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- [Kevin] Alright,
let's get started.

Why VaynerMedia?
What made you think--

- [Gary] Well, I think,
you remember this.

Everybody was weirded out that
AJ and I started VaynerMedia.

'Cause everybody was
building big tech apps.

What I knew was I was building
a foundation for my future.

It wasn't hard for me.
The first 13 years
of my life weren't sexy,

I was quiet and
I built an actual business.

(light piano music)
I was a 22-year-old kid
and I worked every minute.

We're building businesses.
I used to work in a liquor store
from seven in the morning

to ten at night for
seven straight years

and the only
days off I took were

to watch the New York Jets.
You know, I took
over my family business.

It was doing a couple
million dollars a year

and over a seven year period
I built it up to a
$50 million company,

turned 30, freaked out
and decided I wanted
to do something else.

17 months, I did Wine Library TV
five days a week.

I walked away from
being CEO of my company.

Hello everyone and
welcome to another

episode of Wine Library TV.
I'm your host, Gary Vaynerchuk.
It was just that
drive that I just knew

that I had to do
something different

and I did.
I wish all of you 13,
16, 19 and 24-year-olds

could feel how young
I am in my soul right now.

It would change
everything you do.

You'd become
dramatically more patient.

Which would mean that
you would make a lot more of

the successes that
you want to happen.

Most of you will lose because
you're trying to take shortcuts.

Slow and steady wins the race.
You're only
competing with yourself.

- 25.
(Gary laughs)

- [Gary] Just keep
doing it for five years,

you'll be a young
man and it'll be there.

Patience. I mean it
when I say patience.

When I was 25 years old,
I thought a
40-year-old was finished.

I don't even feel
like I've started.

I recommend it very
seriously that you go home and

think about the fact
that you should probably

allocate the next three
to four years of your life

to try to execute on the
thing that you want to do

for the fucking
rest of your life.

Just put in work and enjoy that.
Enjoy eating shit
and dirt and bleeding

and the grind
and don't give a fuck

about what anybody else thinks.
Why you haven't done it,
why are you doing that?
Have four jobs.
Fucking Wendy's,
Walmart, your side hustle.

Work, train, learn.
You're 19 and you can spend
seven full years
learning your craft.

Meeting people that are mentors.
Being patient and you wake up
and you're 26 years old,
you have your
entire life in front of you

and you've done
great foundational work

to go on and then be successful.
What I gave was my time.
When you don't have money,
you give your time.

That was my patience.
That was my giving back.
It's a balance of
regret and patience.

Like you can go
hard for three years,

do nothing right,
wake up and be young as fuck.
I am convinced that
people do not understand

that it takes
patience and a long time

to build a real business.
(light piano music)


勵志 (THE ONE WORD THAT BUILT MY SUCCESS | A Gary Vaynerchuk Original)

606 分類 收藏
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