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  • Hi everyone thanks for clicking I am Niharika. Well the other day I cut my finger and trust

  • me it was extremely painful. Now any kind of pain is totally awful. However it’s quite

  • a constant part of human experience. We all hate pain, right? In English we have certain

  • vocabulary to describe certain physical pain and that’s what we are gonna learn in today’s lesson.

  • For example you touch a hot stove, it is painful

  • right? You touch it, it is painful but how do you describe that? Yes, we have certain

  • adjectives here on the board that will help you to describe the different types of physical

  • pain. So let’s get started. The first one is burning. Now burning is, of course it’s

  • painful. However it is a kind of a very tingling experience. So for example if you get hurt,

  • Okay and you try to clean that injury, if you try to clean that wound you can sayOh

  • my God, it’s burning! So that’s burning. When it tingles and it’s quite painful and

  • it just feels as if you are touching something hot. So that’s burning for you. So it’s

  • more like a tingling pain. Another type of pain is chapped. Now chapped

  • is, usually human being have chapped skin or chapped lips. So chapped lips or chapped

  • skin is when the skin is really dry may be because of cold weather or even because of

  • too much exposure to the sun. Ok! So , it’s lack of moisture that tends to crack your

  • skin or crack your lips. So when you say I have chapped lips it means that you are trying

  • to say that it is extremely painful. I have dry lips and it’s very painful. So chapped

  • is dry skin or dry lips and it’s painful. Another one, acute. Now when do you say Oh

  • I have this acute pain! What type of pain is it? Well, acute pain is when the pain is

  • really sudden and sharp. For example you hurt your elbow, may be you banged into a door

  • or banged into a wall and you hurt your elbow and having this acute pain. It’s a very

  • sudden sharp pain which just lasts for short period, so that’s acute pain. So it just

  • lasts for short period. And then we have chronic pain. So chronic

  • is again very sudden and sharp pain but it lasts pretty longer. And in fact if someone

  • is facing chronic pain or is going through or suffering with chronic pain then you need

  • medical attention. You need to go visit a doctor if you are having a chronic pain. SO

  • again chronic is sudden sharp pain however it lasts for a very long time.

  • Now let’s have a look at another type of pain, which is griping. “ my stomach is

  • gripingSo it means that you are having a stomach ache or your stomach is hurting.

  • But when you specifically use this wordmy stomach is gripingthen it means that you

  • are having again a very sudden and sharp pain particularly in your stomach. It’s more

  • like cramps. When you feel cramps in your stomach then that pain is griping pain. So,

  • it’s more like cramping. It’s a sudden sharp pain in your stomach. Alright?

  • The next one, Inflamed. Somebody boxed you ,that’s painful! So may be someone boxed

  • you on your cheek, your cheek is now swollen, it’s red and it’s painful. So that means

  • that your cheek is inflamed. Alright! So inflamed is when your body part , wherever you get

  • hurt , there’s an injury, it hurts and it’s now swollen, it’s red and of course it’s

  • painful . So it means you are having a inflamed cheek or inflamed shoulder, somebody hit you

  • really hard on your shoulder so you are having an inflamed shoulder. So it’s an injury,

  • it’s swollen, it’s red and it’s painful Let’s have a look at another one Itchy.

  • “ I am so itchySo what does itchy really mean? It’s a very unpleasant feeling and

  • just when your skin is very irritated and you feel like scratching and rubbing your

  • skin then that means that you are feeling very itchy. So maybe you have an allergy or

  • may be something is troubling you and your skin is very irritated and you are scratching.

  • So, you won’t say Oh my god I feel scratchy, a perfect word to use for this kind of unpleasant

  • feeling is you are feeling itchy. So itchy is again very unpleasant, it’s a little

  • painful and of course you tend to scratch or rub.

  • Let’s have look at another one here Sore. So, what is sore? We have sore gums, we have

  • sore throat, we have sore shoulder, sore knee so what exactly this pain is? Now sore is

  • , you know when at times in certain body parts you just feel that there is no movement and

  • it’s hurting, it’s quite painful may be because of an injury , may be because of an

  • infection then that kind of pain is sore. Like I have sore gums, so maybe you have infected

  • gums or probably you hurt yourself with a toothbrush while brushing so now you have

  • sore gums. So sore is, it’s pain of course due to

  • an injury or an infection .So you have sore throat, so sore throat is because you have

  • an infection you have sore shoulder sore knee and so on.

  • The next one is Stiff, have you heard this before, “Ah, my hand is really stiff today,

  • I can’t really moveNow stiff, what kind of pain is that? Now stiff is when you are

  • unable to move your body part and it’s more of a muscle pain. So it’s not an injury

  • from outside, you can’t really see, it’s not swollen, it’s not red but maybe you

  • went to the gym and you tried to do weights and now your hands really hurt. So, it means

  • that your hands are really stiff. It’s more of a muscle pain. So when you are having this

  • muscle pain it means that your body or your body part is stiff.

  • The next one Stabbing. Stabbing, have you heard that before? Maybe in a movie , he stabbed

  • her , he murdered her . So stabbing is killing someone with a knife but here when we talk

  • about stabbing pain it means a sudden and sharp pain. So like the other day I cut my

  • finger and I was screaming with pain so it was more like a stabbing pain. It was extremely

  • sharp of course it happened suddenly and it was painful. Now at times people also use

  • this word for headaches. I have a stabbing headache. So stabbing headache is when you

  • are having a real bad headache. So it’s like somebody is stabbing your head, it’s

  • like sharp pain. So that’s stabbing. So these are 10 types of pain that you can

  • talk about and we also have another word for you here which is Anglo-phobia. What does

  • this mean? Well you know it’s a type of phobia of course and when you fear pain, like

  • for me I am Anglo-phobic because I really fear pain. So that is Anglo-phobia for you.

  • If you are one of the person who fears pain , u fear of getting hurt or any kind of pain

  • then you are Anglo-phobic. So use that word it sounds really nice. So hope this lesson

  • is helpful to you, stay safe and I will be back with a new lesson till then take care.

Hi everyone thanks for clicking I am Niharika. Well the other day I cut my finger and trust


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