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touch your time
Watches available for the blind
Option I: "Talking" Watch
Watch says: "It's 1:56 AM."
I actually won't use a talking watch, I find that it interferes with privacy.
Blind people want to know the time, without having the whole world know that we are checking the time.
In a noisy situation like a subway station, I can't hear the thing.
So I would be lost to know what the time is.
"disruptive" or "inaudible"
Option II: "Tactile" Analog watch
For a lot of other people, it would be a real challenge to use a analog watch.
Where you need to open and feel the hands without moving them.
I think the problem is that the hands move too much.
Getting it fixed was a big problem, they had to re-drill out the lock,
and then something else happened, so it was like three or four times going back to the shop, so I thought I would never have a watch again.
"inaccurate" and "fragile"
And even those options...
If I need something that is blind-accessible, I usually don't go to a regular store to look for it,
unless I happen to know that they carry something like that, because most places don't.
They have to be purchased from specialty stores, none of which are located terribly close to the place where I live.
are not readily available...
Current solutions fall behind their needs...
But now listening to their needs...
Opportunity for people with and without disability to work collaboratively together.
With universal design
that appeals to and works for both blind and non-blind.
I think all inclusion is the way to go, I don't know why it hasn't been done all along,
they think it's going to be cost prohibitive, but it actually ended up with a bigger market.
Here is the prototype.
Sighted people can tell time by looking at it,
and if you are visually impaired, you can know the time by touching it.
The two ball bearings are very easy to feel, and it has this flexibility to wiggle,
if you press it too hard, then it will fall off the tramp to prevent it from distorting time,
all you need to do is shake it gently, and it will bring back its original position.
Developing it together...
here is the watch to tell time,
it's big size. You can just touch the surface and see what you feel.
There's a dot in the middle, a dot down below, and the dot seems to slide in a channel.
-If this one is not accurate -Not too precise. -Right? But... -Yeah, okay.
-So, 12:45? -Yes.
-So it looks like it's about a quarter to twelve. -Yes.sir.
-Say it's about 2:17. -Yeah!
I think this is a good idea, so I like to call it as an advantage.
I like the concept and I think it's a good idea, if I guess the right time, it works!



【設計思考】給視障者的手錶的故事 (eone-time.com (eone timepieces))

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