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Whenever the FBI hears a piece of gossip or information,
such as "I saw so-and-so out with another woman, not his wife."
we're supposed to write everything down in memos.
All your secrets are safe with us.
How long have you been in the FBI?
Thirty years.
That's a lot of information.
I give you the guardian of the American dream.
Mark Felt, fidelity, integrity, bravery.
Ladies and gentlemen, the G-man's G-man.
What is it?
You'd better get down here.
Five men were caught early this morning in the Washington headquarters,
of the Democratic national community.
Here's what we know:
the men who broke into the Watergate are not the end of this thing,
but the beginning.
No more interviews with White House people without permission. - What?
We put the investigation to bed in two days.
The director of the FBI ordered the FBI to stop its own investigation?
The nation tonight is in the midst of what may be
the most critical constitutional crisis in its history.
The White House has no authority over the FBI.
Maybe we can? - At all.
All this truth, now it must be terrifying to you.
No one can stop the driving force of an FBI investigation.
Not even the FBI.
What you're doing will bring down the whole house of cards.
Washington Post.
This comes from classified FBI files, the White House has it,
and now you have it.
FBI agents have established Watergate incident as political sabotage.
There's a spy in the FBI.
The White House is gonna sanitize the entire town.
How high? How high does this go?
What about the President? Is the President lying?
They're all lying.
There's a nickname for you at the paper.
Deep throat.



【電影預告】 推倒白宮的男人︱連恩尼遜主演,講述美國史上最大政治醜聞「水門案」! (11/10 Mark Felt: The Man Who Brought Down the White House Trailer| Movieclips Trailers)

28534 分類 收藏
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