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Australia’s Sunshine Coast is just over an hour north of Queensland’s capital, Brisbane.
Generously blessed by mother nature, one side offers 60 miles of spectacular coastline
the other, tranquil hinterland.
The Sunshine Coast is where Australia goes to relax.
Endless golden beaches,
water warm enough to swim year-round and an easygoing attitude,
make this the perfect place to slow down,
unwind and simply enjoy yourself.
In this beautiful region,
the casual glamour of Noosa,
gently merges into the family fun of Caloundra
and blends with the artistic flair of the hinterland.
The Sunshine Coast’s most famous town is Noosa Heads
an indulgent and stylish getaway that attracts many of the world’s A-list.
Noosa’s powder white beach is one of the few in the world
that is almost completely surrounded by national park
almost 4,000 hectares of classic Australian bushland.
Spend your day following winding tracks to the unspoilt headlands
and then cool off in crystal clear waters.
As the sun fades,
step straight from the beach into a luxurious lifestyle that shines just as brightly at night.
Noosa is the place to enjoy 5 star accommodation,
designer stores and of course, romance.
If you prefer your relaxation a little more low-key,
head further south to the villages of
Sunshine Beach,
and Coolum.
Choose your own stretch of ocean and cast a line,
enjoy relaxed dining and a leisurely coffee
or just soak up the sunshine for which the area is named.
For a little more action,
join the surfers who are drawn here from all over the world.
There are more than 100 surf breaks in the region
so there are waves to suit everyone.
Surf life saving clubs and their volunteers
have been keeping Australia’s magnificent beaches safe since the early 1900’s.
Today, they also offer some of the most scenic dining in the country,
such as the Mooloolaba surf club
where you can enjoy local seafood overlooking the ocean.
Create timeless family memories at Mooloolaba Beach,
one of the most protected beaches in the region.
Explore the local rock pools
or learn more about life in the ocean life at
Underwater world
Wildlife experiences don’t come much more intense
than the legendary Crocodile Hunter’s Australia Zoo,
just a half hour drive from Mooloolaba into the hinterland.
One of the largest conservation and wildlife facilities in the world,
this is the place to come to touch a snake,
see the big cats and of course watch the crocodiles be fed.
At the edge of the Sunshine Coast’s green hinterland
are the Glasshouse mountains,
craggy volcanic peaks that stand like a gentle grandfather protecting the entire region.
Criss-crossed with trails and offering sweeping views of the coast,
they are ideal for hiking and picnicking.
The area’s natural beauty has long attracted a vibrant community of artists and craftspeople
and the Eumundi Markets showcase the very best of their work.
What started as a simple idea dreamt up by 2 friends in the 1970’s,
has become one of the biggest and most beautiful markets in the country.
There are now more than 600 stalls each Wednesday and Saturday, offering local produce and crafts
created in the nearby hills.
Enjoy the cooler air of the small towns of Montville, Maleny and Mapleton,
snuggled into the rolling Blackall Ranges.
Originally built around the logging industry,
these historic towns are now known for their fine local produce,
beautiful buildings and breathtaking views.
The Maleny Botanic Gardens and Bird World
offers the chance to learn about the local wildlife along miles of meandering walking paths.
When the call of the ocean, draws you back to the coast, head to Caloundra
the Sunshine Coast’s most southerly city.
Families have been holidaying here for generations
and this comfortable city has relaxation down to a fine art.
Wise travellers know that to discover the best destinations, you should always follow
the locals.
In a country famous for its beaches and its laid back attitude,
the Sunshine Coast is where Australians go to relax,
so follow the footprints and make a few of your own in this beautiful place.


澳洲陽光海岸之旅 (Sunshine Coast Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia)

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