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  • hey guys in this video we're gonna be talking about mourning habits of

    嘿,夥計們在這個視頻中,我們要去是 聊以自慰

  • successful people now it's important to realize that by implementing these

    成功人士現在重要的是 認識到,通過實施這些

  • habits into your life you will not become automatically successful but if

    習慣於你的生活,你將不會 功成名就,但如果

  • we look at successful people when we model what they do we have a higher

    我們看成功人士的時候 模仿他們的做法,我們有更高的

  • chance of ourselves becoming successful like them so onto the first one the

    勝算 喜歡他們,所以到第一個

  • first one is that successful people in the morning they make a to-do list

    首先是成功人士在 一大早就列好了清單

  • now to-do lists are really important because if you don't have a goal of what

    現在待辦事項真的很重要 因為如果你沒有一個目標的什麼

  • you're going to do that day you're going to go through the day pointless and

    你要做的那一天,你要去 毫無意義地過著一天又一天

  • aimlessly and you're not gonna get done things that you might actually

    欲速則不達 你可能真的

  • accomplish if you were to do a to-do list now the important thing is on a

    如果你要做一件事,你就會完成。 現在重要的事情是在一個

  • to-do list they need to be actionable things so you

    待辦事項 它們需要是可操作的東西,這樣你

  • can't be like I am going to work on a website see that's not that's not a good

    不能像我要去工作的一個 網站看那不是那不是好的

  • to-do list you need something like I'm going to implement a new page and write

    你需要像我一樣的東西,在你的待辦事項清單上 將實施一個新的頁面,並寫上

  • a thousand words of content or I'm going to mow the lawn by three o'clock and

    千言萬語的內容,否則我就會 在三點前修剪草坪,並。

  • we'll talk about this in a little bit about how to set goals better on habits

    我們稍後再談這個問題 關於如何在習慣上更好地設定目標

  • but tip number two is that when they wake up they do something to energize

    但技巧二是,當他們 醒來後,他們做一些事情,以激發

  • themselves so this could be anything from going for a run to get your heart

    他們自己,所以這可能是任何事情 從去跑步到讓你的心臟

  • rate up you could drink coffee if you want to do it in a less natural inner

    你可以喝咖啡,如果你 欲擒故縱

  • motivated way or you could also take something like a cold shower I mean if

    積極的方式,或者你也可以採取 我的意思是,如果

  • you get in there you need to turn the shower on boom it's gonna hit you you're

    你進去後需要把 淋浴在轟隆隆的聲音,它會打你,你是。

  • gonna take a couple deep breaths your Bloods going to start flowing to

    會採取一對夫婦深呼吸 你的血將開始流向

  • all of your inner organs that is a great way to wake you up now tip number three

    五臟六腑 喚醒你的方式現在提示三

  • is that they schedule their day so it's not only good enough to create a to-do

    是,他們安排他們的一天,所以它是。 不僅好到可以創建一個待辦事項

  • list you also want to have a schedule of when you will complete certain things on

    列表中,你還想有一個時間表 何時完成

  • the to-do list by so you might have to cut the lawn you might have to create a

    所以,你可能不得不 割草,你可能要創建一個 "你"。

  • video and you might have to cook dinner now

    視頻,你可能要做飯 現在

  • you can have all these three things on there and it'll feel great when you

    這三樣東西你都可以擁有 在那裡,它會感覺很好,當你

  • check each one of those off but what else is wonderful that successful people

    一一勾銷 別有洞天

  • do that they turn into a habit is that they say I will cut the lawn by 10 in

    做到這一點,他們變成了一種習慣,就是 他們說我要把草坪剪掉10塊錢。

  • the morning I will create a YouTube by 1:00 in the afternoon and I will fix

    上午我將創建一個YouTube由 下午1點,我將解決

  • dinner by 6:00 tonight so that's tip number three tip number four is to wake

    宵夜",所以這是小費 第三個小竅門 第四個是喚醒

  • up early now there's a lot of people who are really successful who sleep in until

    現在有很多人早早就起床了 是真正的成功者,他們睡到

  • one o'clock in the afternoon but what I have noticed a lot of people who are

    在下午一點鐘,但我。 已經注意到很多人誰是

  • just not successful but are extremely successful people like Sam Walton

    只不過是不成功,卻非常 成功人士,如山姆-沃爾頓

  • who built a huge business people like Arnold Schwarzenegger and people like

    誰建立了一個巨大的企業的人,如 阿諾德-施瓦辛格和這樣的人。

  • Aaron from Alpha M one thing they do is they wake up early

    Aaron from Alpha M 他們做的一件事就是早起

  • I mean early like some people wake up at 6:00 and that's early but if you get up

