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  • - When you go to a game, I see you sometimes at the games,

  • and you're always right in the front row,

  • and you always seem to be talking to the players

  • during the game.

  • Of course, yeah.

  • What are you saying to them?

  • - I'm talking [BLEEP]. - You are.

  • Okay. - Sorry.

  • Beep that-- beep that out.

  • I'm sorry.

  • Nah man, I talk a lot of trash That's why I go.

  • I go there to sit court side to mess with the players.

  • That's literally all I go for.

  • It gets so bad because they can tell when I had too

  • many drinks because I'm slurring, going,

  • you ain't gonna make that shot!

  • I'll tell you a funny story.

  • I pissed-- I pissed James Harden off, so--

  • JIMMY KIMMEL: What happened?

  • I'm in Philadelphia, we're filming "Untouchable"--


  • And I had a day off, so I decided

  • to go to the Sixers game.

  • James Harden is playing in the game, and the whole game,

  • the whole first quarter, he's just-- he's off,

  • and I was like, you know why are you off?

  • Because you're in my city.

  • Your beard stinks.

  • I hate ya.

  • I was like, I hate your cats.

  • I told him, I said, I think you got--

  • I think you got butt shots.

  • I was saying a bunch of stuff to him.

  • And he got mad.

  • He said, remember all this.

  • He said, I'm about to cook you.

  • I said, you gonna cook me?

  • Well put me in a pot, because I'm ready to be cooked.

  • We're talking like he's--

  • I don't even know why he's paying me this much attention.

  • At some point I was like, James this is very

  • unprofessional on your behalf.

  • You're not even supposed to be talking to me this much.

  • James went on to score 55 points,

  • and here's the bad part.

  • They beat us by 30, and with like a minute left,

  • he was dribbling the ball, standing in half court,

  • and he was just staring at me.

  • He goes, tell your team what you did to 'em, and I said--

  • I said, you keep your mouth shut, that's our business.

  • He's gorgeous.

  • Gorgeous.


- When you go to a game, I see you sometimes at the games,


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A2 初級 美國腔

凱文-哈特對詹姆斯-哈登進行了垃圾對話 (Kevin Hart Trash-Talked James Harden)

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