card 是指 ID card。card 本身當動詞就可以表示為了確認年齡等資訊「被要求出示身分證件」。
Sherry is a baby-faced and petite girl; she always gets carded whenever she's buying alcohol, driving, or entering a bar.
不管是買酒、開車臨檢還是進酒吧,Sherry 都會因為娃娃臉和嬌小身材被要求出示證件。

娃娃臉的煩惱 (7 Problems Anyone With A Baby-Face Will Understand)

不知道大家有沒有發現蕾貝的眨眼是《歌喉讚》裡面的梗呢?感覺安娜私底下是個酒鬼呢!連在影片中的說話方式都讓人懷疑她是清醒的嗎?(笑) 影片中的電影片段讓人更懷念美麗女聲 Barden Bellas 的阿卡貝拉表演還有團員超搞笑的互動了啦!小 V 要再去重溫一下 Bellas 的表演了,下次見!

文/ Kate Chang




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