    我是說早起,就像有些人在 6: 00,這是早期的,但如果你起床了

  • at 5:00 that gives you another hour to beat them that gives you an extra hour

    5點,你還有一個小時的時間。 敵不過

  • of your day to get more done now it's also important to get enough sleep and

    你的一天,讓你做更多的事情,現在是。 睡眠充足也很重要

  • I'll talk about that in another video but right now we're gonna move on to tip

    我將在另一個視頻中談論這個問題 但現在,我們要去移動到小費

  • number 5 which is affirmations and visualization now these are two

    第5條是肯定和 可視化現在這兩個

  • completely different things when I put them in the same category because they

    完全不同的東西,當我把 因為他們

  • really have they mesh really well so affirmations are like telling yourself

    真的有他們網真的很好所以 肯定就像告訴自己

  • stuff what you're gonna do today I will become successful I will do the dishes I

    你今天要做的事情,我將 功夫不負有心人

  • will make $50 today by selling a product I will finish the last 60 pages of this

    今天將通過銷售產品賺取50美元 我將完成這最後60頁

  • book those are affirmations now it's

    書籍 這些都是肯定的,現在它的

  • important on affirmations not to be negative don't go I'm not going to swear

    重要的是,在申明上不要被 不去,我不會罵人的

  • I'm not going to cut someone off in traffic I'm not going to quit those are

    我不會把人截住的。 交通我不會退出那些是。

  • not necessarily affirmations they work but which you should focus on on things

    不一定是肯定他們的工作 但你應該把注意力放在哪些事情上

  • you will do because that's putting positive stuff into the universe filling

    你會做,因為這是把 充滿正能量的東西

  • your brain with positivity which is great and the other part of that was

    你的大腦積極性,這是 巨大的,另一部分是

  • visualization so when you wake up you want to have a dream you want to have

    視覺化,所以當你醒來時,你 想有一個夢想,你想有

  • you know you just got done sleeping you might have had a dream

    你知道你剛睡完覺,你 夢寐以求

  • but you want like a dream like something that you can manifest into this world

    但你要像一個夢一樣的東西 你可以體現在這個世界上

  • something that you look forward to alright I'm going to build an awesome

    期待 好吧,我要建立一個可怕的

  • website I'm gonna create this amazing business it's okay to stay up really

    我將創建這個驚人的網站 熬夜沒關係

  • optimistic but you also want to stay a little bit down to earth as long as you

    樂觀,但你也想保持一個 樸實一點,只要你

  • can visualize these things they will help you set the stones down so that you

    可以想象這些事情,他們將 幫你把石頭放下來,這樣你

  • can walk across and get to your goal tip number six is gratefulness now

    可以走到對面,到達你的目標尖 第六是感恩了

  • gratefulness is amazing because there's so many things so many benefits you get

    感恩是驚人的,因為有 這麼多的東西這麼多的好處,你得到

  • when the first thing you wake up is you're grateful now it's kind of hard if

    當你醒來的第一件事是 你現在很感激,這是很難,如果...

  • you're like waking up you're like I'm so grateful I get to take a cold shower

    你就像醒來 你就像我如此。 慶幸能洗個冷水澡

  • maybe you can be grateful about all kinds of other things you can be

    也許你可以感謝所有 種類的其他東西,你可以是

  • grateful you have ten fingers now you might not have ten fingers you might

    十指連心 十指不沾陽春水

  • have eight you can still be grateful that you have eight fingers there's all

    心有餘而力不足 你有八個手指頭,有所有

  • kinds of things you can be grateful for the fact is that you just need to put

    感恩的種類 事實上,你只需要把

  • your brain in the gratefulness position because when that happens there's other

    你的大腦在感恩的位置 因為當這種情況發生時,還有其他

  • chemicals and stuff in your brain that when you start filling your brain with

    大腦中的化學物質和東西 當你開始用你的大腦填充

  • positivity it'll eventually become a habit

    積極性,最終會成為 習慣

  • and overtime success will just seem to just mesh with you when people see you

    而加班的成功似乎就會 人見人愛

  • they think of positivity and with positivity people want to work with you

    他們認為積極和與 積極向上,人們願意與你合作

  • and they want to ask you questions and they might even want to offer you a free

    他們想問你的問題和 他們甚至可能想為你提供一個免費的

  • product I know that was a little far-fetched but you get what I'm saying

    產品,我知道那是一個小 牽強附會

  • gratefulness is like the foundation of a great day if you are grateful in the

    感恩是立身之本 偉大的一天,如果你是感激在

  • morning you're going to have a wonderful day it's gonna take a lot to turn a bad

