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  • You know all those TED-Ed videos you love?

  • The beautiful animations that help you learn new things?

  • That experience is free for you, but it's really expensive for us,

  • and that's okay.

  • Our mission is to invest in thoughtful people,

  • but we need some of you to invest in us.

  • Why?

  • Because the love you've shown TED-Ed

  • has already empowered millions of young people around the world.

  • And if you coupled that love with a small monthly donation on Patreon,

  • the TED-Ed experience could empower billions.

  • "If I could describe the TED-Ed experience in one word, exhilarating."

  • "Innovating."

  • "Curiosity."

  • "Worthwhile."

  • "Inspiring."

  • "Eye-opening.

  • Oh, that's two words, technically, but one word if you put a hyphen: eye-opening."

  • TED-Ed animations, which are written by educators,

  • are already being viewed by over 2 million learners a day.

  • "When I came across TED-Ed, it was like, 'This is it, this works'"

  • With your support,

  • we could engage more animators to work with more teachers,

  • and we'd be able to dub our content into multiple languages.

  • "My mind just went poof right when I saw it."

  • We'd also use your investment to grow our student voice program, TED-Ed Clubs,

  • which teaches students how to present their ideas in the form of TED-style talks.

  • Thousands of clubs have formed in over 120 countries.

  • Help us invite a generation of young people to TED's main stage.

  • "When you turn stuff over to students and you give them that agency and authority,

  • it's so much better because it's them."

  • "Thank you."

  • "I was like there's something for me to start."

  • "If you want to support young people,

  • you want to support educators in your country,

  • this is the sort of program,

  • or this is the model that we really should all be looking at

  • when it comes to making that change in the world."

  • Check out our Patreon perks. and thanks for your support!

You know all those TED-Ed videos you love?

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【TED-Ed】需要我們大多數人的支持與資助 (【TED-Ed】 is on Patreon! We need your help to revolutionize education...)

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