    早上你會有一個美好的 一天,要想改變一個糟糕的局面,需要付出很多

  • day from waking up and going man I'm so glad I get a stand up I'm glad I got

    一天從醒來,去男人我是如此的 很高興我得到了一個站起來 我很高興我得到了

  • toes on my feet and I can see clearly it's just amazing even if I can't see

    我的腳趾頭,我可以清楚地看到。 看不見也罷,看了也罷

  • clearly I'm glad someone invented glasses and context that I could put in

    顯然,我很高興有人發明了 眼鏡和背景,我可以把

  • my eyes and I can still see clearly anyways that's number six gratefulness

    我的眼睛,我還能看清楚 總之那是第六個感恩

  • I'm kind of on a rant number seven is to bond with someone

    我有種在咆哮第七是要。 結緣

  • early on now human affection is a really important thing and it's even more

    早在現在人類的感情是一個真正 重要的事情,而且它更

  • important if you're living with someone if you're living with someone one of

    重要的是,如果你與某人同居 如果你與某人同居

  • your first morning habits should be to show them affection now this could be

    你早上的第一個習慣應該是 表情 這下可

  • cuddling there's a lot of other things you could do I'm not going to talk about

    擁抱還有很多其他的事情。 你可以做我不打算談論的。

  • that because I want to keep this little PG but cuddling someone releases a lot

    因為我想保持這個小 PG,但抱著一個人釋放了很多

  • of serotonin and that early in the morning really just boosts you up it's

    的血清素,並在早期的 早晨真的只是讓你振作起來,它是... ...

  • like wow I love someone I love this person I love being around this person

    像哇,我愛的人 我愛這個 我喜歡和這個人在一起

  • I'm so glad this person's in my life and when you do that it's a great morning

    我很高興這個人在我的生活和 當你這樣做,這是一個偉大的早晨。

  • habit to develop because you strengthen that relationship you build trust that

    習慣的養成,因為你加強 這種關係,你建立信任,

  • relationship is just gonna grow over time and it's something that you're

    日久生情 時間,而這是你的東西

  • gonna have to work on every day tip number eight is to clean from the night

    每天都要努力的小費 八是要從晚上開始清理

  • before now if you're like me you might have got a lot of work done especially

    在此之前,如果你像我一樣,你可能就會... 大有文章可做

  • for an entrepreneur there's a lot of people in the workplace that they might

    對於一個企業家來說,有很多的 職場人士,他們可能

  • not necessarily need this tip but if you're an entrepreneur and you're

    不一定需要這個提示,但如果 你是一個企業家,你是

  • building a business if you stayed up late last night even if you didn't stay

    熬夜創業 昨夜不歸,深夜不歸

  • up late last night your desk might be a clutter and it's a lot easier if you

    熬夜,你的桌子可能是一個 雜亂無章,而且如果你有

  • clean it up in the morning and the reason for that is usually when it's

    清晨清理它和 原因通常是

  • later in the day your decision-making process is taxed it's not the best and

    當天晚上你的決策 過程中被徵稅,這不是最好的,也不是最好的。

  • it's easier when you wake up in the morning to go all right now I have the

    當你醒來的時候,你會更容易。 早上去所有的權利,現在我有

  • discipline and willpower built up in me because I got enough sleep that I can

    積習難改 因為我有足夠的睡眠,我可以

  • clean my desk to where at the end of the day the night before it would be more

    清理我的辦公桌到哪裡去了? 前天晚上

  • difficult tip number nine is some silence now silence is important

    難點九是一些 潤物細無聲

  • especially if you are an introvert because introverts actually get

    特別是如果你是一個內向的人 因為內向的人其實會

  • recharged from silence and for me waking up at 6 o'clock I wake up at 6 o'clock

    從沉默中充電,對我來說,醒過來了 我在6點鐘醒來,我在6點鐘醒來。

  • usually and I drink coffee and then that hour of

    通常,我喝 咖啡,然後那個小時的

  • peacefulness nobody else is awake and that coffee is just starting to hit my

    恬淡 咖啡剛開始打我

  • system it's it's this this moment of bliss and I see clearly and I know what

    系統它的這是這是這一刻的。 幸福,我清楚地看到,我知道什麼

  • my vision is through the day and that's how I get a ton of work done and I think

    我的視野是通過一天,這就是。 我是如何完成大量工作的,我認為。

  • you guys could benefit from that too now it might not work as well on extroverts

    你們也可以從中受益了 對外向型的人來說,可能就不太適用了

  • but definitely on introverts this silence in the morning helps a lot

    但絕對對內向的人這 曉之以理,動之以情

  • helps you clear your thinking help you understand what you're going to try to

    幫你理清思路 幫你 瞭解你要嘗試

  • get done through the day the last tip is kind of out there but I think you guys

    熬過一天,最後的提示是 一種在那裡,但我認為你的傢伙

  • will enjoy it and I think it will benefit a lot of people if they

    會喜歡它,我認為它將 受益匪淺

  • implement it into their morning habit and it is to read about what happened

    落實到早上的習慣上 是為了讀到發生的事情

  • the night before so there might have been things happening when you were

    前夜 當你

  • sleeping you know stuff might have happened overseas something might have

    睡覺的時候,你知道東西可能有 天有不測風雲

  • happened at work if it's a 24-hour job the thing is you kind of want to stay

    如果是24小時工作的話,在工作中發生了什麼? 事情是你有點想留下來

  • away from things that are irrelevant or negative now there's a lot of like oh

    不相干的事或 負現在有很多像哦

  • this suburb there was 24 people killed that night that stuff is important but

    這個郊區有24人被殺 那天晚上,那東西很重要,但

  • you don't need it to achieve your goals you don't need to know that there's also

    你不需要它來實現你的目標。 你不需要知道,也有...

  • irrelevant stuff like some guy robbed a well that's also negative but I'm trying

    一些無關緊要的東西,如一些人搶劫了 好吧,這也是消極的,但我試圖

  • to think of something that's not negative that is also irrelevant like

    想到的東西不是 毫不相干的否定詞

  • someone might have won a spelling bee you don't need to check the news for

    贏家 你不用看新聞了

  • that you don't need to read about that while you were sleeping because someone

    你不需要讀到這一點 因為有人在你睡覺的時候

  • winning the spelling bee unless that's like your child or your best friend it's

    贏得了拼寫比賽,除非這是 儼然

  • not really gonna boost you up in your success so I'm gonna review these

    不會讓你在你的 成功,所以我要回顧這些

  • because I've been requested before and I want to see if you guys enjoy this

    因為我以前被要求過,我 想看看你們是否喜歡這個

  • little review and especially if you enjoy this whole video please leave a

    小結,尤其是如果你 享受這整個視頻請留下

  • comment below and click the like button so number one is to make a to-do list in

    在下面評論並點擊喜歡按鈕 所以,第一條就是要做一個待辦事項的清單,在

  • the morning number two is to take a cold shower or

    早上 二是洗個冷水澡或

  • at least something that energizes you tip number three goes along with number

    至少是讓你充滿活力的東西 祕訣三

  • one it's to schedule your day which is adding time slots to the to-do list tip

    一個是安排你的一天,這是 添加時間段到待辦事項的小貼士

  • number four is wake up early tip number five is affirmations and visualizations

    四是早起提示數 五是肯定和可視化

  • tip number six is gratefulness for everything tip number seven is to bond

    提示六是感恩 七號祕訣

  • with someone early if you don't live with someone you can always go out and

    早生貴子 和人在一起,你可以隨時出去

  • say hey would you like some coffee with me or hey would you like to play this

    說嘿,你想一些咖啡與 我或嘿,你想玩這個

  • video game with me or hey could you just spend some time with me on a nature walk

    和我一起玩電子遊戲或者你能不能 陪我走走大自然

  • or something that time is really important and it will strengthen your

    時間真的 重要,它將加強你的

  • relationship definitely over time that was number seven number eight is to

    久而久之 是第七號第八號是

  • clean everything up from the night before so you might need to do

    拾遺補缺 所以你可能需要做

  • to number nine is silence and number ten is read about what happened last night I

    九號是沉默,十號 是讀到昨晚發生的事情,我

  • hope you guys enjoyed this video if you did click the like button and subscribe

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    它來自於搜索亞馬遜的習慣 收割機或點擊鏈接中的

  • description the book is short enough to read in one sitting but is jam-packed

    說明書很短,足以 囫圇吞棗

  • with tons of information just like you saw in this video

    和你一樣擁有大量的資訊 在此視頻中看到

  • in fact I've also added a few extra stories and fixed some of the errors

    事實上,我還額外增加了一些內容。 的故事,並修正了一些錯誤

  • found in this video course there's also plenty of amazing illustrations to aid

    在這個視頻課程中還發現 大量驚人的插圖來幫助

  • in the learning process and keep the book fun to read if you're interested

    在學習過程中,並保持 書中有趣的閱讀,如果你有興趣的話

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